On Crop Circles, ETs, UFOs and The Reshaping of South America


In the above image we have the Brazil Ipuacu crop circle of November 6th, 2011 overlayed on South America which is approximately commensurate to scale with the essential message. ZetaTalk here. The circles represent an equal stretch in all directions, or a spreading. The Key-hole shaped design combines a very large continental stretch with a massive 30º tear along the eastern coast of South America. At the bottom of this article I have created what I think South America will look like after the Pole-Shift, but before the pole melt or the zetatalk-predicted 675 foot sea level rise within 2 years in the After-Time. Art by Chris Thomas.



This is the November 6th, 2011 Ipuacu crop circle in Brazil. For some reason, the circle itself was not laid down according to it’s subjective message in orientation with the continent as a whole. In other words, if you could expand the exact orientation of Ipuacu to the size in the first image (red lines), it would not be seen as shown by the red-line overlay. That was one mystery I could not unravel. However, the message of Ipuacu was interpreted by the Zetas of ZetaTalk is highly logical, besides the Zetas are extremely accurate.


The awareness of modern Humanity has ever so slowly been impinged upon by crop circle formations over many centuries.   Although interpretations suggest they had appeared in (Christian) biblical times and reports since the 1600’s, modern crop circles have increased dramatically since the year 1990. This uptick of crop circles is interestingly co-incidental with the widespread use of the Internet by the mid-1990s, no doubt an intention by ETs to tap into the explosion of human Internet connectivity a few years hence. Unfortunately, it was inevitable that pranksters would attempt to mimic the genuine which remains to be the first study upon the advent of a new crop circle: “Is it a hoax?” Many are. Observing the early work of the deceivers to fashion crop circles, the foolishness was obvious, but for many years now the hoaxers have become much better at their creations. Still, their false products lack mystery, finesse and meaning, their designs all-be-they more intricate, reveal a right-brained hand and a trivial view point. Now, regardless of the public acceptance of the veracity of crop circles, the evidence of non-human or extra terrestrial creation of these crop, ground and even snow circles is overwhelming, even to the point making the detractors look foolish. Yet beyond the commonplace frauds and the din of defamers, the centuries-old challenge that remains, is to ascertain the upshot of this wonderful phenomena, for surely crop circles contain a message? To wit, many intellectuals have attempted to align mathematical formulas or astrophysical relationships to these circles, which at first blush of their doodling suggests vague explanations of the designs, yet a major precursor remains unaddressed. The common approach to crop circle interpretations are simply naive efforts to fit the human condition into the circle patterns where little thought seems to be given to the possibility of an important message to mankind. But what message? Read on… In order to best understand crop circles, I believe we need to observe them with a few simple contexts in mind that will provide a good basis to understand the message.


I have compiled 2 sets of 3 types of crop circles, types are loosely by style and the sets are namely FAKE and GENUINE. The genuine circles are confirmed by ZetaTalk and the Fakes are chosen by the author because of their obvious counterfeit in hopes that they will aid the reader in determining bogus crop circles from genuine ET circles. Allington is given away by poor construction by the Hoaxers (circles are not perfectly round). Winchester is just plain obvious as ETs are not here to aggrandize themselves. Wiltshire is partly poor construction and design (face) and some subtleties: all the circles in the body are identical in size, plus the position of the body in the main circle is ambiguous, also the main circle has markings (within the circumference of outer circle) that are poorly constructed and have no intuitive sense of meaning.
Abbots Down, is icon-style (counterpoint to Winchester), and although photographed on an angle, represents an upright Earth (no natural lean of 23.5º) This is a heads up for when Planet X is side-by-side with Earth just weeks prior to the pole-shift; the dark and light split represents equal day-time and night-time for all Earth inhabitants at that time. Zetatalk on Abbots Down here. Clatford is geometric-style (counterpoint to Allington) Clatford indicates the sequence of events for Earth as Planet X approaches to just prior to the Pole-Shift. Zetatalk here. Yatesbury is insect-drawing style (counterpoint to Wiltshire). If you have ever watched a dragonfly move about, this is what Planet X is doing on the ecliptic as it struggles to pass through. Also, the mini-circles within it’s tail represent the severe wobble earth (leaning, tipping) will be going through a few months before the pole-shift. Zetatalk here on the dragonfly. Art by Chris Thomas


Continued from above… First is to allow ennobling of Extraterrestrials (the ET circle makers in particular). This, by-the-way, helps us to discriminate between ET groups and their motives, rather than branding all ETs as a malevolent infestation of space beings hell bent to “take over Earth” as the media, church, the wealthy elite and the established hierarchy would have us do.  A highly simplified understatement would be:  that some are 3D based, in other words are from our physical Universe, and others are trans-dimensional. This categorization does not entirely separate ETs according to spiritual orientation however. ZetaTalk breaks down ET groups into “STS” and “STO” which is more accurate.  ZetaTalk explains here how the circle-making ETs are benevolently motivated. By-the-way, Intelligent and highly spiritual  life-forms are so abundant in our Universe as to be impossible to imagine, of course the inverse is true as well, that there are many “STS” (malicious) groups as well. Another fact to be aware of regarding ET groups, is that Earth and the space surrounding is controlled by what ZetaTalk calls: “The Council of Worlds“. This means the activities of both groups are watched and managed in every detail. The controls on the STS ET groups, what it’s activities are and the humans they can contact are highly-restricted as compared to the broader mandate of the benevolent STO groups. I have met my share of ETs ( mostly non-human and in the dream body) who have had the kindest hearts and the finest acumen. In fact, this would involve many of my healing engagements with them which is part of their mandate as well. Yet, we need to keep in mind the intentions of a particular ET group. Fortunately, we as humans have a choice whether or not to engage with any particular group or not at all, as this is one of our Earth-incarnated privileges, but I am already beyond my crop circle discussion.
So what are the purposes of the ET visits? Surely they are not here just to do flyovers of our towns and cities and draw pretty patterns in our crops? In this article I am focusing on crop circles, not UFO sightings per say. Yet it bares mentioning that UFO sightings are highly engineered to be seen, even by specific people and in some cases a single individual. We may also consider some sightings to be like dynamic crop circles, warning us about earth adjustments that will be taking place in the area they are being viewed. Now going back to crop circles where the first question would seem to be: “Why would ETs travel perhaps billions of miles, most leaving their family and friends behind and perhaps risking their lives by


What you see here is a split second red laser emitted from a UFO over Brandenburg Germany October 18th, 2008. This is an example of a UFO sighting that is also like a crop circle in that it is a visual warning: red=danger, laser=pointer. This image was a capture from a YouTube video of the event (jump to 24 sec to see the laser flash). The Zetas of Zetatalk commented that the ETs were warning the population below of their closeness to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, both of which oceans will overwhelm these areas either in the lead-up to the Pole-Shift or during the main event itself.


