Update for march 25th, 2021 and the fate of the Maritime South Pacific Island Nations for the Pole-Shift.

In this video I discuss waking dreams and using our imagination as tools to prepare for the Pole-Shift. The work ahead and the coming adjustments are challenging to be sure, so we need to use all of who we are at our disposal. Even those parts of us that we could use in a better way or didn’t know we had. Case-in-point is our access to waking dreams. Waking dreams are not taught within the status quo of “1st world” countries, but in some cultures it is a way-of-Life. We are the center of our Universe. It is a little like a child being the center of it’s parents loving eyes and care. The child has it’s needs and the parents feel the call, it’s the same with the incarnated soul here on Earth, all souls have an over-soul which is like God to us. The chain-of-care goes all the way to the Godhead. There is no break in the chain-of-Love, save that is within our own minds.
Be sure, that if your heart and daily actions are full of Love, assistance is potentially forthcoming for those who have earned the help. This is for those who have done all they can for those in our care and for ourselves. It works by the law of karma, much like the laws of physics:  Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, except that in the case of helping others (good actions) there is an accumulation factor involved on both sides of the equation. Souls progress from birth-as-soul through trial and error in the physical realms and worlds until they can stand on their own. Moving forward, they begin to see the God-light in others and themselves at the same time. Once established in the light, they then can be a beacon-of-light and love to others and eventually have earned the right to be raised to a permanently higher vibrational home to live there as an operational base to return to Earth to assist other younger Earth-bound souls or work from the higher-vibrational dimension. In the Life-of-God, there is always work to help other souls.
Regarding the part of this video that deals with the fate of the Maritime Island nations of the South Pacific. I explain the forces that will befall the geological zone that essentially covers the Sunda plate that houses Myanmar, Loas, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and The Philippines.
The outcome is dire, but if one survives the Pole-Shift in the high mountains of Luzon, for instance, then survival into the After-Time is possible by leaving the area by sailing boat and transiting to Taiwan, eastern Australia or the Island of New Guinea. The latter is possible because there will be a window-of-opportunity of several months just after the Pole-Shift of calmer seas and reasonable temperatures for the move-by-sea.

Start of video here: https://youtu.be/TZ0VR4S8uKg

The Philippines portion starts here: https://youtu.be/TZ0VR4S8uKg?t=3948