Earth Stopped in Orbit for 9 years: The How and Why.


The composite image above shows the basic details of the entry of Planet X into our solar system, it’s path since 2002, Earth’s orbit stoppage and subsequent push-back. The image is not-to-scale thus truncated to include all elements. The position of Planet X doesn’t appear to be close enough to halt Earth in orbit, but nevertheless has in fact.
The story goes like this: Planet X entered the solar system from the direction of Orion at an angle of 32° from solar system south sometime late 2002, then migrated rather quickly somewhat under but to the “right” of the Sun to pop up like a jack-in-the-box to the ecliptic near Earth’s orbit.
Information is taken from – Art is by Chris Thomas.

To my mind, the most fascinating effect Planet X has on Earth to date is the fact that Earth has been halted in her orbit of the Sun. Fact I say?, Well read on for the details, supporting ZetaTalk and discussion. The Zetas of ZetaTalk broached this subject on August 2003 with a poignant statement: “Orbits are not sacred“. They go on to explain that planets can migrate to many orbital positions and Life does continue unabated as long as the new orbit is not too extreme for the denizens of that particular planet, furthermore they would rarely even notice. This probably doesn’t happen very often in the history of a planet of course, but it can, that’s the point. How exactly did Planet X cause Earth’s orbit stoppage and why is it that we are still seeing our yearly seasons? Well, before we jump right in, let me lay some ground work first.  The Zetas have said that: “If the Sun bullies Planet X, Planet X bullies the Earth“, this statement sets the tone for an understanding of one the main relationships between the Sun, Earth and Planet X. Moving into more detail, let’s look at the other important Earth-Change factors that came into play with the rogue planet entering our Solar System.

U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clocks in Washington, D.C.Did you know that the U.S. Navy has control over our time-keeping (referred to as timescale) with massive and highly intricate atomic clock interconnect system? Adjustments to "the time", all-be-it in tiny portions, are done routinely, but since all atomic clocks are under control of secretive government agencies, there is no way for the public to know. As the days lengthen as Planet X nears, these clocks will be adjusted to keep the public clock in denial.
U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clocks in Washington, D.C.
Did you know that the U.S. Navy has control over our time-keeping (timescale) with massive and highly intricate atomic clock interconnect system? Adjustments to “the time”, all-be-it in tiny portions, are done routinely, but since all atomic clocks are under control of secretive government agencies, there is no way for the public to know. As Planet X nears and the days lengthen, these clocks will be adjusted to keep the public clock in denial.

Obviously, Earth rotation continues as it has no reason to stop, yet. The Zetas had calculated that Earth slowed her rotation by 37 minutes at the arrival of Planet X in 2002, which was subsequently compensated for by periodic adjustments by the U.S. Navy, the master clock keepers. There is also Earth Wobble which is due to Earth’s uneven magnetic field and according to the Zetas, has been occurring since about 2004 and has since then developed into a complex double wobble which by now (early 2013) includes other gyrations: Earth’s continents take a double-lateral hit each day from a magnetic tug on the Mid-Atlantic Rift: once when the Sun is over the Atlantic and a second time, when it is in it’s opposite position passing over the East Pacific. Yet, key to the orbit stoppage of Earth is the Zeta-fact that Earth is caught in a particle flow cup.
(See 1st top image)The story goes like this: Planet X entered the solar system from the direction of Orion at an angle of 32° from solar system south sometime late 2002, then migrated rather quickly somewhat under but to the “right” of the Sun to pop up like a jack-in-the-box to the ecliptic near Earth’s orbit. Because of the great speed of entry and the resulting dramatic slow-down due to repulsion force (gravity backwash), the tail of Planet X swept forward past Planet X and close to Earth causing the “Northeast Blackout of 2003”.