interacting in a 3D universe with unreliable, ignorant and dangerous humans?” My answer to that would be because they have compassion for incarnated Humans and a high degree of interest in the survival of Earth. Yes, it’s true that alien civilizations have ruined planets, in fact the Annunaki ruined Mars with their gold mining activities of the past, yet these are not the ETs I am referring to.  The question remains: Why the tremendous up-tick in UFO activity now? Simply put it is two-fold, Earth is currently being shifted into the next (4th) dimension, but more urgent is the fact that we face a Pole-Shift in the next few years.
Another context I would ask the reader to consider about ETs is the age of the extra-dimensional (4D) ET societies. It is classic folly of short life-term humans to project their human condition into discussions of ET civilizations. We need to sidestep the centuries-old government sponsored brainwashing and the millennia of religious hierarchy-driven pedagogy to just begin to conceptualize the vastness of these societies. Where on Earth are there any references in common western societies as to life beyond a 20 to 30 year working profession, a University dean tenure of 40 or 50 years or the arrival of the first Old age pension check? They hardly exist. Even some religions consider life after death as going to heaven, or worse: hell with no chance of parole. What does this reveal? A short-sighted societal consciousness. We know that Indian scriptures describe a Yuga cycle doctrine of many thousands of years just for one cycle of (many) lifetimes, but that is eastern society thinking. We do have genealogy systems that document ancestral lines and Scientific human DNA research work that has greatly extended the awareness of human history, but these are mostly limited to documenting what has occurred and are not encompassing societal influences that sustain a congruent living-style as a whole for human society. Humans have a narrow and shallow viewpoint about Life as a whole. Our lives are short and we fight and squabble and kill each over the stupidest things such as religious concepts or business turf wars, to mention a few. If one human invents a time,  labour or an energy-saving device, the patent is bought by some powerful corporation and shelved so that it can maintain its hold over the hard-working public and keep them in our modern dark-age. It is no wonder that after about 10,000 years of development we as a world human society, generally, cannot see beyond our religious concepts or provincial boundaries. Therefore, for the future of Earth as a quality and desired basis for the spiritual development of a truly wholesome Earth society, we need the Pole-Shift to bring about the changes needed: a cultural and civilization reset. Still, those who want to continue their lives on Earth for now, would best heed the messages of the ET circle makers.


This image is strictly my estimation of what I think South America will look like just after the Pole-shift and prior to the pole melt in the After-Time, hence within a few months before the floods increase dramatically. In the first image (top of page), I extrapolated the movement (continental distortion) from the position and angles implied by the Ipuacu crop circle. The point in both top and bottom images is to show the massive and drastic influences that are afoot and why the crop circle messages are so important to understand. This also attempts to impress upon the reader that the ET circle makers are not just playing with crop circle doodles.
Art by Chris Thomas.


Primary information is taken from ZetaTalk.com. Art and commentary are my own. I provide links to ZetaTalk.com sources within the document.

Envisioning your After-Time


The above image is approximately what North America will look like about 2 years after the Pole-Shift. It is based on the sea level rise within 2 years of the Pole-shift (the “pole-melt”) and the approximate 90° geological re-location of Earth’s land masses (the Crustal shift) as described in ZetaTalk. The amount of above water land shrinks because all existing ice at the geographical poles will melt due to the fact that the poles “move” to a location near the equator. Art is by Chris Thomas.

You know about Planet X. You have found the references to the Second Sun written by the ancients as allegorical accounts of Earth history, word-of-mouth stories by the modern original cultures and the stone carvings by their descendants depicting the same by natives of many different cultures. You have even found many old arcane scientific documents referencing a heretofore hidden gravitational influence in the direction of the constellation Orion. Also, with your study of all the pre-1985 newspaper and magazine public discussion of the goings on of NASA, you’re realization of the truth of the existence of Planet X deepened.

Published June 13th, 1968 in the Victoria Advocate, a still-running newspaper in Texas (founded May, 1846).

Published June 13th, 1968 in the Victoria Advocate, a still-running newspaper in Texas (founded May, 1846)

Furthermore, you have noticed the arbitrary avoidance of the current status quo hierarchy to discuss what is clearly part of Earth’s history and the clever Planet X disinformation issued from influential U.S. agencies or their counterparts in Europe and elsewhere around the globe. You notice the latter, as you can recognize story, news pronouncements and Internet published work subject-matter manipulation with subtle false and confusing story-associations, mixing established facts with dubious scientific findings and outright lies through  inexplicable sources. You also understand why your government can and would lie to you about such an unavoidable massive event such as the Pole-shift as you understand that emergency systems can barely handle current disasters let alone a country-wide event such as the Pole-Shift. The fact that U.S. hurricane Sandy victims are still waiting for aid portends what a Pole-Shift response is going to look like.  You have been observing the rise in earthquake and volcano intensity and event-frequencies, poorly-explained or down-played record-setting weather events, fireballs and land subsidence for many years now and because you have absorbed all of these seemingly disparate elements with an open mind, you have come to the conclusion that an interloping planet in the solar system does make sense: that it is the final forbidden puzzle piece that puts it all together.  Therefore, you now understand the inevitability of the Pole-Shift when

An ancient depiction, one of so many, of a two-sun sighting. "This stone carving (above) was found in Iraq near the ancient city of Babylon (Bagdad)." (source: www.thetruthishere.com)

An ancient depiction, one of so many, of a two-sun sighting: this would be a mere three – to – six months prior to the last Pole-Shift.
“This stone carving (above) was found in Iraq near the ancient city of Babylon (Bagdad).” (source: thetruthishere.com)

