On Spiritual Law, Planet X and ZetaTalk.

Chris-June 2013It is mostly true, that as respective constituents in any of our human cultures, we all use similar mental concepts as approved by the culture we have been raised in. How could this not be true? We all speak the same language, we all go to school learning the same curriculum, which changes slowly in concert with the cultural awareness. Within cultures, we even have religions pushing the same concepts, but differing on dates, interpretation and “sacred” text details. During our formative years, we all watched the same visual narratives and news broadcasts on TV and read the same books. This regimen was also reinforced by our parents or guardians and their friends extending outwards into the fabric of our community. We also know that early influences are the strongest in our lives. So when we are faced with an unusual mental challenge, we usually fall back to the same old feelings and opinions and use the same thoughts, ideas and mental constructs as building blocks to establish a way to move forward in a way that we are comfortable. This is the human condition, the inner human condition, unless of course we change it up.  If you doubt this is true, then try this test: introduce a subject such as UFOs or Planet X in the company of your friends and observe the facial expressions, the body language and comments forthcoming. We quickly realize these topics are not welcome to those who strongly identify with their culture. Now these are not illegal or immoral subjects, they are just subjects that challenge the dominant societal opinions. None of these really want to think or talk about these particular topics because they are uncomfortable. Uncomfortable, as very few people want to be outside the box, seen as “different” or be labeled as crazy or delusional. Oh, for a short time, yes because it’s sometimes fun, but everyone has to go home eventually, so these little diversions are left behind so they can meld into the safety of the background familial or associative framework of society. So then, how are we going to understand extra-culture, extra-human or extra-terrestrial impingement-events without expanding our consciousness?

Most of us know that after a certain number of years of living, that collisions of reality will come out-of-the-blue and hit us. A surprize shot load as we drift along in our lives like ducks on the pond of our hopes, desires and our preprogrammed thoughts and opinions. This is the way it is, as our ego-consciousness cannot sustain 100 % vigilance, but of course the totality of Life cannot be known anyway with the mental tools and the sensory apparatus afforded to the human body. Many of us still try though. We try to avoid the unpleasantness of waking up to a cherished dream going sideways, but we all have to face these things once and awhile. Yet who would want to endure the constant stress of such a way of life anyway? So most of us eventually resign ourselves to the fact that we can’t know everything that will happen beforehand and find a way to deal with the uncertainties of Life.


Image a – Earth’s axial precession is a circle scribed on the heavens by the motion of the slightly off-center orientation of the Earth axes. Western science has calculated that it completes a cycle approximately every 26,000 years. Here is a LINK to an excellent 1 minute movie visually explaining axial precession. Also, if the image above is clicked, a 2 second animation will be seen (in a new browser window) that simulates 26,000 years of Earth rotation.

Along comes Planet X and the Pole-Shift into our awareness. So we learn of this cyclic return of a dwarf star passing through our solar system every few thousand years that brings about a physical Pole-Shift. None too soon as far as I am concerned but why would anyone welcome a Pole-shift? That seems a crazy statement, and who in their right mind would want their comfortable life to be wiped away in a few hours? Let me explain… There is no way on God’s green Earth that the elite will give up control of this planet and no way we can wrest control from their hands either. Same with the big corporation. Same with the banking industry. Same with the control of the spiritual deviants sitting in incumbency within governmental elected office who are taking advantage of the unspoken creed of public Usury.  No, this is not negativism or apathy or spiritual-disinformation and neither is this a: “Let us hold hands and imagine a better Earth”, read: “I wish-away my problems with these other people”. Earth has a bright future, but it’s not going to come about via a cultural uprising, or by a set of coerced-by-the-populace governmental edicts. Neither will human society be raised up by an angel descending from the sky or by a UFO mothership alighting on the White House lawn. Real change happens, notwithstanding. It is the destiny of Earth to be a home for good souls because it is the way of things in the grand scheme of Reality. All else that speaks of doom and destruction of Earth, save the destruction of the entire construct of the inner and outer manifestations of the human ego, is a projection of the ignorance of our spiritual heritage. Let’s face it, humanity is a slave to the elite via the corporation, banks and to run-away governments. To a very small minority within humankind, paying rent, a mortgage or even working for a living is an abstract thought. The world is their oyster. Personally, I have no problem with this, but we are far past the point of no return to the pipe dream of having healthy democracies and a semi-altruistic capitalist economic trade structure, we are virtually now in the final run-down phase. What phase is this? Earth is approaching the end of the Kali-Yuga, the darkest of all the Yuga cycles and the last of the four before ascending again. The four Yugas of Hindu doctrine: Satya, Treta, Dvapara and the Kali span many thousands of years. They begin with the “golden age” of the Satya and slowly descend from the influence of selflessness to the reign of selfishness, the Kali Yuga. The kali Yuga is calculated by some to come an end in 2025 CE. So there is more than an interesting coincidence with the end of the Kali Yuga and the Pole-Shift at hand. Now Enter the Pole-Shift; the Pole-shift will wipe-away all our outward societal structures, leaving the survivors to homestead in natural communities common just a few centuries ago. In this After-Time, we all will have a fresh new opportunity to support our own lives and that of our families in a naturally grounded way.


Image b – Click on Image a (1st image in this article) to watch a 2 second animated GIF to see the circle scribed in the heavens by Earth’s axial precession. Now imagine that this image (b) overlays that circle. This image (b) roughly expresses the Hindu Yuga Doctrine and aligns well with Earth’s axial precession as described by astronomical science. Half way through the Satya Yuga is the completion of one grand cycle. We are currently completing the worst of all Yugas and about to ascend into the Dwapara Yuga, otherwise known as the “Age of Aquarius”.


Image c – Finally, this gives us an analogue view to help visualize the Yuga cycles. The direction of the arrows follows the direction seen in the gif animation in image a. This “direction” is a wonderful connection between the revolving of Earth on her axes and the spiritual ebb and flow of Life on Earth.