Obviously, Earth rotation continues as it has no reason to stop, yet. The Zetas had calculated that Earth slowed her rotation by 37 minutes at the arrival of Planet X in 2002, which was subsequently compensated for by periodic adjustments by the U.S. Navy, the master clock keepers. There is also Earth Wobble which is due to Earth’s uneven magnetic field and according to the Zetas, has been occurring since about 2004 and has since then developed into a complex double wobble which by now (early 2013) includes other gyrations: Earth’s continents take a double-lateral hit each day from a magnetic tug on the Mid-Atlantic Rift: once when the Sun is over the Atlantic and a second time, when it is in it’s opposite position passing over the East Pacific. Yet, key to the orbit stoppage of Earth is the Zeta-fact that Earth is caught in a particle flow cup.
(See 1st top image)The story goes like this: Planet X entered the solar system from the direction of Orion at an angle of 32° from solar system south sometime late 2002, then migrated rather quickly somewhat under but to the “right” of the Sun to pop up like a jack-in-the-box to the ecliptic near Earth’s orbit. Because of the great speed of entry and the resulting dramatic slow-down due to repulsion force (gravity backwash), the tail of Planet X swept forward past Planet X and close to Earth causing the “Northeast Blackout of 2003“.


Because of the Sun’s rotational energetics, Planet X always assumes a retrograde orbit (in other words: an opposite rotational and orbital direction) when segueing through our Solar System, this resulted in a stand-off between Earth and Planet X. Since Planet X is 23 times the mass and 4 times the size of Earth, Earth just came to a halt (as if you came upon a large fallen rock standing in your way on a narrow pathway).  But something else began to happen when Jack the Planet appeared, instantly the powerful particle flows from the Sun and Planet X, that are particularly intense on the ecliptic, began to flow around Planet X forming a powerful leeward back eddy of flowing atomic particles grasping Earth and preventing her from wending her orbital way around Planet X. To see this in your mind, imagine setting and holding a stick down into a stream of water, the water will form a turbulent back eddy “behind” the stick in the lee riverward, this is exactly what is happening, only in the case of Planet X  particle flow “cup” the water is cosmic wind plus other flowing atomic components and the stick is Planet X popping “up” from below the ecliptic.

Determining orbit stoppage for ourselves is not so simple as casually looking at heavenly objects in the sky, since the Sun, for example, is always at the center of Earth’s orbit. However, with a closer look, the Sun-arc, rising and setting times and the ancient seasonal profile of sunset and sundown orientations is key to proving that something is amazingly causing an out-of-place Sun. Additionally, the Moon is out-of-orbit, but this is because of particle flow crowding on the ecliptic due to the nearby presence of Planet X and has nothing to do directly with Earth’s orbit stoppage. This leaves the stars. All stars are so far away they are far beyond the effective binocular stereopsis of the human eye (ability to resolve distance), so observing stars individually for differences is impossible for the naked eye. However, the two dimensional star patterns studding the dark canopy  we are used to seeing on a clear night have been anecdotally reported to being out of place for years (but to expect this to be officially reported by astronomers is folly, at least at this time as the cover-up of the existence of Planet X is still in full swing). Certainly the position of the solar system planets and star constellations, the rising and setting of which is documented, can be used to prove that something is out-of-kilter, but not orbit stoppage! This link will take you to a U.S. Navy online form to investigate the evidence for yourself.

On a clear day or night, Earth wobble is most likely the cause of out-of-place skyward observations, it shifts our perspective with changes in Earth tilt more than 10° within an hour or so. This my  guesstimate from the Zeta-fact that Earth’s North pole is pushed back over the horizon once a day (Magnetic North has a current inclination of slightly less than 10° from Earth’s rotation axis): an Earth-wobble axis tip. Yet with the wide angle Earth-wobble it is still hard to notice with the naked eye, unless landmarks are used with documentation.

Imagine standing on a clear night looking up at the full moon: this image perspective puts you poised in space directly to the “left” of the full moon. The ecliptic is the plane that we see the Sun travel on during the day, the orbital plane of the moon is naturally tilted by 5° and since we are arbitrarily in the August position, the Moon’s orbit is even more tilted towards the Sun, due to Earth’s natural tip towards the Sun with a Northern Hemisphere summer. As the Moon transits from it’s Full phase to the New Moon phase, it’s directly bucking the solar wind (orange arrows) which is vastly more active due to the presence of Planet X on the ecliptic. Since the Moon is moving against the flow of the Sun’s particle flows, as it gets near the ecliptic it’s pushed away (arcs higher in the sky), but it eventually has to pierce through the ecliptic to continue it’s orbit of the Earth, so it dips through at a steeper angle and bobs below (arc lower in the sky) sooner and farther than is normal for a moon orbit. The white curved line is a conservative estimate of the Moons aberrational orbit from Full to New Moon phase.