Planet X passes Earth within weeks of the storied second-Sun appearance. You have studied ZetaTalk “safe locs” to determine your best relocation site the for the Pole-Shift event and for your After-Time living arrangements.
The months before the Pole-Shift. Speaking generally, the public mood will be frenetic and will become dangerously chaotic as the second Sun becomes more and more obvious. This means that great care will be needed as one moves about in traffic or walking on the streets doing their last city/town pre-Pole-Shift errands. Most likely your local food markets will be empty, but you have bought your one-to three year food supplies many months ago. The same with bottled water availability, which will be non-existent, water filters are sold out but you planned ahead. (Note: remember to buy lead-testing kits, as lead in the groundwater will be possible and unexpected. Find a new source of water if the current one has lead in it or distill. With the volume of lead dropping from the sky (volcanic dust-fall) and roiled-magma nearer to the surface, some groundwater will be overloaded with lead making water filtration unreliable.
Depending on the country where you live, there may be roadblocks slowing traffic or blocked routes, but you have planned most of your moving needs ahead of time using back-roads or hiking trails by some form of transport. Cell phone towers may be overloaded or broken down, so you foresaw a need for an alternate form of communication. Thinking ahead, you guessed that you may not have an old-fashioned telephone line available (more reliable), and since you are on-the-move or the other members of your party are, you decided to invest in portable CB or HAM  handheld radios. Gasoline for your vehicle will also be hard-to-get, so again you calculated your back-up supply and have stashed these containers away for emergencies. People in general will be frightened or angry and will be acting that out, so you do not expect others to behave normally or follow-through on agreements and promises. You understand the reason for that: hardened denial against the sight of a second Sun they are not prepared to deal with, nor understand. Others get that this means some kind of calamity and are now are seeking the resources of others’ for their survival. Considering human nature in difficult times, you decided to keep the details of your safe location, your food and water stores, gasoline and essential living hardware secret. You may have even buried these in separate locations for extra security.
Unless you are in a land-movement zone (check ZetaTalk safe locations), it probably won’t be until the Pole-Shift that all hell breaks loose. Life beforehand may even seem somewhat normal at times but the contrast with the Pole-Shift event itself and the After-Time will be shockingly spectacular. Socially, many things depend on if or when announcements are made from your local government about Planet X and the Pole-Shift. One thing’s for sure, if there is an announcement, it will be subtle at first, then the message will be amended as the Second Sun becomes increasingly visible, unexpected and devastating Earth changes emerge or stunning Sky/Atmosphere events become glaringly public. Most likely, there will be sliding-scale updates of interrupted information with the whole story never being told. The message of the Pole-Shift is already being hinted at in a veiled way for many months now. Some examples are the  so-called earthquake readiness “three-day supply of food and water”, the “Shelter in place” message and the exercising of government emergency preparedness action plans. These carefully-managed tactics, appearing to be normal public programs, are but barely audible faint whispers compared to the glaringly obvious underground  bunkers built many years ago for the U.S. After-Time government. Norway has taken the lead with it’s underground seek-bank.

alt text

This (above image) is a First World War Trench as it appeared in 2002. (credit Ed Harding, 2009) Notice the steel roof and the length of the trench. For Pole-Shift sequestering, such a long trench design extends escape opportunity in case of tree-fall or other debris covering your trench exits, also providing runoff for water from the torrential rains of the Pole-shift.

The Pole-Shift event. Since you understand the makeup of Planet X and the essential Pole-shift conditions, then you can readily envision raining rocks, extreme high winds with sheets of drenching rain and extremely loud stratospheric lightning. This also means that you understand the need to be out of the wind, below ground, covered and in a drainable location. With rocks of many sizes potentially flying with the wind, aboveground dwellings are going to sustain hits, but could likely sustain somewhat less hits if these buildings are within the lee of a berm, a steep hill or a heavily forested slope of a mountain. In any case, your plans consider any existing structure, no matter how well-placed, to be potentially found near-destroyed once the Pole-Shift is finished, unless major preparation against the flying rock and wind is implemented. In the light of all this, you have a portable building buried nearby to erect in the immediate aftertime.
Riding out the Pole-Shift also could require other personal protection, such as:  a helmet, knee and elbow pads and ear protection against shock waves. Possibly even a full-body suit for support that will provide protection against physical trauma such as speed skating suit. Another important item is a light and easy-to-store face mask that will filter-out odors and airborne chemicals, etc., also enabling you to work or pass through areas reeking with organic odors from rot, and of course protection from volcanic dust.

Your After-Time Life:   What will it be like?  Envisioning your After-Time Life in a positive light is important. Being proactive now about your After-Time concepts and picking through them to see what you can find hiding there that you don’t like will help prevent just falling into default responses as the Pole-Shift approaches. For example, for some unknown reason you went with a group to settle 300 miles inland, but you found afterwards you wished you were by the sea.

This is Matavenero, a mountain eco-village in Northern Spain. Originated by miners in the sixties, but had since abandoned the site. It was rebuilt and resettled in 1989.

This is Matavenero, a mountain eco-village in Northern Spain. Originated by miners in the sixties, but had since abandoned the site. It was rebuilt and resettled in 1989.

Exercising an After-Time happiness & desire envisioning can pre-vent these needs into your awareness.   Where  you settle somewhat determines what tools  you buy beforehand. You may be able to trade your rifle and ammunition for fishing gear or your spinning wheel for a small boat, but it’s better if you don’t have to. What kind of people do you want in your party? What will your outreach efforts be? More importantly, what kind of Life experiences are you looking forward to and what emotions  have you imbued your future After-Time life with?  All the answers to these questions are revealed in our current Life and so what we feel and think now directly affects our future: the After-Time. Tough to look at some cases, but necessary if we want to make changes and improvements. We can change  our future, the power to do this is nested within the choices  we make. What projects and how we are engaged in them now sets the tone for our After-Time Life experiences. If you are nervous and apprehensive about the Pole-Shift and the After-Time, you only need to look at those fears to see where they are coming from. Break down your expectations of what you believe about the Pole-Shift and the After-Time and align them with reasonable and studied probabilities. For example, if you live near the coast, you know you need to seek a safe location high in the coastal mountains. By-the-way, use this interactive world map to determine your safe location from the ocean at Pole-Shift time. Being properly prepared is a good place to start shaping your after-Pole-Shift-Life and having a safe location (at least identified as a start) is essential in resting your fears with a Pole-Shift Event-Time plan being simple to arrange. Of course, once you get started preparing in earnest, you will find the details piling up, so revert to keeping it simple. Perhaps the most difficult thing for many is the blind denial of your loved ones not directly under your care, or a wife or husband resisting your Pole-shift discussions and efforts requiring a special plan of action. Sometimes you have to proceed with what you can, while other preparation plans are put on hold, but move ahead you must as you know acting on viable plans while the field is open is reassuring.


Small home constructed with cob walls and a sod roof that offers a kind of camouflage or landscape blending.