Earth is a schoolhouse for Soul. The rules here are harsh, but obviously necessary. One of the dominant rules we live under is the uncertainty rule.  Living with uncertainty forces us (eventually) to rely on our own wits and the full gamut of personality to struggle along establishing grounded and informed opinions, a sustainable lifestyle and strength of character. This is what will enable us to complete our chosen life tasks over our very many lifetimes. Even more important than even this, is to reach the high plateau Love for our fellow humans. If we die mid-life-stream on this plateau, all else does not matter, it is the reaching of this pinnacle that is the ultimate goal of Soul. But of course, we have many other goals, both to come and pre-chosen of a minor nature that may seem like stones on the pathway, yet are eventually transmuted into Soul’s cobblestone road to a higher consciousness. Still, often in reaching a particular goal, we may lose sight, as John Lennon once said: “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” So we muddle along as best we can, with the help from our unseen spiritual assistants.

Our spiritual guides do have to work within a framework of laws, a set of rules that can, but not necessarily, be altered according to our situation and our state of dynamic spiritual development. The higher the development, or the higher the purpose at hand, the greater the elbow room and possibility of exemption from the rule. This brings us to another rule that is even more important than the rule of uncertainty, this is the rule that I call: the higher priority of spiritual intent. This higher priority master rule, determined real time by the spiritual hierarchy, can reorder the value/importance of any circumstance/conditions below it making it fall into accord with a higher spiritual importance and thus supercede any other rule, law or conditions at the time. Usually it will complement the downgraded other. This is applied individually or collectively to a group. There are no apologies of course, but there is always a kind of silent compensation. It could be rephrased as a spiritual “Means to an end” where the end is already known, which is why the reordering is allowed in the first place. To explain: we incarnate on Earth with jobs to do, tough-to-do jobs like paying off karma or learning forgiveness of those who have abused us (or “pay back” those we have abused) in other lifetimes. We have many life goals, and if we examine our lives we can identify them. Struggling with alcohol addiction or family relationships? Perhaps we are blaming some aspect of the world for our ills? How about control or obsession issues? The field is as wide as the human condition. We make agreements before incarnation to attend to our spiritual discrepancies, but some Soul-needs or goals are more important that others. In some cases our success in achievements with the smaller agreements is often green flags to move us along the path to achieving other larger goals. But Life on 3D Earth is dynamic and can change direction according to our choices of the moment. We can skip ahead with a critical act of selflessness or fall back in an instant with a selfish act. A single instant can have us accessing a greater spiritual priority according to our unique spiritual needs or development. In other words, our lives are not linear, they are constantly dynamic and have parallel and potent possibilities. We do have the dam of overall Soul development that can earn us certain checks and balances, however. So it is this esoteric greater priority of spiritual intent that I believe is the most overall dominant in all earthy affairs.

But why is this rule important for us to be aware of now? As I’ve said, along comes our awareness of Planet X and the impending Pole-Shift. The majority of us know about Planet X today because of ZetaTalk. It is clear that the Pole-Shift has been prophesied in many other times by many other people and in many other forms long before ZetaTalk showed on the scene. But we still owe ZetaTalk exemplary credit for it’s extensive and accurate detail and ongoing exposure of current earth changes and political Pole-shift goings-on; most certainly by far the best source for a study on Planet X and the Pole-Shift today. But ZetaTalk is not exempt from the rules of uncertainty and the greater priority of spiritual intent, but far more that that, it is supra-responsible because of it’s influence over many millions, even billions, of people due it’s readership. What readership could bring about this ultra-importance? The general public readership? Yes, but even more important is the readership of the wealthy elite and the leaders of the countries with the highly influential international agencies like the U.S., Russia, England, France, Australia and Germany, for some examples. This means that the ZetaTalk source, the Zetas of ZetaTalk, absolutely must comply with the uncertainty rule and the greater priority rule of spiritual intent which finally is the main point of this article.

I believe that to get the best out of something, keeping it at arm’s length is a fairly sound plan. That is to say, do we so immerse ourselves in something so that we only think only in those terms? It’s like the first years of a university graduate applying classroom knowledge: oops, the learned theories do not always apply. The graduate also learns that there are different approaches to the same subject, not just the ones used in campus lecture halls. From my perspective, any source of knowledge is colored by the host.  The seminal truth about all bodies of knowledge, is that the student, the neophyte or the researcher cannot learn all about any one subject from a single source and this includes ZetaTalk. But it’s not from a lack of intent by the Zetas, it’s because of the limitations the host and the impossible to contain immensity of the Planet X subject. The Zetas of ZetaTalk revealed their obedience to the greater priority of spiritual intent with the famous May 15th 2003 announcement of the Pole-shift date. Most of us who have studied the ZetaTalk works learned that this was done to “show the hand” of George W. Bush in Iraq.  Because of this, many people including the creator of ZetaTalk Nancy Lieder, were caught in what is now know as the “white lie” and bet all in preparation for the Pole-Shift at that time. This leap of faith, no doubt left them unhappy and well-positioned for the Pole-Shift, but 10 years or more ahead of time? Additionally, sometime in 2010 the Zetas were saying that the Pole-Shift would occur before 2012. It didn’t, obviously. What was the purpose of that? We don’t know yet, but I do believe this was another example of a higher spiritual priority move by the Zetas. Now if you ask the current ZetaTalk host for an explanation for the “Pole-shift by 2012 lie”, you will be removed from membership within the host website: this is a good example of how the host is coloured.


Real selfless Zeta – affectionately called “Skinny Bob”. According to ZetaTalk, Skinny Bob was the lone survivor of the Roswell crash.

So the Zetas of ZetaTalk are bound by the law of the highest priority of spiritual intent, but why is this important and what has this to do with you, the reader? The Zetas have often said that we all have to make our own minds up about the Pole-shift; that we are the captains of our own life and must take responsibility for our own Pole-Shift preparations — follow our own Pole-Shift Star, as-it-were. This makes sense and no one wants to be duped by some new “white lie” either, so it behooves us to keep the highest priority rule of spiritual intent in mind when reading ZetaTalk. Now, the ZetaTalk Zetas always have the best interests of Earth and humankind in mind as a whole, let’s be clear about that. Consequently, the Zetas are directed by a higher spiritual authority. However, the Zetas do use ZetaTalk as not just a Planet X and Pole-Shift reporting source for humankind, but also as a tool for higher purposes that may, or may not, include your personal best interests at the time. We use ZetaTalk as our main information source to keep us informed about the pre-Pole-shift state of Earth and the progress of Planet X, but we are not loyal to ZetaTalk, its just an information source. We have the ZetaTalk geological event-flags to watch for, but we also need to watch our own inner skies: an observation of our intuition and dreams, for they are personal to us and have only our welfare in mind.

