Planet X and the Pole-Shift Emblazoned on an Ancient Mayan Tablet


Figure 1 – This image clearly shows three heavenly bodies:  Earth at right-middle with an atmosphere indicated,  a typical placement of the Sun, upper-middle and an obvious very energetic heavenly body, left-middle. The shape extending toward Earth is the massive tail of Planet X which is the cause of the globally devastating asteroid and rock hail, sheets of fire and the classic red dust fall just before and during the hour of the Pole-Shift. In addition, we also expect electrical disturbances from it’s charged tail many months before the Pole-Shift itself; we also have to protect electronic devices against EMP weeks before the Pole-Shift due to the close proximity of Planet X itself. The space vehicles aloft on the tablet indicate the Annunaki royalty escaping the Pole-Shift event above Earth at a safe distance. (info sourced from Art by Chris Thomas.

New source of Mayan artifacts – An image (figure 1) of a heretofore unknown Mayan tablet, held in escrow by the Mexican government for 80 years, caught my attention a few weeks ago, so I took a desktop capture of it as it is extremely revealing regarding Planet X and the Pole-Shift.  This seminal image, taken from a video-lecture (viewable at the bottom of this page) by Nassim Haramein, is part of a larger collection that was purportedly released to the public by the Mexican government as reported by Steve Pond, editor at on September 26, 2011. The Website article, from a telephone interview with C. Raul Julia-Levy, a Mexican film and television actor, was also a heads-up for a video documentary apparently in production called: “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond”. This documentary film was apparently to document the importance of Mexican history based on discoveries from a key Mayan site at Calakmul, which is a Maya archaeological site in the Mexican state of Campeche, deep in the jungles of the greater Petén Basin region in southern Mexico. The primary buzz from this public release was more in relation to the Science of Ufology and Mexico’s historical context with ET or “alien” contact, yet I could see the Planet X/Pole-Shift connection right away. Since most people are not educated about the nature of Planet X and it’s history of passages over Eons of time, all viewpoints were focused on the obvious graphic UFO aspects of the Mayan Tablet shown in Figure 1. In the video seen below, not a clue is had of the real  importance of this Mayan tablet release. The only two remaining shapes in Figure 1 that I cannot explain is the dark triangle at the center of the energetic body: Planet X, and the little half-moon shape within the extension directed at Earth: “the tail of Planet X”, other than that, it is a glaringly obvious warning of the passage of Planet X and the resulting Pole-Shift.

Site of Calakmul

The ancient Mayan city of Calakmul (300 BC – to – 900 AD), in the Mexican state Campeche, has 6,000 structures over  292,594 acres of currently protected land and wildlife; it was once home to an estimated 50,000 souls. (Image credit –

A back story was revealed while researching this article which I believe is part of the Planet X cover-up. Apparently the executive producer of the video documentary  “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond” Elisabeth Thieriot, has allegedly absconded with all the raw footage (contained on 10 hard drives and a dozen computers) that was shot at Calakmul in preparation for the documentary production. As of May 9, 2012, the documentary production was stymied with finger-pointing and court cases. You have to ask yourself: “Why run away with the raw footage of video documentary?” Surely a for-the-public video would eventually re-surface elsewhere and the perpetrators be found and prosecuted? So, where is the value in that purely as a theft other than to prevent public exposure? It follows that, considering this documentary contained: “claims of classified archaeological discoveries, dire predictions and extraterrestrial contact” and with obvious graphic references (Figure 1) indicating historical evidence of Planet X, this can only be another Planet X cover-up, deletion-style. In a similar vein, the internet-wide removal of the 2004 Woodbridge Crop Circle is another of this cover-up style.