One possible settlement style in the After-Time. Your settlement is patrolled by the strong and capable of your large group of settlers, although there hasn’t been an incident for many years now. The settlement is well located with the northern perimeter being up against a high ridge and the south side  a long gentle slope down to a creek. Your location was established in forested hills, miles from the ocean for invisibility against marauders that used to travel by sea, but over the years only the occasional wanderer found the settlement looking for food, employment and lodgings.  The founding members also chose the location for it’s several mile access to the sea coast and is near enough to a another route that other’s use (from another settlement) which is convenient for trade.  The houses in your settlement were built far enough apart for privacy, but close enough to hail others for gatherings and meetings. Although the weather is still not bright enough for some garden vegetables, you wouldn’t know that by the gardens that carpet the local area and since it’s safer these days, you can see the glint of light reflection from plastic sheeting being used to assist in growing vegetables like tomatoes and peas. Chicken coops, pig and goat pens and small barns are standing here and there, and when visiting old friends travelling from one home to the other, one must follow the drainage ditches and garden paths that skirt the dark tilled soil and pastures. Who could guess that it could be so fine and peaceful like this after a few years of working hard together with a common goal?
Approximately every new moon the townspeople gather for a potluck and dance, the air is full of fiddle, flute and drum for the whole evening. Throughout the evening, stories are told and important news is shared about the lives of others you know: who is ill and needs care or who has a new child. Reports of other news such as any new settlements found by those members who are  returning from exploring the new landscape since the seashore moved miles inland after the Pole-Shift. The towns folk freely share food and skills within the settlement for those who are sick or elderly. Bartering goods and services as trade started soon after the settlement was founded and even a central registry was eventually developed to keep track of who owes what to whom. Yes, there are trade disagreements occasionally, so within a few years a council of fairness was organized to manage disputes and to help plan future settlement development. Those from outside the settlement who had heard about the kindness and fairness of your group, wanted to become a part of the town, yet of those petitioners with strength and good health, the requirement is that they must go through an approval process. Of course, your group doesn’t allow squatters nearby, so that difficulty was solved with frequent patrols and member outposts within a comfortable buffer zone. For those wishing to join the settlement, a trial period was decided as the best option for local inclusion before they are accepted, which is managed by the security group. Other wanderers and visitors who are ill or hungry, are treated by a special group with special settlement agreements for handling unexpected visitors. The rules? There is a nurse among your group who examines the newcomer for fitness and disease and if they are ill, then someone trained cares for them, but they are prevented from circulating within the settlement until healthy again. Once healthy and able to move on, a choice is made to stay to go, but they pass through the approval meetings and set-rules. In the case of death, both burial and cremation is used according to settlement agreement. Non-threatening visitors are treated kindly but always with an eye to the rules of mixing with the settlement: no unexpected extended stays. This is a small settlement with a few hundred people, not a large free-wheeling coastal boom-town, the big settlements have different and perhaps more harsh rules!

This is just one set of thoughts for a settlement, there are so many other variants depending on the constituents and the location. Small groups are more vulnerable but flexible with larger groups having a broader skill-set pool but are complex. One thing is sure with all types of camps, there will be transitions and many changes such as members leaving and those wanting to join, so because of the “new blood” and the variety of changes, it is very important to have managed and agreed upon settlement rules with an understanding that the rules will be updated and modified on-the-fly by elected settlement leaders. This means regular meetings, cooperation and quick and strong enactment of those rules, this is if members want that kind of security. Other kinds of societies will be more free-flowing and creative, probably a coastal settlement that is more spread-out will have more members who are more independent and reliable. Also, if inter-settlement trade is conducted within town limits, that is another model entirely or perhaps the little town is a way station between routes to other camps or coastal villages, that is different again. Personally I so look forward to assisting other groups, exploring the new landscape and helping any way I can to establish new towns and villages for the new world to come in the After-Time.
Rule of Law.
In the After-Time, frontier justice will replace the buffer of current civil laws, police and the courts since old-style pre Pole-Shift governments will quickly become a thing of the past. Direct consequences will be meted-out to thieves and those involved in violence by the community: ostracization and possibly even death in very rare cases, but with agreed-upon rules. Those who are troublesome to live with, but healthy and able to walk are likely to be ostracized, in time. Every settlement have to develop citizenship rules, including very harsh punishment: you cannot have thievery or other crimes go unpunished, especially when every cabbage head, pound of deer or fish meat, bunch of greens or bag of mushrooms is hard to come by, or a main family supporter is lost due to an altercation. Often, a person ousted from a frontier town either changes their ways eventually, or will find death sooner than later, this is why it is the preferred method of punishment. The After-Time environment will not be tolerant to the criminal and conversely, can offer a rewarding Life to the loving, hard-working and cooperative.


Built in 2003, this cob house is situated in West Wales. The owner has since left and has built another cob home in an “eco village” donating this one to the locals. Can you see yourself living in a house like this?

The Dream.
See your ideal Life, reach out and touch it with your imagined fingers, find it waiting in your bones because it’s there. Mold it as you will and make it a mashable markup of what you truly want. We all need a place to live freely and to express ourselves and it is up to each of us to decide which environment we wish to live in. Better to be imagined beforehand than waiting for circumstances that may never come or to victimize ourselves by allowing others to make our decisions for us.

Some Pole-Shift details are derived from ZetaTalk.com.

Earth Stopped in Orbit for 9 years: The How and Why.


The composite image above shows the basic details of the entry of Planet X into our solar system, it’s path since 2002, Earth’s orbit stoppage and subsequent push-back. The image is not-to-scale thus truncated to include all elements. The position of Planet X doesn’t appear to be close enough to halt Earth in orbit, but nevertheless has in fact.
The story goes like this: Planet X entered the solar system from the direction of Orion at an angle of 32° from solar system south sometime late 2002, then migrated rather quickly somewhat under but to the “right” of the Sun to pop up like a jack-in-the-box to the ecliptic near Earth’s orbit.
Information is taken from ZetaTalk.com – Art is by Chris Thomas.

To my mind, the most fascinating effect Planet X has on Earth to date is the fact that Earth has been halted in her orbit of the Sun. Fact I say?, Well read on for the details, supporting ZetaTalk and discussion. The Zetas of ZetaTalk broached this subject on August 2003 with a poignant statement: “Orbits are not sacred“. They go on to explain that planets can migrate to many orbital positions and Life does continue unabated as long as the new orbit is not too extreme for the denizens of that particular planet, furthermore they would rarely even notice. This probably doesn’t happen very often in the history of a planet of course, but it can, that’s the point. How exactly did Planet X cause Earth’s orbit stoppage and why is it that we are still seeing our yearly seasons? Well, before we jump right in, let me lay some ground work first.  The Zetas have said that: “If the Sun bullies Planet X, Planet X bullies the Earth“, this statement sets the tone for an understanding of one the main relationships between the Sun, Earth and Planet X. Moving into more detail, let’s look at the other important Earth-Change factors that came into play with the rogue planet entering our Solar System.