Truth be known, is that the coming Pole-Shift is a cosmic experience and not just the result of a passing dwarf star having an effect on Earth and her inhabitants. A cosmic experience, as we are all intimately linked to the physical Universe and beyond into all the higher dimensions, in all ways not possible to understand with our ego-mind. There is a cosmic mind guiding our lives whether we know it or not, just as any mother or father watches over their child as it takes it’s first foray on foot into the back yard. The Pole-Shift is a complete cosmic experience because everyone is involved both on Earth and in heavens. Those in the heavens take an intense personal interest in us, their charges below, so its important to at least make an attempt to understand this to fully appreciate the full depth of what is really happening. The Passing of Planet X and the Pole-Shift is just what is happening on the surface. The entirety of the cosmos has it’s guiding hands on these events for those they love on Earth, and the Zetas of ZetaTalk are part of that. As the Pole-Shift gets closer, especially in the months before, those walking aware will see and feel the hand of this guidance in their affairs. Even those in denial or in fear will be assisted in ways they are not likely to know while living on Earth, still the majority of assistance offered is only to those who are oriented to Spirit.  Finally, the point is to not fear the Pole-shift or Planet X, but to welcome it with the proverbial open mind and open arms.

Pope withdraws, Why Now?


Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes – (English: Monastery of Saint John of the Kings).

This monastery was founded by King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile to commemorate both the birth of their son, Prince John, and their victory at the Battle of Toro (1476). Toledo was chosen as the site for building the monastery due to its central geographic location and because it had been the capital of the ancient Visigoth kingdom. – Taken from Wikipedia.org.
This monastery, one of three in Spain, is the most logical place for the Catholic Elite to settle for the After-Time, it’s Spain central: politically and geographically.



The history of the Vatican Observatory is complex. Established at the Roman College of Rome in 1774, it was moved and shutdown at various times throughout it’s 239 year existence. Due to the degradation of viewing conditions it was finally moved to Mount Graham in Arizona where it enjoys the best locations for land-based observatories in the continental U.S. Although the headquarters of the Vatican Observatory remain in Italy at Castel Gandolfo.
It is my opinion that Arizona location was also chosen due to it’s well-known geographical stability against Earth changes as detailed by ZetaTalk.


Pope BenedictXVIEver since Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) announced his Papal resignation on February 11th, I had feeling that he was avoiding something. Since he is the first pope to resign voluntarily since Celestine V more than seven centuries ago, I wondered about his motives. Thinking to myself, well it has to be something to do with the Pole-Shift, still, the Pope is elderly at 85 year old, but I couldn’t put my finger on it:  As is said by the Zetas: “(He) is struggling with poor health, he is 85 years old! That he had a minor stroke and is taking heart medication.” But, as the Zetas go on to say: “(this) is hardly a reason to resign.” I just couldn’t let this religious-political event pass as Popes have a long tradition of  taking their papacies to the grave.  I remembered reading some ZetaTalk a few years ago about Spain being the country that the Vatican elite are interested in as a retreat for the After-Time, but it’s too soon for the ex-Pope to run for the plateaus of Spain. These extremely powerful public figures have intelligent advisers, that we know and their actions are carefully counselled to avoid triggering public suspicion.  Let’s take a look at where Ratzinger would hole-up for the After-Time: there are a total of three Catholic monasteries in Span: Sagrada Família near Barcelona on the coast, the much smaller Monastery of Iranzu near the city of Corella about 60 Km from the Pyrenees and finally the “Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes” in the city of Toledo. My opinion is that the Papal retiree could be found in this Toledo location in the After-Time since it is situated in the center of Spain and  at a height of 529 m (1,736 ft), it’s a safe location against the massive poleshift waves.   In fact, I wouldn’t be surprized if Ratzinger would move there bearing gifts from the Catholic Church within a year or so. I believe this, as the European Tsunami will kill many Catholics and dramatically effect all public services in Europe making Life more difficult there, which would only worsen as the Pole-Shift looms. Furthermore, I surmize, that such a man as Joseph Ratzinger would prefer not to be prevented from enjoying his retirement by being in Italy, thus more-or-less accessible, having to attend to the grieving by many of his admirers. It is well known by the privileged and the powerful of the Holy See that the Mediterranean area will have two pre-Pole-Shift assaults: the African Roll and the European Tsunami. Of course, the Pole-Shift ravages Italy, so this is a good time to free up oneself for a quick exit, when it becomes necessary.

The Vatican Observatory.
One has to ask:  “Why an observatory?” Of all scientific pursuits to pursue and support, why would it be the one discipline that looks to the skies? The Vatican has access to old manuscripts held in the Vatican Archive, many of which have stories about raining fire and boulders dropping from the sky, unbelievable to the average person, but which makes a whole lot of sense when you read Velikovsky, Sitchin or ZetaTalk. Take the story of “The Parting of the Red Sea”. The Zetas explain that this event did indeed happen as this was the time of the last passage of Nibiru.


Malachi Brendan Martin (July 23, 1921 – July 27, 1999) was an Irish Catholic priest and writer on the Catholic Church. Originally ordained as a Jesuit priest, he became Professor at Palaeontology the Vatican’s Pontifical Biblical Institute, and from 1958 Martin also served as a theological adviser to Cardinal Augustin Bea during preparations for the Second Vatican Council. – Wkipedia.org
Father Malachi has personally read the Third Secret of Fátima document.



This photo was most likely taken at Sister Lucy’s last public interview on December 26, 1957, after that, permission was refused for any other interviews and she was effectively silenced and completely hidden away for the next several decades. – Taken from avangelista – wordpress.com.