To fully grasp the breath and depth of what it means for a planet to be stalled in orbit, besides the massive concepts that poke far out of our belief systems as humans in these days of Earth’s history, it helps to consider the spiritual implications. As many humans are also Soul supersisting on far higher scales, the current behind-the-scenes poleshift work that is being done must also encompass the Soul-lives of people and not just the current physical three dimensional incarnation. A great deal of care goes into these considerations requiring a vast amount of resources, which is why we have the massive UFO – ET presence, of which we only “see” a tiny portion of the whole of the available that is ready to provide the assistance when called upon. If there is one single spiritual reality that dominates the whole of the activities of all ETs and higher spiritual beings assisting Earth and Earth societies, it is the maintenance of the  element of doubt. This is a “Council of Worlds” directive (the Spiritual ruling body of Earth) which is ruled with a lovingly-gloved but iron hand with occasional exceptions being granted. The element of (Human) doubt is the essential aspect that prevails over any possible impinging interference of all those who are working to help mankind and all tasks they are performing. The Zetas of ZetaTalk have said that the goal is to “prevent panic in the establishment, premature imposition of Martial Law“. The Zetas have explained many times that if any powerful ruling societal body on Earth were to become triggered into panic, supra-laws (such as marshal law) would be immediately levered against the public. This would be a cacophony of trouble, confusion and unnecessary death for many people. This clamp-down of authority would exceed anyone’s expectations: a militarized government control of organized wardens exercising a jail-like control across the patchwork of prefectures of the land. So, the public is kept in a fuzzy grey zone by preventing absolute surety of knowledge: Parents that cannot pay the rent and have to move do not (usually) don’t tell their children, they just move and make do. The children knew something was wrong the whole time, but they live with the element of doubt. We aren’t children, so we are free to research Planet X, examine the evidence and observe what we are “told” by such agencies as NASA and make our own opinions and choices and act accordingly, that is one important difference.

Still, the question remains: “Why have we been experiencing seasons around the world since the Earth orbit halt of December 24th, 2003? The simple answer is that the Zetas are tipping the globe! Ironically, the Zetas explain that as they manipulate our seasons by shifting Earth’s axes, this creates opportunities of discovering the cover-up that takes us back to the canopy of stars. Of course, to those newly looking into Planet X and the poleshift, this may seem too far-fetched: to you I extend a welcome to the bigger world beyond human understanding but within the wise acceptance of possibility, besides to reject this explanation would mean you would have to reject the entirety of ZetaTalk, its debunking has been tried and failed many, many times, which is why ZetaTalk is still going strong.  If one does a reasonable study of, you cannot help but at least begin to question the explanations of Earth changes by the scientific status quo. With an even closer study, you will find the accuracy of the ZetaTalk dialogue and see the inconsistencies and the lies of established science against the plethora of Earth change events.
Searching for one’s own proof of this cannot be a simple as looking at the skies unaided with some kind of technology, yet on the other hand, a 100 % manipulation of the globe against the old-natural position of the stars is not possible, there are far too many factors at play. For those denizens of discovery I recommend a sextant.
One opportunity here, is that at either solstice Earth’s North Pole is tipped the furthest away from the North Star (Polaris) so as to emulate a winter or a summer, this exposes the manipulation, all be it subtly. Obviously these adjustments by the Zetas have to be made consistently throughout the year and there are many repercussions to be mitigated since Earth’s rotational axes posture is being constantly moved: the constellations need to be at the right location and at the right angle, therefore measurement to expose this is possible if one wants to go the the effort. Another focus, which is easier for the investigator, is a study of the much more obvious sunrise and sunset times and their respective locations, this can be done via a U.S. Navy website.
One might ask why amateur astronomers do not notice these astronomical inconsistencies?  But first, you have to understand is that astronomical instruments are calibrated against other heavenly bodies which also means that to check if a star or the Sun is out-of-position, you have to check against a landmark. Certainly, if they do happen to notice an inconsistency , what influence would they have against the professional astronomer no-talk rule? I have personally met a young astronomer (about 2009) who told me that 7 years previously he was doing some work in an astronomical observatory and was explicitly told not to point the telescope at a certain portion of the sky, it was forbidden!