U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clocks in Washington, D.C.Did you know that the U.S. Navy has control over our time-keeping (referred to as timescale) with massive and highly intricate atomic clock interconnect system? Adjustments to "the time", all-be-it in tiny portions, are done routinely, but since all atomic clocks are under control of secretive government agencies, there is no way for the public to know. As the days lengthen as Planet X nears, these clocks will be adjusted to keep the public clock in denial.
U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clocks in Washington, D.C.
Did you know that the U.S. Navy has control over our time-keeping (timescale) with massive and highly intricate atomic clock interconnect system? Adjustments to “the time”, all-be-it in tiny portions, are done routinely, but since all atomic clocks are under control of secretive government agencies, there is no way for the public to know. As Planet X nears and the days lengthen, these clocks will be adjusted to keep the public clock in denial.

Obviously, Earth rotation continues as it has no reason to stop, yet. The Zetas had calculated that Earth slowed her rotation by 37 minutes at the arrival of Planet X in 2002, which was subsequently compensated for by periodic adjustments by the U.S. Navy, the master clock keepers. There is also Earth Wobble which is due to Earth’s uneven magnetic field and according to the Zetas, has been occurring since about 2004 and has since then developed into a complex double wobble which by now (early 2013) includes other gyrations: Earth’s continents take a double-lateral hit each day from a magnetic tug on the Mid-Atlantic Rift: once when the Sun is over the Atlantic and a second time, when it is in it’s opposite position passing over the East Pacific. Yet, key to the orbit stoppage of Earth is the Zeta-fact that Earth is caught in a particle flow cup.
(See 1st top image)The story goes like this: Planet X entered the solar system from the direction of Orion at an angle of 32° from solar system south sometime late 2002, then migrated rather quickly somewhat under but to the “right” of the Sun to pop up like a jack-in-the-box to the ecliptic near Earth’s orbit. Because of the great speed of entry and the resulting dramatic slow-down due to repulsion force (gravity backwash), the tail of Planet X swept forward past Planet X and close to Earth causing the “Northeast Blackout of 2003”.

Obviously, Earth rotation continues as it has no reason to stop, yet. The Zetas had calculated that Earth slowed her rotation by 37 minutes at the arrival of Planet X in 2002, which was subsequently compensated for by periodic adjustments by the U.S. Navy, the master clock keepers. There is also Earth Wobble which is due to Earth’s uneven magnetic field and according to the Zetas, has been occurring since about 2004 and has since then developed into a complex double wobble which by now (early 2013) includes other gyrations: Earth’s continents take a double-lateral hit each day from a magnetic tug on the Mid-Atlantic Rift: once when the Sun is over the Atlantic and a second time, when it is in it’s opposite position passing over the East Pacific. Yet, key to the orbit stoppage of Earth is the Zeta-fact that Earth is caught in a particle flow cup.
(See 1st top image)The story goes like this: Planet X entered the solar system from the direction of Orion at an angle of 32° from solar system south sometime late 2002, then migrated rather quickly somewhat under but to the “right” of the Sun to pop up like a jack-in-the-box to the ecliptic near Earth’s orbit. Because of the great speed of entry and the resulting dramatic slow-down due to repulsion force (gravity backwash), the tail of Planet X swept forward past Planet X and close to Earth causing the “Northeast Blackout of 2003“.


Because of the Sun’s rotational energetics, Planet X always assumes a retrograde orbit (in other words: an opposite rotational and orbital direction) when segueing through our Solar System, this resulted in a stand-off between Earth and Planet X. Since Planet X is 23 times the mass and 4 times the size of Earth, Earth just came to a halt (as if you came upon a large fallen rock standing in your way on a narrow pathway).  But something else began to happen when Jack the Planet appeared, instantly the powerful particle flows from the Sun and Planet X, that are particularly intense on the ecliptic, began to flow around Planet X forming a powerful leeward back eddy of flowing atomic particles grasping Earth and preventing her from wending her orbital way around Planet X. To see this in your mind, imagine setting and holding a stick down into a stream of water, the water will form a turbulent back eddy “behind” the stick in the lee riverward, this is exactly what is happening, only in the case of Planet X  particle flow “cup” the water is cosmic wind plus other flowing atomic components and the stick is Planet X popping “up” from below the ecliptic.

Determining orbit stoppage for ourselves is not so simple as casually looking at heavenly objects in the sky, since the Sun, for example, is always at the center of Earth’s orbit. However, with a closer look, the Sun-arc, rising and setting times and the ancient seasonal profile of sunset and sundown orientations is key to proving that something is amazingly causing an out-of-place Sun. Additionally, the Moon is out-of-orbit, but this is because of particle flow crowding on the ecliptic due to the nearby presence of Planet X and has nothing to do directly with Earth’s orbit stoppage. This leaves the stars. All stars are so far away they are far beyond the effective binocular stereopsis of the human eye (ability to resolve distance), so observing stars individually for differences is impossible for the naked eye. However, the two dimensional star patterns studding the dark canopy  we are used to seeing on a clear night have been anecdotally reported to being out of place for years (but to expect this to be officially reported by astronomers is folly, at least at this time as the cover-up of the existence of Planet X is still in full swing). Certainly the position of the solar system planets and star constellations, the rising and setting of which is documented, can be used to prove that something is out-of-kilter, but not orbit stoppage! This link will take you to a U.S. Navy online form to investigate the evidence for yourself.

On a clear day or night, Earth wobble is most likely the cause of out-of-place skyward observations, it shifts our perspective with changes in Earth tilt more than 10° within an hour or so. This my  guesstimate from the Zeta-fact that Earth’s North pole is pushed back over the horizon once a day (Magnetic North has a current inclination of slightly less than 10° from Earth’s rotation axis): an Earth-wobble axis tip. Yet with the wide angle Earth-wobble it is still hard to notice with the naked eye, unless landmarks are used with documentation.

Imagine standing on a clear night looking up at the full moon: this image perspective puts you poised in space directly to the “left” of the full moon. The ecliptic is the plane that we see the Sun travel on during the day, the orbital plane of the moon is naturally tilted by 5° and since we are arbitrarily in the August position, the Moon’s orbit is even more tilted towards the Sun, due to Earth’s natural tip towards the Sun with a Northern Hemisphere summer. As the Moon transits from it’s Full phase to the New Moon phase, it’s directly bucking the solar wind (orange arrows) which is vastly more active due to the presence of Planet X on the ecliptic. Since the Moon is moving against the flow of the Sun’s particle flows, as it gets near the ecliptic it’s pushed away (arcs higher in the sky), but it eventually has to pierce through the ecliptic to continue it’s orbit of the Earth, so it dips through at a steeper angle and bobs below (arc lower in the sky) sooner and farther than is normal for a moon orbit. The white curved line is a conservative estimate of the Moons aberrational orbit from Full to New Moon phase.