The modern hierarchy of the Catholic church was given a warning about the Pole-Shift with the famous: “Third Secret of Fátima”. The person at the center of the Third secret of the Fátima was Carmelite nun, Sister Lucia (born Lucia Santos in Aljustrel, Portugal on March 22, 1907 and died on February 13, 2005 at 97 years of age).  At ten years of age, she and two other Portuguese children, cousins Francisco and Jacinta Marto aged nine and seven, collectively experienced a series of cohesive spiritual visions in the town of Fátima, Portugal, sometime between May and October 1917. Now known as “The children of the Fátima”, it is told that they received these visions from the “Lady of the Rosary” around noon on the 13th day of each month. At one point, the horror of the Third Secret “sent them screaming in horror, writhing on the ground”. Sister Lucia’s two cousins were both victims of the Great Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-1920, leaving Sister Lucia the sole bearer of the Earthly information of the visionary message. This, the secret of the Fátima, was written down by Sister Lucia in 1944 in three parts, and was formally passed to the Vatican in 1957 in a sealed envelope. The Zetas say that Sister Lucia was “sworn to silence” on the matter and banished to a Life of being a “cloistered nun”, which basically means Catholic house arrest. Each successive pope thereafter, maintained the cover-up on the Third Secret. But what was the content of the letter? Although the original letter is locked in the archives of the Vatican, a source “close to the Vatican” has revealed some of the text: “A star, the Asteroid , will illuminate the earth causing it to appear to be surrounded by flames during a period of some twenty minutes, an event which will spread panic everywhere… This will occur in the near future. When the Asteroid lights up the earth making it appear that the whole world is in flames, many people will wish to die at that shower of fire… a fear which will in fact cause the death of many people…“. Clearly, as in many other writings, this is a general description for the events of the passing of Nibiru and the the effects of it’s massive tail passing near Earth during the hours before and during the Pole-Shift event itself.
Another influential figure in the exposure of the truth about the third secret of Fátima was Father Malachi Martin. During an interview with Art Bell on May 4, 1998, Father Martin speaks about the Third Secret. There is a video here as well. In another interview with Art Bell, when asked why the Vatican controls the larger part of the new Vatican Observatory at  Mount Graham complex, he lets slip even more about what he knows, a portion of a transcript: “Because the mentality, the attitude, mentality amongst those who at the higher levels, highest levels of Vatican administration and geo-politics, know that, erh now, knowledge of what’s going on in space, and what’s approaching us, could be of great import in the next five years, ten years.
So what do the Zetas of ZetaTalk have to say about the recent Papal retiring? This is all linked to Obama’s announcement of the presence of Planet X in our solar system that the Zetas are saying is in the works. The outgoing Pope is wanting to just “get out of dodge” while the getting is good. With the purported Zeta-Obama announcement in the works, political, economic and public disorganization is highly likely to ensue. This would put a lot of pressure on the Pope in many ways, he is just seeking to avoid that.
The Zetas words on this: “In short, the announcement will mean a lot of work for anyone who might be caught as Pope during this time.  It is not in this Pope’s nature to be that person. If anyone thinks this all seems to be fulfilling Saint Malachy’s predictions on the last Pope, we agree! The Catholic Church is already in trouble, a trend started even before all the pedophile scandals. The faithful have long suspected the Third Fatima secret was about the End Times and will resent the obvious lies by the Church elite. It is not just the earthquakes that will ravage Italy and the world during the passage that will end the Church. It will be their failure to lead.” infinity.small2


Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes – Toledo, Spain.

Mouse on Mars


This image is taken from it’s source at a NASA website. Originally taken by either Spirit or Opportunity of the Mars Exploration Rover Mission that started in 2004 and is still in operation today (December, 2012). Now since the original is on the NASA website:
the naysayers have no where to go on this.

Life is unofficially found on Mars, but wouldn’t you know it to be the lowly mouse? Or, is it a woodland rat?  But it is  a rodent none-the-less!
While contemplating the juxtaposition of a live rodent poised there among the small rocks of Mars, it dawned on me: a breathable atmosphere! Another idea that occurred to me is that rodents are found where there is food, at least rodent food. This wee rodent is most likely wild, which means there are quite likely insects among the rocks and soil as well. Of course, as there are now mice on Mars, there must exist other larger forms of Life, not necessarily on Mars, still possibly there, but elsewhere mustn’t there? Surely there wouldn’t be a single mouse roaming the plains of Mars? The Zetas of ZetaTalk: “Mars sustained life such as herds of goats and sheep, and sustains life still.” The Zetas were referring to when the Annunaki lived openly on the surface of Mars, but then, the subject of the Annunaki is another story…
The next realization floating up to my awareness was one I identified with on a personal level, that the Mars mouse is yet another example supporting what has been said by many alert observers for years: that scientists, certainly those who manage the data, have been lying to the public about what they must have seen in their relatively short tenure in space travel. Omittance is the same as lying. The evidence is widespread that if a corporate or government paid scientist, of which there are many, are side-lined or worse, if they do not toe the official line.


“Project Mercury was the first human spaceflight program of the United States. It ran from 1959 through 1963 with two goals: putting a human in orbit around the Earth, and doing it before the Soviet Union, as part of the early space race. It succeeded in the first but not the second: in the first Mercury mission on 5 May 1961, Alan Shepard became the first American in space; however the Soviet Union had put Yuri Gagarin into space one month earlier. John Glenn became the first American (third overall, following Gagarin and Titov) to reach orbit on February 20, 1962, during the third manned Mercury flight. The drawing on left represents John Glenn’s Mercury capsule ‘Friendship 7′.” bisbos.com

The U.S. space program is only 54 years old and we suspect it is mainly oriented to U.S. military defense, even though it is officially declared a U.S. government agency designated as a civilian space program. The Zetas of ZetaTalk have made it very clear over the years, that NASA is under the thumb of the Council of Worlds and is watched very closely, by why? It is clear that NASA is working for the wealthy elite to use it’s space-vehicle earth take-off and landing services to provide a pole-shift escape route to the moon for the wealthy and the privileged. As an example of the influence of the Council of Worlds at the hand of the Zetas, consider the August 10, 2012 launching of Morpheus, the NASA designed robotic vertical moon take off and landing vehicle. It weighs 2,300 pounds and although powered by it’s own fuel tanks, it weighs 600 pounds less than the Friendship 7 space vehicle. It’s been 43 years since the first moon landing and you would think that NASA would be able to get Morpheus to take off and land in a controlled environment, but no, it crashed!


Image left: “Manufactured and assembled at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) and Armadillo Aerospace’s facility near Dallas. The prototype lander is a “spacecraft” that is about 10 feet in diameter, weighs approximately 2,300 pounds (1,000 kg) and consists of four silver spherical propellant tanks topped by avionics boxes and a web of wires.” Wikipedia. Photography by Paula Puffer.