Wikipedia: “More formally known as the Alpha Ursae Minoris, but commonly North Star, Northern Star or Pole Star, also Lodestar and sometimes Guiding star, it is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor. It is very close to the north celestial pole, making it the current northern pole star.
The North Celestial pole is the concept of the point in space that the Northern component of the Earth’s pole axes “points at”. Shown in the bottom right is a typical sextant, a device for measuring the distances between heavenly objects or a heavenly object and a landmark, day or night.


Nibiru, 2012, Myth and ancient writings.


Chinese dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and folklore, but surely this concept stands for something more than just a non-existent creature? Where does the concept of a dragon come from, if not told in allegory based on genuine human experiences?

Since Nibiru (Planet X) only enters our solar system once every 3650 + years or so, it’s obvious no one is alive has seen it, but those who have seen it, and survived, most certainly wrote or told stories about it. Of course, every Nibiru fly-by is also accompanied by pole-shifts of varying intensity, so story-telling and the recording of it is natural. In fact, when you research Nibiru and the pole-shift, you will find that every country in the world has some connection with Nibiru’s influence and many of these with indigenous cave drawings, stone carvings, old writings, folklore, and the essential heads for a nearby Nibiru are the “Two Suns” phenomena, this heralds the immanence of it’s passing and the pole-shift proper. Many cultures even their own name for Nibiru, the following are a few examples: Babylonians – Marduk, Sumerian – Nibiru, Aztec – Hercolubus, Christian Bible – Wormwood, The Kolbrin Bible – The Destroyer and most recently named by a early nineteenth century astronomer  Percival Lowell – Planet X.


Image above was taken in Utah and is called “Rock art”. Why would anyone go to the trouble to most likely carve for a day or 2 in stone with crude tools instead of tending to his/her family? This carving clearly shows a double-Sun figure, most likely Nibiru to the left of the Sun, which means it’s moving and seen like this just weeks before the pole-shift.

All the old writings tell of Nibiru and the floods, fires, earthquakes, strange sounds, raining rocks and hurricane winds, but the old language style are not how we would express it today, of course. In addition, these old stories have been translated several times, most likely embellished or have had facts conflicting with the culture-of-the-day expunged, still, the telling of Nibiru is there. The Chilling reality becomes clear when the same story is told from continent to continent and across many cultures and languages!  Consider the collection of writings known today as: “The Kolbrin Bible”, here is an except: “At thetime of the great destruction of Earth, God caused a dragon from out of Heaven to come and encompass her about. The dragon was frightful to behold, it lashed its tail, it breathed out fire and hot coals, and a great catastrophe was inflicted upon mankind. The body of the dragon was wreathed in a cold bright light and beneath, on the belly, was a ruddy hued glow, while behind it trailed a flowing tail of smoke. It spewed out cinders and hot stones and its breath was foul and stenchful, poisoning the nostrils of men. Its passage caused great thunderings and lightnings to rend the thick darkened sky, all Heaven and Earth being made hot. The seas were loosened from their cradles and rose up, pouring across the land. There was an awful, shrilling trumpeting which outpowered even the howling of the unleashed winds.


Stratospheric lightning: Called Mega lightning, starts 9 to 12 miles above the Earth, and shoots upwards into space, reaching the upper mesosphere 60 miles up.

The allegorical language of the Kolbrin can be off-putting to our senses which are steeped in modern tech and science-dominated cultures, so breaking it down:  Nibiru appears as a dragon as it’s 2 moon-swirl tails are constantly on the move – writhing, the cold bright light is the stratospheric lightning, the ruddy glow is the fact that Nibiru is a hot dwarf star that glows a dull red, the trail of smoke is it’s visible-up-close massive tail, the shrill trumpeting is the sound of the stratospheric lightning. It is so interesting that we are given the detail that the stratospheric lightning is louder than the hurricane winds, the Zetas of ZetaTalk have warned us to have ear protection for this deafening sound!
Ironically, we are approaching the supposed end of the Mayan Calendar, widely and erroneously identified with some kind of apocalypse in the year of the dragon (2012). The modern Mayan culture is thrice-removed from it’s origins that it enjoys these days. The Zetas explain: “You have a Mayan people practicing ceremonies today after a breach of hundreds of years so their ceremonial calendar is no longer a good guide and is a GUESS. You have glyphs whose date is a GUESS, established by carbon dating on wood which is imprecise or carved on stone which cannot be carbon dated. So you have a GUESS based on a GUESS based on a GUESS!