To fully grasp the breath and depth of what it means for a planet to be stalled in orbit, besides the massive concepts that poke far out of our belief systems as humans in these days of Earth’s history, it helps to consider the spiritual implications. As many humans are also Soul supersisting on far higher scales, the current behind-the-scenes poleshift work that is being done must also encompass the Soul-lives of people and not just the current physical three dimensional incarnation. A great deal of care goes into these considerations requiring a vast amount of resources, which is why we have the massive UFO – ET presence, of which we only “see” a tiny portion of the whole of the available that is ready to provide the assistance when called upon. If there is one single spiritual reality that dominates the whole of the activities of all ETs and higher spiritual beings assisting Earth and Earth societies, it is the maintenance of the  element of doubt. This is a “Council of Worlds” directive (the Spiritual ruling body of Earth) which is ruled with a lovingly-gloved but iron hand with occasional exceptions being granted. The element of (Human) doubt is the essential aspect that prevails over any possible impinging interference of all those who are working to help mankind and all tasks they are performing. The Zetas of ZetaTalk have said that the goal is to “prevent panic in the establishment, premature imposition of Martial Law“. The Zetas have explained many times that if any powerful ruling societal body on Earth were to become triggered into panic, supra-laws (such as marshal law) would be immediately levered against the public. This would be a cacophony of trouble, confusion and unnecessary death for many people. This clamp-down of authority would exceed anyone’s expectations: a militarized government control of organized wardens exercising a jail-like control across the patchwork of prefectures of the land. So, the public is kept in a fuzzy grey zone by preventing absolute surety of knowledge: Parents that cannot pay the rent and have to move do not (usually) don’t tell their children, they just move and make do. The children knew something was wrong the whole time, but they live with the element of doubt. We aren’t children, so we are free to research Planet X, examine the evidence and observe what we are “told” by such agencies as NASA and make our own opinions and choices and act accordingly, that is one important difference.

Still, the question remains: “Why have we been experiencing seasons around the world since the Earth orbit halt of December 24th, 2003? The simple answer is that the Zetas are tipping the globe! Ironically, the Zetas explain that as they manipulate our seasons by shifting Earth’s axes, this creates opportunities of discovering the cover-up that takes us back to the canopy of stars. Of course, to those newly looking into Planet X and the poleshift, this may seem too far-fetched: to you I extend a welcome to the bigger world beyond human understanding but within the wise acceptance of possibility, besides to reject this explanation would mean you would have to reject the entirety of ZetaTalk, its debunking has been tried and failed many, many times, which is why ZetaTalk is still going strong.  If one does a reasonable study of ZetaTalk.com, you cannot help but at least begin to question the explanations of Earth changes by the scientific status quo. With an even closer study, you will find the accuracy of the ZetaTalk dialogue and see the inconsistencies and the lies of established science against the plethora of Earth change events.
Searching for one’s own proof of this cannot be a simple as looking at the skies unaided with some kind of technology, yet on the other hand, a 100 % manipulation of the globe against the old-natural position of the stars is not possible, there are far too many factors at play. For those denizens of discovery I recommend a sextant.
One opportunity here, is that at either solstice Earth’s North Pole is tipped the furthest away from the North Star (Polaris) so as to emulate a winter or a summer, this exposes the manipulation, all be it subtly. Obviously these adjustments by the Zetas have to be made consistently throughout the year and there are many repercussions to be mitigated since Earth’s rotational axes posture is being constantly moved: the constellations need to be at the right location and at the right angle, therefore measurement to expose this is possible if one wants to go the the effort. Another focus, which is easier for the investigator, is a study of the much more obvious sunrise and sunset times and their respective locations, this can be done via a U.S. Navy website.
One might ask why amateur astronomers do not notice these astronomical inconsistencies?  But first, you have to understand is that astronomical instruments are calibrated against other heavenly bodies which also means that to check if a star or the Sun is out-of-position, you have to check against a landmark. Certainly, if they do happen to notice an inconsistency , what influence would they have against the professional astronomer no-talk rule? I have personally met a young astronomer (about 2009) who told me that 7 years previously he was doing some work in an astronomical observatory and was explicitly told not to point the telescope at a certain portion of the sky, it was forbidden!


Wikipedia: “More formally known as the Alpha Ursae Minoris, but commonly North Star, Northern Star or Pole Star, also Lodestar and sometimes Guiding star, it is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor. It is very close to the north celestial pole, making it the current northern pole star.
The North Celestial pole is the concept of the point in space that the Northern component of the Earth’s pole axes “points at”. Shown in the bottom right is a typical sextant, a device for measuring the distances between heavenly objects or a heavenly object and a landmark, day or night.


Mouse on Mars


This image is taken from it’s source at a NASA website. Originally taken by either Spirit or Opportunity of the Mars Exploration Rover Mission that started in 2004 and is still in operation today (December, 2012). Now since the original is on the NASA website:
the naysayers have no where to go on this.

Life is unofficially found on Mars, but wouldn’t you know it to be the lowly mouse? Or, is it a woodland rat?  But it is  a rodent none-the-less!
While contemplating the juxtaposition of a live rodent poised there among the small rocks of Mars, it dawned on me: a breathable atmosphere! Another idea that occurred to me is that rodents are found where there is food, at least rodent food. This wee rodent is most likely wild, which means there are quite likely insects among the rocks and soil as well. Of course, as there are now mice on Mars, there must exist other larger forms of Life, not necessarily on Mars, still possibly there, but elsewhere mustn’t there? Surely there wouldn’t be a single mouse roaming the plains of Mars? The Zetas of ZetaTalk: “Mars sustained life such as herds of goats and sheep, and sustains life still.” The Zetas were referring to when the Annunaki lived openly on the surface of Mars, but then, the subject of the Annunaki is another story…
The next realization floating up to my awareness was one I identified with on a personal level, that the Mars mouse is yet another example supporting what has been said by many alert observers for years: that scientists, certainly those who manage the data, have been lying to the public about what they must have seen in their relatively short tenure in space travel. Omittance is the same as lying. The evidence is widespread that if a corporate or government paid scientist, of which there are many, are side-lined or worse, if they do not toe the official line.