Woodbridge crop circle – July 13, 2004. The nuclear symbol in the center of two closed circles is a reassurance by the ET circle makers that the sun is not a nuclear threat.
This crop circle entirely refutes “The Sun is a threat to Earth” lie-concept forwarded by the Elite Hierarchy cover-up campaign, therefore the Figure 1 heavenly body at left-middle is Planet X and not the Sun as commonly believed. Keep this in mind when watching the video at the bottom of my article: The Sun is safe. (Credit –

The Figure 1 Mayan tablet is a crushing blow to the Planet X cover-up effort, it’s no wonder the  “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond” film  footage was stolen, but there is confusion among many “experts” on archaeological finds that illustrate prior Pole-Shifts: they don’t recognize the message. To wit, the black ops lie: “The Sun is a threat” still reigns supreme, even though the other black ops lie: “Global Warming” is taking a kicking these days with scientists claiming a cooling globe since 1997. This demonstrates that the “Global Warming” Planet X cover-up campaign is based on a fixed and forced viewpoint and not live data, although it’s name has morphed from: “Global Warming Theory” to “Global Warming” and these days is referred to as: “Climate Change”, yet I predict the insidious and well-funded Elite hierarchy Planet X cover-up management will find a way to leverage the cooling globe data to fit some other style of Planet X-deception scheme. The G.W. Theory lie was crafted a long time ago, based on a much more naive public with an non-existent public Internet; so these days with the increasing effects from a Planet X-induced Earth Wobble, the weather no longer fits the placid and predictable models of 20 years ago just prior to the entry of Planet X in our Solar system.

Planet X and Pole-Shift details are credited to Nancy Lieder of The opinions in this piece, however, are my own.
Chris Thomas.

Nibiru, 2012, Myth and ancient writings.


Chinese dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and folklore, but surely this concept stands for something more than just a non-existent creature? Where does the concept of a dragon come from, if not told in allegory based on genuine human experiences?

Since Nibiru (Planet X) only enters our solar system once every 3650 + years or so, it’s obvious no one is alive has seen it, but those who have seen it, and survived, most certainly wrote or told stories about it. Of course, every Nibiru fly-by is also accompanied by pole-shifts of varying intensity, so story-telling and the recording of it is natural. In fact, when you research Nibiru and the pole-shift, you will find that every country in the world has some connection with Nibiru’s influence and many of these with indigenous cave drawings, stone carvings, old writings, folklore, and the essential heads for a nearby Nibiru are the “Two Suns” phenomena, this heralds the immanence of it’s passing and the pole-shift proper. Many cultures even their own name for Nibiru, the following are a few examples: Babylonians – Marduk, Sumerian – Nibiru, Aztec – Hercolubus, Christian Bible – Wormwood, The Kolbrin Bible – The Destroyer and most recently named by a early nineteenth century astronomer  Percival Lowell – Planet X.


Image above was taken in Utah and is called “Rock art”. Why would anyone go to the trouble to most likely carve for a day or 2 in stone with crude tools instead of tending to his/her family? This carving clearly shows a double-Sun figure, most likely Nibiru to the left of the Sun, which means it’s moving and seen like this just weeks before the pole-shift.

All the old writings tell of Nibiru and the floods, fires, earthquakes, strange sounds, raining rocks and hurricane winds, but the old language style are not how we would express it today, of course. In addition, these old stories have been translated several times, most likely embellished or have had facts conflicting with the culture-of-the-day expunged, still, the telling of Nibiru is there. The Chilling reality becomes clear when the same story is told from continent to continent and across many cultures and languages!  Consider the collection of writings known today as: “The Kolbrin Bible”, here is an except: “At thetime of the great destruction of Earth, God caused a dragon from out of Heaven to come and encompass her about. The dragon was frightful to behold, it lashed its tail, it breathed out fire and hot coals, and a great catastrophe was inflicted upon mankind. The body of the dragon was wreathed in a cold bright light and beneath, on the belly, was a ruddy hued glow, while behind it trailed a flowing tail of smoke. It spewed out cinders and hot stones and its breath was foul and stenchful, poisoning the nostrils of men. Its passage caused great thunderings and lightnings to rend the thick darkened sky, all Heaven and Earth being made hot. The seas were loosened from their cradles and rose up, pouring across the land. There was an awful, shrilling trumpeting which outpowered even the howling of the unleashed winds.