The Mayan calendar is a hand-me-down to the Mesoamerican peoples by the humanoid Annunaki who originally developed it as a plotting tool, yet today it is only understood as an amazingly complex calendar system, even by the Mayans themselves.

From my perspective, when a concept or a belief survives for millenniums, there is some grain of truth to it. These images, the Chinese Dragon, the two sun carvings, the names for Nibiru and the story-telling ancient writings stand for something, they still exist for a very good reason. “While many people go about their lives in pursuit of the almighty dollar, they continue the tradition of forgetting their past in order to fulfill their current desires which are mainly to eat, sleep, get laid and play with their toys. Now we the Zetas understand this, but to them we say do not be surprised when Nibiru shows up on your doorstep, and it won’t bother knocking, it’ll just barge right in. Now in the end of ends those of good heart will be lifted and given great assistance in survival of this great calamity of calamities, but those who ignore these words will end in the dog-pile of debris on the shores of the world.” The Zetas.

The Truth about Climate Change

Picture taken aboard the USCGC Healy in the Chukchi Sea during the final days of ocean data collection for the 2011 ICESCAPE mission.

Picture taken aboard the USCGC Healy in the Chukchi Sea during the final days of ocean data collection for the 2011 ICESCAPE mission.

Many articles have been written challenging G. W. Theory (G.W.T.) offering excellent discourse by experts and even retired climate scientists from around the world (Link to list of quotes) , but this article is written from the stand point of the presence of Planet X in our solar system.
I’ve yet to read one science writer who understands the whole G.W.T. picture and who has outlined the real reason for such a massive and diabolical discourse, however, the truth can be discovered when you know what to look for. When we are presented with a puzzling situation, it’s so satisfying to solve it, yet that “A Ha!” moment seems to have eluded the plethora of science journalists so far. I haven’t even found a writer who is at least puzzled by this massive boondoggle: they see the folly, yet the reason for it goes unnoticed. For those who are Pole-Shift aware it’s still a massive mental task to collate all the esoteric and extra-solar-system-sized points-of-view, so this unawareness is not surprising, if you don’t know the pattern, you can’t connect the dots.

G.W.T. has gone through a name change, at one time is was known as: “Global Warming Theory”, but these days it is known as “Climate Change” and “Global Warming”. I suspect the word “theory” was removed as an attempt to evoke more authentication by the public or perhaps this was planned as an easier route to acceptance by the scientific community, whatever the reason it is still the same concept.

The essential truth about G.W.T.  is not represented in the product issued by climate science spokespersons. G.W.T is in fact being trotted out on a slanted playing field of field-data sets either cherry-picked to support the concept, or pruned and shaped to fit what the climate science upper management deems necessary to maintain the lie and secure their jobs at the same time. Yes, climate scientists are side-lined if they challenge the G. W. Theory. From “The Hindu, Jairam Ramesh, Indian Environment Minister:  “Anyone who raises alternative climate theories is immediately branded as a climate atheist in an atmosphere of climate evangelists“.
A few years ago (2009), there was a website called: The website no longer exists, but it did provide the hundreds of emails gleaned (hacked) from  email servers within the University of East Anglia revealing obvious manipulation of data aimed at arbitrarily supporting G.W.T., plus many other revealing comments heavily compromising this so-called theory. These emails are available as a PDF at this LINK. There are now new G.W.T.-pudit-troubling revelations with the procurement of 5,000 more emails, anecdotally referred to as “Climate gate 2.0”, here again, dialogue between climate scientists are being revealed as clearly having an agenda supporting the G.W.T. concept without merit. Here is a Forbes magazine article about Climate Gate 2.0 at this LINK.