“Project Mercury was the first human spaceflight program of the United States. It ran from 1959 through 1963 with two goals: putting a human in orbit around the Earth, and doing it before the Soviet Union, as part of the early space race. It succeeded in the first but not the second: in the first Mercury mission on 5 May 1961, Alan Shepard became the first American in space; however the Soviet Union had put Yuri Gagarin into space one month earlier. John Glenn became the first American (third overall, following Gagarin and Titov) to reach orbit on February 20, 1962, during the third manned Mercury flight. The drawing on left represents John Glenn’s Mercury capsule ‘Friendship 7′.” bisbos.com

The U.S. space program is only 54 years old and we suspect it is mainly oriented to U.S. military defense, even though it is officially declared a U.S. government agency designated as a civilian space program. The Zetas of ZetaTalk have made it very clear over the years, that NASA is under the thumb of the Council of Worlds and is watched very closely, by why? It is clear that NASA is working for the wealthy elite to use it’s space-vehicle earth take-off and landing services to provide a pole-shift escape route to the moon for the wealthy and the privileged. As an example of the influence of the Council of Worlds at the hand of the Zetas, consider the August 10, 2012 launching of Morpheus, the NASA designed robotic vertical moon take off and landing vehicle. It weighs 2,300 pounds and although powered by it’s own fuel tanks, it weighs 600 pounds less than the Friendship 7 space vehicle. It’s been 43 years since the first moon landing and you would think that NASA would be able to get Morpheus to take off and land in a controlled environment, but no, it crashed!


Image left: “Manufactured and assembled at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) and Armadillo Aerospace’s facility near Dallas. The prototype lander is a “spacecraft” that is about 10 feet in diameter, weighs approximately 2,300 pounds (1,000 kg) and consists of four silver spherical propellant tanks topped by avionics boxes and a web of wires.” Wikipedia. Photography by Paula Puffer.

NASA, a spiritually errant organization, is being chastised (again) in a most vulnerable way, the destruction of a primary space craft: don’t go here, is the message!
The downing of a relatively simple space craft is a unwitting clown-act by those who would seek to only serve themselves: a circus of the selfish.
Wake-up! Human science is compromised by political and elitist agendas! Let’s backtrack for an analogy. Speaking for myself, my personal awareness’s of the world around me were originally formed including the many biases my mother father unwittingly foisted upon me as a child. It takes many years, at least of my years, to realize that things I thought were true were entirely false! Laying in wait, I found many other beliefs that needed updating, so I’m still looking.
Self examination requires a committed willingness to sacrifice the comfort of a comparatively small life into an initially agonizing and distasteful, but highly rewarding expansion to a larger kind of life of being open to new truths and  concepts. The red flag for me, is when I encounter a desire that wants to automatically push-away a new concept. Those that fear this transition may cry “Conspiracy Theory!” but those strong enough to face the darkness within do seek to clear themselves of the accumulated junk of human living, they want to move closer to their destiny: the permanent reign of the freedom of thought. The freedom of thought allows us to move without restriction from one idea to another. Why would one reject the freedom of thought for the victimization of pre-packaged beliefs? This reign is permanent, as no one wants to return to thinking on rails once they are free of the tracks.

To consider the thought that our governments are an extension of the unconscious status quo of the masses is benign enough at first, but once we feel this new “grain of salt” disturbing our cherished beliefs, it comes down to the choice of whether we want the truth about the world around us or retreat to the comfort of accepting the pablum offered up to us by the controlling strata within established science. My point is that the sanitized and tidy little solar system we have been taught to believe in, that is supposedly devoid of any kind of Life or that of visiting or resident ETs, no longer makes any sense. Since we are lied to about one thing, the remaining balance of what is taught about our Universe is suspect as well. So now, there it is, a little mouse to expose the hundreds of years of control enjoyed by the wealthy elite and the science establishment.


“Is there life on Mars? An undated NASA handout photograph of Mars taken by the Mars Explorer Spirit shows what seems to be a figure striding across the surface of the planet.” BBC News.
Again, this image is still on the NASA website: http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/jpeg/PIA10214.jpg

The above image, taken by the Mars explorer Spirit at it’s landing site in 2004, has been circulating the Internet for years. I believe it is a woman (or a statue of a woman?) sitting on the rocky outcropping: you can see her right thigh resting on top of her rocky perch. Certainly this is more evidence for life on Mars, but places a distant third to the image of a live rodent! infinity.small2

Anatomy of an Earth Poleshift: The How and Why


As Planet X passes at it’s closest point, the inner core breaks it’s bond with the crust and moves to align to the magnetic field of Planet X, the crust then follows shortly afterward dragged by the inner core.
Art by Chris Thomas.


“The Northeast blackout of 2003 was a widespread power outage that occurred throughout parts of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States and Ontario, Canada, on Thursday, August 14, 2003, just before 4:10 p.m.” Wikipedia

Understanding how a Pole-shift can happen, first, based on readily available scientific knowledge of Earth’s inner structure, and second, what particular external force could be applied that would cause such a massive and irreversible adjustment to Earth’s crustal positioning is the intent here. This is not an arcane scientific thesis, it is a common-sense explanation based on established science of the day.
We all need reasonable information as station posts along the way in our investigations into the subject of an Earth Poleshift, but since this topic stands outside the awareness of the average person today, to move forward, we need to venture into new territory in order to fully explain the pole-shift. This is because it’s cause is not part of acceptable cultural knowledge: school and university curriculum. Additionally, the subject of an Earth Pole-shift is not a popular one. Why?, Because nobody wants to believe, or is excited by this message: at first. It also takes a little while to sink-in. The pole-shift message comes entirely out the blue, literally and figuratively, as it’s a planetary reality that has been hidden for decades, but why?
Top echelon country administrations are always trying to keep the population under control. They need taxes to be paid and goods to be manufactured to keep money flowing into the pockets of the wealthy who support the incumbency of politicians, so no motivation there. Now add to this the effects of disaster scenarios, a single large hurricane can hobble a local economy for weeks or a simple power outage such as the August 2003 Northeast blackout which affected 55 million people for 2 days. The victims of hurricane Sandy are still is great need today (Dec. 19, 2012). So it’s clear that government money and those organizations that act on behalf of the government providing assistance do not compensate for the essential needs of the victims.sandy.collage
(collage): Top Left: Associated Press.
Right: Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy 2012 by sickrthanyouraverage.
Bottom Left: Seaside Heights, NJ, Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy [Photo credit: Michael Reynolds].

Enter a public discussion of a Pole-shift. Much of the public will quickly see that only a small percentage of  the masses will actually be assisted, let alone have their lives re-constituted by either the insurance companies or a government handout. Government think-tanks study all the various scenarios to the nth degree, seeking to preserve their status quo for as much and as long as possible, so a pole-shift won’t be discussed publicly by the government, the entire topic is anathema. What ZetaTalk reports is that a public announcement of parts of the pole-shift subject (namely, the presence of Planet X in the solar system ) is being discussed, but with the complicit agencies of the U.S. administration dancing around an actual announcement of the pole-shift itself, thus avoiding direct recrimination by the public of those orchestrating the cover-up. I predict that the U.S. administration will wait until the longest possible time (months before the pole-shift) to actually divulge direct knowledge of Planet X, meanwhile, we will see an up-tick of the many parts of the Planet X story being “leaked” and that of official fringe story-aspects quietly announced. Any big forthcoming public pole-shift pronouncements will depend on the obviousness of Earth events, for example, inescapable sky events seen by very many people.