Stratospheric lightning: Called Mega lightning, starts 9 to 12 miles above the Earth, and shoots upwards into space, reaching the upper mesosphere 60 miles up.

The allegorical language of the Kolbrin can be off-putting to our senses which are steeped in modern tech and science-dominated cultures, so breaking it down:  Nibiru appears as a dragon as it’s 2 moon-swirl tails are constantly on the move – writhing, the cold bright light is the stratospheric lightning, the ruddy glow is the fact that Nibiru is a hot dwarf star that glows a dull red, the trail of smoke is it’s visible-up-close massive tail, the shrill trumpeting is the sound of the stratospheric lightning. It is so interesting that we are given the detail that the stratospheric lightning is louder than the hurricane winds, the Zetas of ZetaTalk have warned us to have ear protection for this deafening sound!
Ironically, we are approaching the supposed end of the Mayan Calendar, widely and erroneously identified with some kind of apocalypse in the year of the dragon (2012). The modern Mayan culture is thrice-removed from it’s origins that it enjoys these days. The Zetas explain: “You have a Mayan people practicing ceremonies today after a breach of hundreds of years so their ceremonial calendar is no longer a good guide and is a GUESS. You have glyphs whose date is a GUESS, established by carbon dating on wood which is imprecise or carved on stone which cannot be carbon dated. So you have a GUESS based on a GUESS based on a GUESS!


The Mayan calendar is a hand-me-down to the Mesoamerican peoples by the humanoid Annunaki who originally developed it as a plotting tool, yet today it is only understood as an amazingly complex calendar system, even by the Mayans themselves.

From my perspective, when a concept or a belief survives for millenniums, there is some grain of truth to it. These images, the Chinese Dragon, the two sun carvings, the names for Nibiru and the story-telling ancient writings stand for something, they still exist for a very good reason. “While many people go about their lives in pursuit of the almighty dollar, they continue the tradition of forgetting their past in order to fulfill their current desires which are mainly to eat, sleep, get laid and play with their toys. Now we the Zetas understand this, but to them we say do not be surprised when Nibiru shows up on your doorstep, and it won’t bother knocking, it’ll just barge right in. Now in the end of ends those of good heart will be lifted and given great assistance in survival of this great calamity of calamities, but those who ignore these words will end in the dog-pile of debris on the shores of the world.” The Zetas.

Anatomy of an Earth Poleshift: The How and Why


As Planet X passes at it’s closest point, the inner core breaks it’s bond with the crust and moves to align to the magnetic field of Planet X, the crust then follows shortly afterward dragged by the inner core.
Art by Chris Thomas.


“The Northeast blackout of 2003 was a widespread power outage that occurred throughout parts of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States and Ontario, Canada, on Thursday, August 14, 2003, just before 4:10 p.m.” Wikipedia

Understanding how a Pole-shift can happen, first, based on readily available scientific knowledge of Earth’s inner structure, and second, what particular external force could be applied that would cause such a massive and irreversible adjustment to Earth’s crustal positioning is the intent here. This is not an arcane scientific thesis, it is a common-sense explanation based on established science of the day.
We all need reasonable information as station posts along the way in our investigations into the subject of an Earth Poleshift, but since this topic stands outside the awareness of the average person today, to move forward, we need to venture into new territory in order to fully explain the pole-shift. This is because it’s cause is not part of acceptable cultural knowledge: school and university curriculum. Additionally, the subject of an Earth Pole-shift is not a popular one. Why?, Because nobody wants to believe, or is excited by this message: at first. It also takes a little while to sink-in. The pole-shift message comes entirely out the blue, literally and figuratively, as it’s a planetary reality that has been hidden for decades, but why?
Top echelon country administrations are always trying to keep the population under control. They need taxes to be paid and goods to be manufactured to keep money flowing into the pockets of the wealthy who support the incumbency of politicians, so no motivation there. Now add to this the effects of disaster scenarios, a single large hurricane can hobble a local economy for weeks or a simple power outage such as the August 2003 Northeast blackout which affected 55 million people for 2 days. The victims of hurricane Sandy are still is great need today (Dec. 19, 2012). So it’s clear that government money and those organizations that act on behalf of the government providing assistance do not compensate for the essential needs of the victims.sandy.collage
(collage): Top Left: Associated Press.
Right: Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy 2012 by sickrthanyouraverage.
Bottom Left: Seaside Heights, NJ, Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy [Photo credit: Michael Reynolds].