Why is it that “Climate Change” is always in the news? Scientific articles, (mainly) pro or con are being published many times a day on the Internet for years? There is more than an almost rabid over-zealousness here as G. W. T. is driven by powerful international forces, such as the I.P.C.C., the U.N. and the W.M.O. (no doubt many more organizations). It’s a continuous felt-hammering of the message, but only those heavily involved can understand it. When you actually read reports on “Climate Change”, it’s a mass of statistics, acronyms, and descriptions of protocol and a hierarchy of “initiatives” expressed in government-speak: very hard to follow. When something so arcane as the concepts of G. W. Theory is pushed so hard for so long, likely consuming billions of Dollars (since 1990) and with peer opposition, it’s pretty clear there is a hidden agenda here.


The above 2-part image: left side is not-to-scale, but suggests the relative thicknesses of Earth’s essential 5 layers of rock. Right side: is to-scale and shows how large the inner core is – 70% moon-sized.

G. W. Theory asserts that the so-called “green house gases”, of which a large percentage is water-vapor, re-reflects (in all directions) the heat emanating from the surface of the Earth back down to the surface of the Earth causing an overall rise of global temperature of 1.75 ° every 20 years. This means that less than 1 % of the atmosphere, the rarefied and invisible “greenhouse” gases (light and heat pass through) miles above the Earth are causing the entire globe to continually heat up. This, while the inner core of the Earth (70% moon-sized) is connected to the rest of the earth via rock (a better conductor than air) at a similar


Tungurahua volcano, a steep-sided, 16,479-foot stratovolcano located in Ecuador sits roughly 140 km south of the capital city of Quito: increase in activity August 2012.

temperature as that of the Sun at  5430 °C (or 9806  °F) doesn’t heat up the surface of the Earth? The theory also asserts that these green house gases are caused by human activity such as the internal combustion engine and industrial manufacturing.
It’s been said that volcanoes blow more volume of CO2 with a major eruption than cows can pass methane, gasoline-powered vehicles emit exhaust fumes and the smoke stacks of the world in many years. This reasonable pronouncement has not and cannot be proven without the scientific field work, which is unlikely to be monetized by the same organizations who want to stay on the white-list at the U.N.
Volcanoes no doubt emit the majority of the world’s CO2. Consider this, entire villages of people living near a volcano have been known to be gassed to death in their sleep with a silent release of volcanic gases: it’s uniformly released from the vent and flows down all sides of the volcano, washing over the entire base, of which the village is only a small part: now add thousands of volcanoes and 5 billion years. Earth’s volcanoes have been around a lot longer than human climate scientists, cars and even animals, but the G.W. theory-makers couldn’t use those facts as they had to find a way to blame man’s contribution as a way around the argument: “Well, why is the global temperature still livable if “Global Warming” started 5 billion years ago? Why blame human activity? Seems they need an identifiable scapegoat for the gullible, something they could point to and blame. It all seems like it could make sense to people who believe that modern science is above the control of political and corporate interests, but it isn’t and you can see this if you think outside-the-box.


A man marooned by flood waters, alongside his livestock, waves towards an Army helicopter for relief handouts in the Rajanpur district of Pakistan’s Punjab province on August 9, 2010. (REUTERS/Stringer)