NASA, a spiritually errant organization, is being chastised (again) in a most vulnerable way, the destruction of a primary space craft: don’t go here, is the message!
The downing of a relatively simple space craft is a unwitting clown-act by those who would seek to only serve themselves: a circus of the selfish.
Wake-up! Human science is compromised by political and elitist agendas! Let’s backtrack for an analogy. Speaking for myself, my personal awareness’s of the world around me were originally formed including the many biases my mother father unwittingly foisted upon me as a child. It takes many years, at least of my years, to realize that things I thought were true were entirely false! Laying in wait, I found many other beliefs that needed updating, so I’m still looking.
Self examination requires a committed willingness to sacrifice the comfort of a comparatively small life into an initially agonizing and distasteful, but highly rewarding expansion to a larger kind of life of being open to new truths and  concepts. The red flag for me, is when I encounter a desire that wants to automatically push-away a new concept. Those that fear this transition may cry “Conspiracy Theory!” but those strong enough to face the darkness within do seek to clear themselves of the accumulated junk of human living, they want to move closer to their destiny: the permanent reign of the freedom of thought. The freedom of thought allows us to move without restriction from one idea to another. Why would one reject the freedom of thought for the victimization of pre-packaged beliefs? This reign is permanent, as no one wants to return to thinking on rails once they are free of the tracks.

To consider the thought that our governments are an extension of the unconscious status quo of the masses is benign enough at first, but once we feel this new “grain of salt” disturbing our cherished beliefs, it comes down to the choice of whether we want the truth about the world around us or retreat to the comfort of accepting the pablum offered up to us by the controlling strata within established science. My point is that the sanitized and tidy little solar system we have been taught to believe in, that is supposedly devoid of any kind of Life or that of visiting or resident ETs, no longer makes any sense. Since we are lied to about one thing, the remaining balance of what is taught about our Universe is suspect as well. So now, there it is, a little mouse to expose the hundreds of years of control enjoyed by the wealthy elite and the science establishment.


“Is there life on Mars? An undated NASA handout photograph of Mars taken by the Mars Explorer Spirit shows what seems to be a figure striding across the surface of the planet.” BBC News.
Again, this image is still on the NASA website: http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/jpeg/PIA10214.jpg

The above image, taken by the Mars explorer Spirit at it’s landing site in 2004, has been circulating the Internet for years. I believe it is a woman (or a statue of a woman?) sitting on the rocky outcropping: you can see her right thigh resting on top of her rocky perch. Certainly this is more evidence for life on Mars, but places a distant third to the image of a live rodent! infinity.small2

Nibiru, 2012, Myth and ancient writings.


Chinese dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and folklore, but surely this concept stands for something more than just a non-existent creature? Where does the concept of a dragon come from, if not told in allegory based on genuine human experiences?

Since Nibiru (Planet X) only enters our solar system once every 3650 + years or so, it’s obvious no one is alive has seen it, but those who have seen it, and survived, most certainly wrote or told stories about it. Of course, every Nibiru fly-by is also accompanied by pole-shifts of varying intensity, so story-telling and the recording of it is natural. In fact, when you research Nibiru and the pole-shift, you will find that every country in the world has some connection with Nibiru’s influence and many of these with indigenous cave drawings, stone carvings, old writings, folklore, and the essential heads for a nearby Nibiru are the “Two Suns” phenomena, this heralds the immanence of it’s passing and the pole-shift proper. Many cultures even their own name for Nibiru, the following are a few examples: Babylonians – Marduk, Sumerian – Nibiru, Aztec – Hercolubus, Christian Bible – Wormwood, The Kolbrin Bible – The Destroyer and most recently named by a early nineteenth century astronomer  Percival Lowell – Planet X.


Image above was taken in Utah and is called “Rock art”. Why would anyone go to the trouble to most likely carve for a day or 2 in stone with crude tools instead of tending to his/her family? This carving clearly shows a double-Sun figure, most likely Nibiru to the left of the Sun, which means it’s moving and seen like this just weeks before the pole-shift.

All the old writings tell of Nibiru and the floods, fires, earthquakes, strange sounds, raining rocks and hurricane winds, but the old language style are not how we would express it today, of course. In addition, these old stories have been translated several times, most likely embellished or have had facts conflicting with the culture-of-the-day expunged, still, the telling of Nibiru is there. The Chilling reality becomes clear when the same story is told from continent to continent and across many cultures and languages!  Consider the collection of writings known today as: “The Kolbrin Bible”, here is an except: “At thetime of the great destruction of Earth, God caused a dragon from out of Heaven to come and encompass her about. The dragon was frightful to behold, it lashed its tail, it breathed out fire and hot coals, and a great catastrophe was inflicted upon mankind. The body of the dragon was wreathed in a cold bright light and beneath, on the belly, was a ruddy hued glow, while behind it trailed a flowing tail of smoke. It spewed out cinders and hot stones and its breath was foul and stenchful, poisoning the nostrils of men. Its passage caused great thunderings and lightnings to rend the thick darkened sky, all Heaven and Earth being made hot. The seas were loosened from their cradles and rose up, pouring across the land. There was an awful, shrilling trumpeting which outpowered even the howling of the unleashed winds.


Stratospheric lightning: Called Mega lightning, starts 9 to 12 miles above the Earth, and shoots upwards into space, reaching the upper mesosphere 60 miles up.

The allegorical language of the Kolbrin can be off-putting to our senses which are steeped in modern tech and science-dominated cultures, so breaking it down:  Nibiru appears as a dragon as it’s 2 moon-swirl tails are constantly on the move – writhing, the cold bright light is the stratospheric lightning, the ruddy glow is the fact that Nibiru is a hot dwarf star that glows a dull red, the trail of smoke is it’s visible-up-close massive tail, the shrill trumpeting is the sound of the stratospheric lightning. It is so interesting that we are given the detail that the stratospheric lightning is louder than the hurricane winds, the Zetas of ZetaTalk have warned us to have ear protection for this deafening sound!
Ironically, we are approaching the supposed end of the Mayan Calendar, widely and erroneously identified with some kind of apocalypse in the year of the dragon (2012). The modern Mayan culture is thrice-removed from it’s origins that it enjoys these days. The Zetas explain: “You have a Mayan people practicing ceremonies today after a breach of hundreds of years so their ceremonial calendar is no longer a good guide and is a GUESS. You have glyphs whose date is a GUESS, established by carbon dating on wood which is imprecise or carved on stone which cannot be carbon dated. So you have a GUESS based on a GUESS based on a GUESS!


