Future Map of North America.

I drew this “future map” up a few years ago from my research on Planet X and the Pole-Shift as part of an article I was writing for my Facebook Group. My Future Map incorporates some ZetaTalk information, which is essentially a “Pole-Shift” of a permanent 90° tip of the globe and the “Pole-Melt” of the ice caps resulting in an approximate 675 feet of global sea rise. An Earth Pole-Shift event is really a “Crustal Shift”. A Crustal-Shift begins when a near-by moving external magnetic force causes Earth’s magnetic core to rotate temporarily to a new angle within it’s molten magma bed. Earth’s magnetic core is a molten nickel-iron mass, almost the size of the Moon, which is compressed-to-solidity that exceeds the liquefaction principles of heat and metal. What causes the rotation? Simply put: as the highly-magnetic Planet X passes close to Earth in it’s increasingly-faster exit from our Solar System, it’s magnetic field holds Earth’s magnet in it’s grip and drags it to a new orientation during the pass-by. Earth’s outer crust then is re-oriented shortly thereafter due to this new magnetic-geological adjustment. Planet X moves very slowly through our inner solar system by the conflicting forces on the ecliptic near the Sun and it’s retrograde motion against the direction of all the planets in our solar system. Planet X is obeying the larger extra-solar forces of our Sun’s binary twin and it’s relationship with our Sun in it’s orbital-drive through our solar system. Earth’s magnetic core is already heavily-influenced by the magnetic signature of Planet X causing daily wobbles in it’s rotation, and this will only increase in intensity as PX moves to position itself to exit our solar system.
The original purpose of my Future Map of North America was to impress upon the viewer that a Pole-Shift is a geographic affair and not a magnetic one. Planet X disinformation sources have forwarded the “magnetic flip” of Earth poles to confuse the general public against the pending dangerous physical-geological and the genuine historical reality of prior Pole-Shifts. Also, the false “magnetic pole-shift” also creates the pseudo-belief of a softer event where Mr. and Mrs. Smith can continue with their lifestyles with only relatively minor inconveniences.  Magnetics are ironically the core reason for the Crustal Shift.

future map by chris thomas