In researching facts about the pole-shift, it becomes difficult in matters of solar system and space events via space probe and satellite data. This is because there are secret cover-up agendas within NASA and JPL. These agencies have almost full control over the data. I say almost, as the flood of information in the form of LASCO (Large Angle and Spectrometric Chronograph Experiment) satellite images of the Sun cannot be 100 percent altered to fit a disinformation scheme due to the sheer volume of the flow. Nevertheless, this still means that space events as reported by NASA will not be either fully reported or will contain lies or disinformation and this includes the publicly distributed data as well. For example, the NICT website that displayed computer-simulated visuals of the solar wind and Earth’s magnetic profile for many years has been taken off line, this is what we call a cover-up. Why? Well, the NICT Earth magnetosphere simulation, based on Japanese satellite data, in many cases since about 2007, revealed dramatic images suggesting that a highly powerful nearby magnetic influence was upsetting the smooth appearance of the solar-wind from the Sun.


The solar wind is composed of charged atomic particles traveling at 6.2 miles per second.

The image above reflects how conventional science portrays Earth’s magnetosphere, which is accurate under normal circumstances, that is, when our solar system is in a magnetic and solar particle-flow balance with the Sun. Notice how the magnetosphere is drawn “to the right” in the image, this is the effect of solar-wind from the Sun (not-shown), being off to the “left” of the image.
The image below is how Earth’s magnetosphere appeared on September 26th, 2011. As you can see, it is very different from what is offered by established science. The magnetosphere of Earth has become much more so out-of-shape since then, but this image typifies the present condition of the magnetosphere, although it has very likely worsened since November 9th, 2011 when this snapshot was taken from the NICT website. Smoking gun: clearly if information is being withheld is it indications of a cover-up. See “A brief discussion on disinformation” below for more on the whys of the Planet X cover-up.

Earth’s composition.

Standard scientific knowledge tells us that there are 5 main layers to Earth. From the inner core outward to Earth’s surface we have: the inner core, the outer core, the mantle (recognized as being composed of at least a lower mantle and an outer mantle) and then the crust. Discovered in 1936 and confirmed in 1971, the inner core is solid and its composition is understood to consist of a highly-magnetic iron-nickel alloy. The ambient heat of the core is about 9800° F which is about 3 ½ times the melting point of both iron and nickel, this temperature is close to matching InsideEarth2_620x350the surface of the Sun. The inner core is a solid however. A solid at that temperature due to the humongous pressure it is under being at the center position of Earth’s mass. Moving outward, we now have the outer core this is 1,400 miles of viscous fluid mainly consisting of a molten mixture of magnetic iron and nickel. Next we have the mantle which is more-or-less divided into the lower and the upper. The lower mantle is a highly dense, but a viscous fluid of minerals with the upper mantle being rigid with a composition of the cooled minerals from the lower mantle. Finally we have Earth’s crust consisting mainly of granite, (continental: what we walk on) and basalt (oceanic, the ocean floors).
So we have an incredibly hot and solid magnetic core the size of mars surrounded by gradually cooling layers of molten rock,all encapsulated by a crust with the Earth-relative thickness of the skin of an apple. So, approximately the center one-third of Earth is viscous which acts as a fluidic but impermanent bond between the inner core and the rigid mantle.

The inner core has recently (about 1986) been found to be rotating faster than Earth’s crust by about 3 degrees a year making a full rotation ahead of the crust by about 120 years. This information reveals the shifting bond between the Earth’s mantle and the inner core. This information supports the concept of an Earth Poleshift and how that is possible: That the Earth’s Crust can move independently from the inner core.

The Poleshift Event.

As Planet X approaches it’s closest point of passage near Earth, mighty magnetic planetary particle-flows are wrestling for dynamic dominance. Earth will tip and roll several times during this approach.  About a month before the last (3) weeks prior to the pole-shift, the complex wobbling causing the crazy and unexpected weather we are seeing globally now, will be far beyond what most humans alive will have seen. I say “most” in deference to those who have survived recent calamities such as: the U.S. hurricane Sandy, Japanese Sendai earthquake-tsunami and the corresponding Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster, Pakistan floods and the Haiti earthquake. But certainly any of those souls still on Earth will not have seen the sights, sounds and sensations we will experience during the pole-shift event. We have been given hints to what these will be like already: the Norway Spiral, epic lightning storms, Category 5 hurricane winds, and Richter 9 earthquakes, even Earth moan that all will hear but yet to be seen and heard will be deafening stratospheric lightning, raining red dust, rocks and gravel and in some cases sheets of flaming petrochemicals, but a good possibility for all to occur at once. Is there any good news? Yes, It only lasts for an hour!


The “Norway Sky Spiral” appeared above Northern Norway on December 9, 2009. ZetaTalk explains, but I paraphrase: The spiral was caused by a wide-field charge from the electrically potent tail of Planet X, the effect is much like a common light stick. The blue extension was the discharge to ground: Earth. We have lightning, the aurora Borealis and now sky spirals.

The Mid-Atlantic ridge is an “S” shaped 10,000 mile long submarine mountain range. It’s mountains are up to 1,000 miles wide which connect the oceanic plates that form the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Stretching from the Arctic to Antarctic, it is known as the longest mountain range of the world.

The magnetic dance between Earth and Planet X is complex due to Earth’s magnetic signature, it has a 3rd magnet: the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (left). The 10,000 mile long underwater mountain range is composed of congealed iron-rich magma which acts as a very large magnet, it is this 3rd magnet that slows Earth’s rotation to an eventual stop where it “locks on” to face Planet X about a week before the poleshift. This means that those souls living around the Atlantic will have daylight for 6 days straight and vice versa for the mid-to-east Pacific. North America will have a 6 day paused sunrise and Western Europe and mid-Africa will see a 6 day long hanging sunset. Before the week of rotation stoppage we have the North pole of Planet X pushing Earth’s North pole over the horizon: a tipped Earth while still rotating, so days and nights continue all-the-while continually lengthening.
At the closest point of passage, Earth is held in place in a massive magnetic vise-grip, then Earth’s inner-most core breaks it’s bond with the outer crust as it wants to align with the magnetic field of the passing Planet X: this is the time of the great moaning sound that is heard coming from the sky, but originates from the continental depths. The Crust, our recognizable Earth, is slow to respond but is dragged against it’s will to it’s new permanent posture (the hour of the pole-shift): new geography will then stand at the poles.

All Pole-Shift details are taken from www.ZetaTalk2.com.