The Mayan calendar is a hand-me-down to the Mesoamerican peoples by the humanoid Annunaki who originally developed it as a plotting tool, yet today it is only understood as an amazingly complex calendar system, even by the Mayans themselves.

From my perspective, when a concept or a belief survives for millenniums, there is some grain of truth to it. These images, the Chinese Dragon, the two sun carvings, the names for Nibiru and the story-telling ancient writings stand for something, they still exist for a very good reason. “While many people go about their lives in pursuit of the almighty dollar, they continue the tradition of forgetting their past in order to fulfill their current desires which are mainly to eat, sleep, get laid and play with their toys. Now we the Zetas understand this, but to them we say do not be surprised when Nibiru shows up on your doorstep, and it won’t bother knocking, it’ll just barge right in. Now in the end of ends those of good heart will be lifted and given great assistance in survival of this great calamity of calamities, but those who ignore these words will end in the dog-pile of debris on the shores of the world.” The Zetas.

Anatomy of an Earth Poleshift: The How and Why


As Planet X passes at it’s closest point, the inner core breaks it’s bond with the crust and moves to align to the magnetic field of Planet X, the crust then follows shortly afterward dragged by the inner core.
Art by Chris Thomas.


“The Northeast blackout of 2003 was a widespread power outage that occurred throughout parts of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States and Ontario, Canada, on Thursday, August 14, 2003, just before 4:10 p.m.” Wikipedia

Understanding how a Pole-shift can happen, first, based on readily available scientific knowledge of Earth’s inner structure, and second, what particular external force could be applied that would cause such a massive and irreversible adjustment to Earth’s crustal positioning is the intent here. This is not an arcane scientific thesis, it is a common-sense explanation based on established science of the day.
We all need reasonable information as station posts along the way in our investigations into the subject of an Earth Poleshift, but since this topic stands outside the awareness of the average person today, to move forward, we need to venture into new territory in order to fully explain the pole-shift. This is because it’s cause is not part of acceptable cultural knowledge: school and university curriculum. Additionally, the subject of an Earth Pole-shift is not a popular one. Why?, Because nobody wants to believe, or is excited by this message: at first. It also takes a little while to sink-in. The pole-shift message comes entirely out the blue, literally and figuratively, as it’s a planetary reality that has been hidden for decades, but why?
Top echelon country administrations are always trying to keep the population under control. They need taxes to be paid and goods to be manufactured to keep money flowing into the pockets of the wealthy who support the incumbency of politicians, so no motivation there. Now add to this the effects of disaster scenarios, a single large hurricane can hobble a local economy for weeks or a simple power outage such as the August 2003 Northeast blackout which affected 55 million people for 2 days. The victims of hurricane Sandy are still is great need today (Dec. 19, 2012). So it’s clear that government money and those organizations that act on behalf of the government providing assistance do not compensate for the essential needs of the victims.sandy.collage
(collage): Top Left: Associated Press.
Right: Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy 2012 by sickrthanyouraverage.
Bottom Left: Seaside Heights, NJ, Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy [Photo credit: Michael Reynolds].

Enter a public discussion of a Pole-shift. Much of the public will quickly see that only a small percentage of  the masses will actually be assisted, let alone have their lives re-constituted by either the insurance companies or a government handout. Government think-tanks study all the various scenarios to the nth degree, seeking to preserve their status quo for as much and as long as possible, so a pole-shift won’t be discussed publicly by the government, the entire topic is anathema. What ZetaTalk reports is that a public announcement of parts of the pole-shift subject (namely, the presence of Planet X in the solar system ) is being discussed, but with the complicit agencies of the U.S. administration dancing around an actual announcement of the pole-shift itself, thus avoiding direct recrimination by the public of those orchestrating the cover-up. I predict that the U.S. administration will wait until the longest possible time (months before the pole-shift) to actually divulge direct knowledge of Planet X, meanwhile, we will see an up-tick of the many parts of the Planet X story being “leaked” and that of official fringe story-aspects quietly announced. Any big forthcoming public pole-shift pronouncements will depend on the obviousness of Earth events, for example, inescapable sky events seen by very many people.

In researching facts about the pole-shift, it becomes difficult in matters of solar system and space events via space probe and satellite data. This is because there are secret cover-up agendas within NASA and JPL. These agencies have almost full control over the data. I say almost, as the flood of information in the form of LASCO (Large Angle and Spectrometric Chronograph Experiment) satellite images of the Sun cannot be 100 percent altered to fit a disinformation scheme due to the sheer volume of the flow. Nevertheless, this still means that space events as reported by NASA will not be either fully reported or will contain lies or disinformation and this includes the publicly distributed data as well. For example, the NICT website that displayed computer-simulated visuals of the solar wind and Earth’s magnetic profile for many years has been taken off line, this is what we call a cover-up. Why? Well, the NICT Earth magnetosphere simulation, based on Japanese satellite data, in many cases since about 2007, revealed dramatic images suggesting that a highly powerful nearby magnetic influence was upsetting the smooth appearance of the solar-wind from the Sun.


The solar wind is composed of charged atomic particles traveling at 6.2 miles per second.

The image above reflects how conventional science portrays Earth’s magnetosphere, which is accurate under normal circumstances, that is, when our solar system is in a magnetic and solar particle-flow balance with the Sun. Notice how the magnetosphere is drawn “to the right” in the image, this is the effect of solar-wind from the Sun (not-shown), being off to the “left” of the image.
The image below is how Earth’s magnetosphere appeared on September 26th, 2011. As you can see, it is very different from what is offered by established science. The magnetosphere of Earth has become much more so out-of-shape since then, but this image typifies the present condition of the magnetosphere, although it has very likely worsened since November 9th, 2011 when this snapshot was taken from the NICT website. Smoking gun: clearly if information is being withheld is it indications of a cover-up. See “A brief discussion on disinformation” below for more on the whys of the Planet X cover-up.