So these are a few holes in G. W. Theory discussed, but wait,  there’s more! Even if G. W. Theory was true, and its not, but if it was, it doesn’t explain the host of Earth Changes we are seeing today: one percent of the atmosphere miles above the Earth is causing so many volcanoes to awaken and at the same time? Unprecedented and massive flooding in parts of the world (e.g. -Pakistan 2010 (and 2012 – before and after) Philippines – aug 2012. and Australia’s Brisbane floods explained here at, wild heat extremes in several countries within a day never before seen? or tornadoes in France and England. There are other Earth change events unmentioned here, yet G.W.T. utterly fails to explain away even these, but remember, it isn’t explaining anything as G. W. T. remains unproven, challenged and beleaguered by critics and of course undermined by the climate scientist themselves with the unanticipated release of their own emails.
So the question remains, “How is it that so much time, effort and money is being put into this G. W. Theory round peg that won’t fit the Earth Change square hole? It’s been 22 years since the I.P.C.C. published its first assessment report in 1990 and the only reason it’s standing today is due to a hidden agenda of the big-money international agencies propping it up.
The 6:00 O’clock evening news, is not the news. What we see and hear is only what Corporate and secret government agencies want us to hear.  G. W. Theory is a massive cover-up story, a cover designed specifically to prevent the public from identifying Planet X as the cause of the massive Earth changes the original cabal knew would be coming. The existence of Planet X in our solar system is the reality and G. W. Theory is the make-believe.  If some cause is proffered to the concerned but already over-tired and over-worked public for the worsening earth changes, yet so complex it cannot be understood by the average person on street, a constant barrage by both the guilty and innocent scientist is hoped to do the trick. Back-in-the-Day, the make-up story of G. W. Theory worked for a while, but with earth changes for some time now poking out of the texture of the climate change message, it now appears as a fantastical farce. infinity.small2

Pole-Shift Overview

By writing this document, I am hoping to awaken the reader to the incredible opportunity we have at this time to prepare for our impending Earth Pole-shift. The Earth Poleshift is a physical-axes-repositioning (explained @ “The Pole-Shift Event, below). It is not a “magnetic pole reversal”, there is no such thing, that is a lie, disinformation brought forward by secret government agencies who do not want you to know about the Earth Pole-Shift. These hidden workers seed lies, half-truths and strategically employed convoluted factoids  to take the publics attention from discussion of the Pole-Shift, otherwise known as a Physical-axes-repositioning or  Crustal-Shift. Yes, our magnetic North has been slowly moving and has even accelerated in the last few years, but this is more a concern of commercial air flight, airports and their runways than for the general public. During an actual Pole-Shift, new geography is shifted to the North and South earth-spin-axes points. What this also means, is that massive waves from the ocean will assault the shores of the world once the Earth has finished it’s irreversible 90 ° tip. As most people may know, the majority of Earth”s population inhabit land next to the sea, this is why most of the world’s population is susceptible to the unimaginable pre Pole-Shift flood tides and eventually the 500 to 600 foot ocean waves rising and moving beach-ward at conclusion of the Pole-Shift proper.

The opportunity we have at this time is unprecedented. When you consider the effects of the Pole-Shift being massive world-wide Richter 15 earthquakes and an ocean wash up to 800 or more feet from sea level world-wide, not-to-mention, the flying rock from the tail of Planet X, you have to know that destruction of all man-made structures is most certain. Yes, there is hope and an opportunity to survive and survive well, but the reader must be prepared, so this is the intent of this document.

The Months Prior to the Pole-shift.Lost In A Sea Sand And Debris

In the months before the earth Pole-Shift, almost all government and commercial services we have come to expect will be interrupted and be periodic at best, this is why the time we have now is so precious. Interruptions will increase and worsen as the time of the Pole-Shift approaches as government agencies will not be able to fully respond to the massive earth-change events unfolding: meaning that the escalation of the many growing petitions for assistance will never be fulfilled due to the shear volume of need.

When Planet X or Nibiru is visible by the naked eye near the Sun, all will be clear. You will know deep down that something massive and unimaginable is about to happen. Dream-like, you will be guided, as such a great and wondrous time of change will bring forth the very best in people and the very worst of some of those who cannot accept what is happening. In other words: those who are seeking a better life will be assisted in ways not understood at the time and those who resist and detest change will be assaulted by their own life energies and will act-out. Fear-not, for those who love Life will be protected and guided to where they need to be to best survive the coming on-onslaught of the tail of Planet X and the Pole-Shift itself.

Since the Pole-Shift will break

all that we rely on, it is imperative that those wishing to survive the Pole-Shift, provide themselves with the tools and material for an agrarian lifestyle and food for at least a full years supply of food. Once the Pole-Shift has concluded, those ad-venturing forth will move outward from their survival camps and secure sources of water and food for their continued survival and the new Life that awaits them. Remember, all those wishing to survive must heed this warning now as time to prepare shortens continually. (A Zeta)

The Pole-Shift Event.