Enter a public discussion of a Pole-shift. Much of the public will quickly see that only a small percentage of  the masses will actually be assisted, let alone have their lives re-constituted by either the insurance companies or a government handout. Government think-tanks study all the various scenarios to the nth degree, seeking to preserve their status quo for as much and as long as possible, so a pole-shift won’t be discussed publicly by the government, the entire topic is anathema. What ZetaTalk reports is that a public announcement of parts of the pole-shift subject (namely, the presence of Planet X in the solar system ) is being discussed, but with the complicit agencies of the U.S. administration dancing around an actual announcement of the pole-shift itself, thus avoiding direct recrimination by the public of those orchestrating the cover-up. I predict that the U.S. administration will wait until the longest possible time (months before the pole-shift) to actually divulge direct knowledge of Planet X, meanwhile, we will see an up-tick of the many parts of the Planet X story being “leaked” and that of official fringe story-aspects quietly announced. Any big forthcoming public pole-shift pronouncements will depend on the obviousness of Earth events, for example, inescapable sky events seen by very many people.

In researching facts about the pole-shift, it becomes difficult in matters of solar system and space events via space probe and satellite data. This is because there are secret cover-up agendas within NASA and JPL. These agencies have almost full control over the data. I say almost, as the flood of information in the form of LASCO (Large Angle and Spectrometric Chronograph Experiment) satellite images of the Sun cannot be 100 percent altered to fit a disinformation scheme due to the sheer volume of the flow. Nevertheless, this still means that space events as reported by NASA will not be either fully reported or will contain lies or disinformation and this includes the publicly distributed data as well. For example, the NICT website that displayed computer-simulated visuals of the solar wind and Earth’s magnetic profile for many years has been taken off line, this is what we call a cover-up. Why? Well, the NICT Earth magnetosphere simulation, based on Japanese satellite data, in many cases since about 2007, revealed dramatic images suggesting that a highly powerful nearby magnetic influence was upsetting the smooth appearance of the solar-wind from the Sun.


The solar wind is composed of charged atomic particles traveling at 6.2 miles per second.

The image above reflects how conventional science portrays Earth’s magnetosphere, which is accurate under normal circumstances, that is, when our solar system is in a magnetic and solar particle-flow balance with the Sun. Notice how the magnetosphere is drawn “to the right” in the image, this is the effect of solar-wind from the Sun (not-shown), being off to the “left” of the image.
The image below is how Earth’s magnetosphere appeared on September 26th, 2011. As you can see, it is very different from what is offered by established science. The magnetosphere of Earth has become much more so out-of-shape since then, but this image typifies the present condition of the magnetosphere, although it has very likely worsened since November 9th, 2011 when this snapshot was taken from the NICT website. Smoking gun: clearly if information is being withheld is it indications of a cover-up. See “A brief discussion on disinformation” below for more on the whys of the Planet X cover-up.

Earth’s composition.