Earth’s composition.

Standard scientific knowledge tells us that there are 5 main layers to Earth. From the inner core outward to Earth’s surface we have: the inner core, the outer core, the mantle (recognized as being composed of at least a lower mantle and an outer mantle) and then the crust. Discovered in 1936 and confirmed in 1971, the inner core is solid and its composition is understood to consist of a highly-magnetic iron-nickel alloy. The ambient heat of the core is about 9800° F which is about 3 ½ times the melting point of both iron and nickel, this temperature is close to matching InsideEarth2_620x350the surface of the Sun. The inner core is a solid however. A solid at that temperature due to the humongous pressure it is under being at the center position of Earth’s mass. Moving outward, we now have the outer core this is 1,400 miles of viscous fluid mainly consisting of a molten mixture of magnetic iron and nickel. Next we have the mantle which is more-or-less divided into the lower and the upper. The lower mantle is a highly dense, but a viscous fluid of minerals with the upper mantle being rigid with a composition of the cooled minerals from the lower mantle. Finally we have Earth’s crust consisting mainly of granite, (continental: what we walk on) and basalt (oceanic, the ocean floors).
So we have an incredibly hot and solid magnetic core the size of mars surrounded by gradually cooling layers of molten rock,all encapsulated by a crust with the Earth-relative thickness of the skin of an apple. So, approximately the center one-third of Earth is viscous which acts as a fluidic but impermanent bond between the inner core and the rigid mantle.

The inner core has recently (about 1986) been found to be rotating faster than Earth’s crust by about 3 degrees a year making a full rotation ahead of the crust by about 120 years. This information reveals the shifting bond between the Earth’s mantle and the inner core. This information supports the concept of an Earth Poleshift and how that is possible: That the Earth’s Crust can move independently from the inner core.

The Poleshift Event.

As Planet X approaches it’s closest point of passage near Earth, mighty magnetic planetary particle-flows are wrestling for dynamic dominance. Earth will tip and roll several times during this approach.  About a month before the last (3) weeks prior to the pole-shift, the complex wobbling causing the crazy and unexpected weather we are seeing globally now, will be far beyond what most humans alive will have seen. I say “most” in deference to those who have survived recent calamities such as: the U.S. hurricane Sandy, Japanese Sendai earthquake-tsunami and the corresponding Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster, Pakistan floods and the Haiti earthquake. But certainly any of those souls still on Earth will not have seen the sights, sounds and sensations we will experience during the pole-shift event. We have been given hints to what these will be like already: the Norway Spiral, epic lightning storms, Category 5 hurricane winds, and Richter 9 earthquakes, even Earth moan that all will hear but yet to be seen and heard will be deafening stratospheric lightning, raining red dust, rocks and gravel and in some cases sheets of flaming petrochemicals, but a good possibility for all to occur at once. Is there any good news? Yes, It only lasts for an hour!


The “Norway Sky Spiral” appeared above Northern Norway on December 9, 2009. ZetaTalk explains, but I paraphrase: The spiral was caused by a wide-field charge from the electrically potent tail of Planet X, the effect is much like a common light stick. The blue extension was the discharge to ground: Earth. We have lightning, the aurora Borealis and now sky spirals.

The Mid-Atlantic ridge is an “S” shaped 10,000 mile long submarine mountain range. It’s mountains are up to 1,000 miles wide which connect the oceanic plates that form the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Stretching from the Arctic to Antarctic, it is known as the longest mountain range of the world.

The magnetic dance between Earth and Planet X is complex due to Earth’s magnetic signature, it has a 3rd magnet: the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (left). The 10,000 mile long underwater mountain range is composed of congealed iron-rich magma which acts as a very large magnet, it is this 3rd magnet that slows Earth’s rotation to an eventual stop where it “locks on” to face Planet X about a week before the poleshift. This means that those souls living around the Atlantic will have daylight for 6 days straight and vice versa for the mid-to-east Pacific. North America will have a 6 day paused sunrise and Western Europe and mid-Africa will see a 6 day long hanging sunset. Before the week of rotation stoppage we have the North pole of Planet X pushing Earth’s North pole over the horizon: a tipped Earth while still rotating, so days and nights continue all-the-while continually lengthening.
At the closest point of passage, Earth is held in place in a massive magnetic vise-grip, then Earth’s inner-most core breaks it’s bond with the outer crust as it wants to align with the magnetic field of the passing Planet X: this is the time of the great moaning sound that is heard coming from the sky, but originates from the continental depths. The Crust, our recognizable Earth, is slow to respond but is dragged against it’s will to it’s new permanent posture (the hour of the pole-shift): new geography will then stand at the poles.

All Pole-Shift details are taken from www.ZetaTalk2.com.

The Truth about Climate Change

Picture taken aboard the USCGC Healy in the Chukchi Sea during the final days of ocean data collection for the 2011 ICESCAPE mission.

Picture taken aboard the USCGC Healy in the Chukchi Sea during the final days of ocean data collection for the 2011 ICESCAPE mission.

Many articles have been written challenging G. W. Theory (G.W.T.) offering excellent discourse by experts and even retired climate scientists from around the world (Link to list of quotes) , but this article is written from the stand point of the presence of Planet X in our solar system.
I’ve yet to read one science writer who understands the whole G.W.T. picture and who has outlined the real reason for such a massive and diabolical discourse, however, the truth can be discovered when you know what to look for. When we are presented with a puzzling situation, it’s so satisfying to solve it, yet that “A Ha!” moment seems to have eluded the plethora of science journalists so far. I haven’t even found a writer who is at least puzzled by this massive boondoggle: they see the folly, yet the reason for it goes unnoticed. For those who are Pole-Shift aware it’s still a massive mental task to collate all the esoteric and extra-solar-system-sized points-of-view, so this unawareness is not surprising, if you don’t know the pattern, you can’t connect the dots.

G.W.T. has gone through a name change, at one time is was known as: “Global Warming Theory”, but these days it is known as “Climate Change” and “Global Warming”. I suspect the word “theory” was removed as an attempt to evoke more authentication by the public or perhaps this was planned as an easier route to acceptance by the scientific community, whatever the reason it is still the same concept.