Brief overview: Planet X passes close to Earth on it’s way out of the solar system, it magnetically grabs hold of Earth’s South pole and arbitrarily repositions (drags) it “to the left” approximately 90 ° within one hour. During that hour, Earth will be assaulted by rock and dust from the tail of Planet X causing all sorts of unbelievable effects. In the weeks prior to the pole-shift, Earth will be fraught with other issues such as a temporary “upside down” Earth as it responds to the powerful magnetic bully: Planet X slowly moving across the sky and Earth rotation-stoppage signaling the nearing Pole-Shift. A stopped Earth causes world-wide ocean water to rush to the poles to equalize it’s distribution due to the lack of centrifugal force at the equator. So leading up to and including that last week, sea tides will be highly unpredictable, thus dangerous. Your calendar of events prior to the Pole-Shift.
The good news is that the Pole-Shift event-time will advertise itself very well beforehand giving us plenty of time to get under cover for the main event. Migration to your safe locations should be done well beforehand to avoid the upheaval and blockages of roadways and downed bridges on-route to your safe location route.
Read up on your new longitude and latitude!
Why is this important? Well first of all, your After-Time (local) geography will be placed in an entirely different longitude and latitude after the dust has settled. It is important to understand where your local town is moving so you can properly prepare for the new weather conditions that will be obvious within weeks of the After-Time. So consider the fact that the new North Pole will be off the coast of Brazil and the new South Pole will be near the southern tip of the Indian continent. Since orientation to the poles will have been entirely changed, it’s critical to refer to here for your local Pole-Shift details.
Once Planet X has passed, rebuilding will start, but with what tools and material? This is why it is so important to buy all you need beforehand.
During the Pole-Shift you will be so busy preparing, so do not forget to have the equipment close at hand for hot food and drink for the immediate After-Time. Blankets, food, drink, music and good fellowship will be the best way to start your After-Time.

Mammatus Clouds

The After-Time.

Your After-Time experience will depend on you, the reader. Appropriate preparation is king, for the After-Time experience is only but how you prepare for it, this is certain. Many people think they have prepared, but these individuals are sadly mistaken, for many have fallen prey to the many opinions on the Internet, their preparation is evident by the lack of knowledge that prevails.
The After-Time will exhibit many new conditions the lazy have not prepared for, such as no government services or help, local conditions impossible to expect, such as rock-fall, blocked roads, ocean currents never before seen and weather that has not been anticipated, even the sky will appear differently from what you have ever seen, so all this will contribute to stress, therefore frequent rest will be needed for those first weeks after the Pole-Shift.
Preparing for the After-Time is far more than just gathering food, tools and material and seeking high land for survival against the Pole-Shift Ocean-wash. Additionally, many people have needs beyond what the average survivalist requires, so careful thought needs to be put into both your provisions and your choice of survival location. Not only this, but it is so important to seek others of like mind prior to the Pole-Shift and plan together how you want your life to be. Others will have different opinions, this is good as the more viewpoints the better. Once the actual Pole-Shift conditions are clearly understood, those in your group will be able to align their opinions for the betterment of the group.

After the weeks have passed when those in your group have settled down to a routine, those who are strong will need to do some local reconnaissance and establish routes of safe travel and areas that contain food for foraging. Still, those people who have special needs will need caring for, so any of those capable may choose to seek these people out and offer assistance.

The good news is that all After-Time life will be devoid of government and corporate interference and a new life of freedom will be standing before you for enjoyment! Now all After-Time events will be recorded in the Akashic record, so take care to extend the very best in concordance with the highest sense of self!

After-Time life will be punctuated with great celebration but will mainly consist of hard work; a life for any man or woman of Soul, for such will be the subject of discussion for many, many times beyond human understanding. Who will be among those who wish they could do this again? Many will wish that these times could be again, but alas, these times will be fleeting and ephemeral against the needs of Soul once this has passed.

Ultimately, the life of anyone who survives the Pole-Shift will be something of great importance compared to anything they have known as a citizen of such a depraved society as that of common life today in 2012 Earth. Such life is known to be a requirement to assail the path of Soul that is laid out before those who wish a better and superior attendance to what is understood to be of ultimate importance. infinity.small

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