Standard scientific knowledge tells us that there are 5 main layers to Earth. From the inner core outward to Earth’s surface we have: the inner core, the outer core, the mantle (recognized as being composed of at least a lower mantle and an outer mantle) and then the crust. Discovered in 1936 and confirmed in 1971, the inner core is solid and its composition is understood to consist of a highly-magnetic iron-nickel alloy. The ambient heat of the core is about 9800° F which is about 3 ½ times the melting point of both iron and nickel, this temperature is close to matching InsideEarth2_620x350the surface of the Sun. The inner core is a solid however. A solid at that temperature due to the humongous pressure it is under being at the center position of Earth’s mass. Moving outward, we now have the outer core this is 1,400 miles of viscous fluid mainly consisting of a molten mixture of magnetic iron and nickel. Next we have the mantle which is more-or-less divided into the lower and the upper. The lower mantle is a highly dense, but a viscous fluid of minerals with the upper mantle being rigid with a composition of the cooled minerals from the lower mantle. Finally we have Earth’s crust consisting mainly of granite, (continental: what we walk on) and basalt (oceanic, the ocean floors).
So we have an incredibly hot and solid magnetic core the size of mars surrounded by gradually cooling layers of molten rock,all encapsulated by a crust with the Earth-relative thickness of the skin of an apple. So, approximately the center one-third of Earth is viscous which acts as a fluidic but impermanent bond between the inner core and the rigid mantle.

The inner core has recently (about 1986) been found to be rotating faster than Earth’s crust by about 3 degrees a year making a full rotation ahead of the crust by about 120 years. This information reveals the shifting bond between the Earth’s mantle and the inner core. This information supports the concept of an Earth Poleshift and how that is possible: That the Earth’s Crust can move independently from the inner core.

The Poleshift Event.

As Planet X approaches it’s closest point of passage near Earth, mighty magnetic planetary particle-flows are wrestling for dynamic dominance. Earth will tip and roll several times during this approach.  About a month before the last (3) weeks prior to the pole-shift, the complex wobbling causing the crazy and unexpected weather we are seeing globally now, will be far beyond what most humans alive will have seen. I say “most” in deference to those who have survived recent calamities such as: the U.S. hurricane Sandy, Japanese Sendai earthquake-tsunami and the corresponding Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster, Pakistan floods and the Haiti earthquake. But certainly any of those souls still on Earth will not have seen the sights, sounds and sensations we will experience during the pole-shift event. We have been given hints to what these will be like already: the Norway Spiral, epic lightning storms, Category 5 hurricane winds, and Richter 9 earthquakes, even Earth moan that all will hear but yet to be seen and heard will be deafening stratospheric lightning, raining red dust, rocks and gravel and in some cases sheets of flaming petrochemicals, but a good possibility for all to occur at once. Is there any good news? Yes, It only lasts for an hour!


The “Norway Sky Spiral” appeared above Northern Norway on December 9, 2009. ZetaTalk explains, but I paraphrase: The spiral was caused by a wide-field charge from the electrically potent tail of Planet X, the effect is much like a common light stick. The blue extension was the discharge to ground: Earth. We have lightning, the aurora Borealis and now sky spirals.

The Mid-Atlantic ridge is an “S” shaped 10,000 mile long submarine mountain range. It’s mountains are up to 1,000 miles wide which connect the oceanic plates that form the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Stretching from the Arctic to Antarctic, it is known as the longest mountain range of the world.

The magnetic dance between Earth and Planet X is complex due to Earth’s magnetic signature, it has a 3rd magnet: the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (left). The 10,000 mile long underwater mountain range is composed of congealed iron-rich magma which acts as a very large magnet, it is this 3rd magnet that slows Earth’s rotation to an eventual stop where it “locks on” to face Planet X about a week before the poleshift. This means that those souls living around the Atlantic will have daylight for 6 days straight and vice versa for the mid-to-east Pacific. North America will have a 6 day paused sunrise and Western Europe and mid-Africa will see a 6 day long hanging sunset. Before the week of rotation stoppage we have the North pole of Planet X pushing Earth’s North pole over the horizon: a tipped Earth while still rotating, so days and nights continue all-the-while continually lengthening.
At the closest point of passage, Earth is held in place in a massive magnetic vise-grip, then Earth’s inner-most core breaks it’s bond with the outer crust as it wants to align with the magnetic field of the passing Planet X: this is the time of the great moaning sound that is heard coming from the sky, but originates from the continental depths. The Crust, our recognizable Earth, is slow to respond but is dragged against it’s will to it’s new permanent posture (the hour of the pole-shift): new geography will then stand at the poles.

All Pole-Shift details are taken from