The essential truth about G.W.T.  is not represented in the product issued by climate science spokespersons. G.W.T is in fact being trotted out on a slanted playing field of field-data sets either cherry-picked to support the concept, or pruned and shaped to fit what the climate science upper management deems necessary to maintain the lie and secure their jobs at the same time. Yes, climate scientists are side-lined if they challenge the G. W. Theory. From “The Hindu, Jairam Ramesh, Indian Environment Minister:  “Anyone who raises alternative climate theories is immediately branded as a climate atheist in an atmosphere of climate evangelists“.
A few years ago (2009), there was a website called: climate-gate.org. The website no longer exists, but it did provide the hundreds of emails gleaned (hacked) from  email servers within the University of East Anglia revealing obvious manipulation of data aimed at arbitrarily supporting G.W.T., plus many other revealing comments heavily compromising this so-called theory. These emails are available as a PDF at this LINK. There are now new G.W.T.-pudit-troubling revelations with the procurement of 5,000 more emails, anecdotally referred to as “Climate gate 2.0”, here again, dialogue between climate scientists are being revealed as clearly having an agenda supporting the G.W.T. concept without merit. Here is a Forbes magazine article about Climate Gate 2.0 at this LINK.

Why is it that “Climate Change” is always in the news? Scientific articles, (mainly) pro or con are being published many times a day on the Internet for years? There is more than an almost rabid over-zealousness here as G. W. T. is driven by powerful international forces, such as the I.P.C.C., the U.N. and the W.M.O. (no doubt many more organizations). It’s a continuous felt-hammering of the message, but only those heavily involved can understand it. When you actually read reports on “Climate Change”, it’s a mass of statistics, acronyms, and descriptions of protocol and a hierarchy of “initiatives” expressed in government-speak: very hard to follow. When something so arcane as the concepts of G. W. Theory is pushed so hard for so long, likely consuming billions of Dollars (since 1990) and with peer opposition, it’s pretty clear there is a hidden agenda here.


The above 2-part image: left side is not-to-scale, but suggests the relative thicknesses of Earth’s essential 5 layers of rock. Right side: is to-scale and shows how large the inner core is – 70% moon-sized.

G. W. Theory asserts that the so-called “green house gases”, of which a large percentage is water-vapor, re-reflects (in all directions) the heat emanating from the surface of the Earth back down to the surface of the Earth causing an overall rise of global temperature of 1.75 ° every 20 years. This means that less than 1 % of the atmosphere, the rarefied and invisible “greenhouse” gases (light and heat pass through) miles above the Earth are causing the entire globe to continually heat up. This, while the inner core of the Earth (70% moon-sized) is connected to the rest of the earth via rock (a better conductor than air) at a similar


Tungurahua volcano, a steep-sided, 16,479-foot stratovolcano located in Ecuador sits roughly 140 km south of the capital city of Quito: increase in activity August 2012.

temperature as that of the Sun at  5430 °C (or 9806  °F) doesn’t heat up the surface of the Earth? The theory also asserts that these green house gases are caused by human activity such as the internal combustion engine and industrial manufacturing.
It’s been said that volcanoes blow more volume of CO2 with a major eruption than cows can pass methane, gasoline-powered vehicles emit exhaust fumes and the smoke stacks of the world in many years. This reasonable pronouncement has not and cannot be proven without the scientific field work, which is unlikely to be monetized by the same organizations who want to stay on the white-list at the U.N.
Volcanoes no doubt emit the majority of the world’s CO2. Consider this, entire villages of people living near a volcano have been known to be gassed to death in their sleep with a silent release of volcanic gases: it’s uniformly released from the vent and flows down all sides of the volcano, washing over the entire base, of which the village is only a small part: now add thousands of volcanoes and 5 billion years. Earth’s volcanoes have been around a lot longer than human climate scientists, cars and even animals, but the G.W. theory-makers couldn’t use those facts as they had to find a way to blame man’s contribution as a way around the argument: “Well, why is the global temperature still livable if “Global Warming” started 5 billion years ago? Why blame human activity? Seems they need an identifiable scapegoat for the gullible, something they could point to and blame. It all seems like it could make sense to people who believe that modern science is above the control of political and corporate interests, but it isn’t and you can see this if you think outside-the-box.


A man marooned by flood waters, alongside his livestock, waves towards an Army helicopter for relief handouts in the Rajanpur district of Pakistan’s Punjab province on August 9, 2010. (REUTERS/Stringer)

So these are a few holes in G. W. Theory discussed, but wait,  there’s more! Even if G. W. Theory was true, and its not, but if it was, it doesn’t explain the host of Earth Changes we are seeing today: one percent of the atmosphere miles above the Earth is causing so many volcanoes to awaken and at the same time? Unprecedented and massive flooding in parts of the world (e.g. -Pakistan 2010 (and 2012 – before and after) Philippines – aug 2012. and Australia’s Brisbane floods explained here at ZetaTalk.com), wild heat extremes in several countries within a day never before seen? or tornadoes in France and England. There are other Earth change events unmentioned here, yet G.W.T. utterly fails to explain away even these, but remember, it isn’t explaining anything as G. W. T. remains unproven, challenged and beleaguered by critics and of course undermined by the climate scientist themselves with the unanticipated release of their own emails.
So the question remains, “How is it that so much time, effort and money is being put into this G. W. Theory round peg that won’t fit the Earth Change square hole? It’s been 22 years since the I.P.C.C. published its first assessment report in 1990 and the only reason it’s standing today is due to a hidden agenda of the big-money international agencies propping it up.
The 6:00 O’clock evening news, is not the news. What we see and hear is only what Corporate and secret government agencies want us to hear.  G. W. Theory is a massive cover-up story, a cover designed specifically to prevent the public from identifying Planet X as the cause of the massive Earth changes the original cabal knew would be coming. The existence of Planet X in our solar system is the reality and G. W. Theory is the make-believe.  If some cause is proffered to the concerned but already over-tired and over-worked public for the worsening earth changes, yet so complex it cannot be understood by the average person on street, a constant barrage by both the guilty and innocent scientist is hoped to do the trick. Back-in-the-Day, the make-up story of G. W. Theory worked for a while, but with earth changes for some time now poking out of the texture of the climate change message, it now appears as a fantastical farce. infinity.small2