Planet X NewsLetter Issue April 2020.


In this Issue, I discuss working with family regarding Pole-Shift awareness. This subject comes up almost every time I give a safe-location consultation: it’s global and pan culture. Typically, the Pole-Shift aware person is trying to convince their loved-ones that a Pole-Shift is coming, resistance ensues of course because the family member is simply not ready to know about the Pole-Shift. I discuss strategies and work-arounds for this important subject in this issue.

The subject of waking Dreams continues to be my fondest wish for my readers to finally realize the Universal and dimensional reach for it’s timeless value. Dream is actually a reverse reality in that our lives on Earth are the dream, while our soul has direct access to truth. This is why the dream experience is a conduit for spiritual truth to descend upon our heads in real-time, the difference in understanding between dream and truth need only be correspondingly displaced  by each other and switching-up our thinking to realize the thickness of the living-media we exist in comparison to the lightness of soul.

The subject of amateur radio for After-Time communication is paramount for those persons or communities that wish to be able to arrange trade or to connect with other people to enhance their lives. The alternative to amateur or ham radio is CB or citizens band radio. Either works for short distances, but if the community wants to reach out for longer distances, amateur radio is the ticket. I cover this in the April Issue.


Of course, growing your own food is top-of-the-list in the After-Time. The Zetas of Zetatalk suggest having 1 1/2 years supply of food to start us off in the After-Time. Often my spiritual guides talk about food  being the first thing people will ask about when you meet them on a trail after the Pole-Shift: “Do you have any food?” or “Do you know where we can get some food?” There was a time when citizens of Earth grew there own food, raised their own livestock, made their own cheese, preserves, dried goods, cultured fruit and vegetables. My message this issue is to emphasize the critical importance of having enough food in your stores, more food in fact that you may think you need.


An interesting discussion is the last pole-shift, this piece provides a 3600 year perspective that exists between arrivals of Planet X or Nibiru.




The New Madrid fault line “adjustment” is always the subject of people who live in the United States when they talk with me. In this issue I cover the short history of the area and its true geological reach. Zetatalk also has announced a prediction of the kick-off adjustment, this is discussed. I also offer a little background on the New Madrid in relation to Earth’s very early existence.

The April 2020 Planet X NewsLetter is here:

Global No-Go Danger Zones

Linked here is my new video on Global no-go zones for safe locations against the Pole-Shift. The idea for this video developed from the many requests I get from people for my opinion about their prospective safe locations that happen to be in danger or death zones. The idea with this video is to hopefully save people, and myself, some time in addressing common death zones such as the meso-American countries that are south of Mexico City and north of mainland Columbia and the Caribbean Sea island all the way east to the island of Trinidad/Tobago. Mexico in general is an excellent safe area, but it needs to be well-defined and will be in my next safe-locations video. There are many other death zones found globally of course, hence my video.
Now speaking of Danger zones, they require a massive amount of research to establish a safe area within them when using mind, otherwise it’s a massive gamble with your life. Enter waking dreams. Waking dreams will simply point the way with little effort by self providing life-giving and immediate support from one’s over-soul. Waking dreams are daily events, sights and sounds that stick out of the texture of your daily life. We all have a groove, a pattern and established ways that we go about our daily affairs within, the waking dream will present itself in many ways that are noticeable in some way specifically tailored to the individual. Waking dreams are perfectly timed to clue-in the human living-observer of them. In most cases they are prophetic, in which case they will manifest seemingly unrelated to our daily texture of life, yet our readiness to read them will be at a peak. The more you work with them, the more you will see them. Waking dreams can be exquisitely subtle with the most sensitive and tender message, they can also be rough and ready according to what is required to wake us up to what we need to know. Above all, they are always for us, to uplift us and to assure us to what is needed and what is coming in our lives. All you have to do is be willing to know, willing to observe the events of your daily life dispassionately.

Waking Dreams.

The “waking dream” is an expression that comes from the spiritual teachings of Eckankar, and even though Eckankar does not have human or Earthly roots and it’s origin is on the highest planes of God, which is why the Earthly religions do not teach this wisdom, it is a process that is as natural as rain, sun and laughter. Waking dreams are an extension of a 24/7 dreaming process, in that man is ego-awake during his day-experiences, but all-the-while his Soul’s attention is on him during his entire lifetime. We know that the aboriginal Earth cultures have used, and continue to use, the waking dream process, which when translated into English, are the words “signs”, “omens” and “visions” as part of their Earthly spiritual heritage. Late modern man is so devoid of the natural knowledge of nature, that the awake-dreaming of waking dreams passes by his eyes during his entire life without his conscious knowledge. The waking dream, or the awake-dreaming, is essentially ego-conscious interpretations of an original process of soul-communication to it’s incarnated being(s) in the lower worlds. We, as incarnated humans on Earth, are an extension of Soul and therefore require higher guidance as part of our Human experiences on Earth. This was decided eons ago as necessary for the human experience to navigate the lower worlds. Furthermore, our true, original source of who we are is called Soul, which extends itself into the lower dimensions within the bodies that are indigenous to a living-system (such as “Earth”) as part of a learning and developing system of soul-self-development.
To understand waking dreams, one needs to realize several (few of many) realities about the human condition, specifically the conscious mind, and how it interprets it’s surroundings. Man’s brain is basically divided into three parts: the frontal lobe, the mid brain and the “medulla oblongata” which is referred to as the “instinctive brain” which is a continuation of the spinal cord, in fact. These divided areas within the Human brain relate to each other, but as a human experiences it, they are segregated according to specific brain-functions. For example, some are: instinctive running from danger (limited thinking oriented to get to body to safety), critical reasoning for a solution against a perceived problem, the meditative state (a temporary semi-EGO-consciousness state bridged-over-to-soul mind where we can interact and converse with soul via clearer thought-objects), the creative imagination and many other kinds of behaviour and mind experiences. But our focus here is another divide: the splitting of our brain into two hemispheres: the left brain and the right brain. Very simply put, the left brain is logic and the right brain is imagination, or aka: the objective mind (left) and subjective mind (right). Modern Human man’s thinking today is dominated by the left brain, where logic, math and words reign supreme (verbal expressions & reading words, symbols) as an identification of who they are: a human personality. Of course, depending on our level and type of education, our family upbringing, our cultural milieux and most importantly, the age our our Soul, our personal opinions may or may not align with the actual state, the vibration, or the level-of-development of our human personality. Today, man is either taught to behave strictly according to benefit the human-money-corporation, to a set of rigid human religious-concepts or to adhere to local cultural norms and belief systems (the status quo). Today, man mainly lives in a perpetual state of Soul-forgetfulness.
Dramatically effecting the ego-consciousness, is the division between the left brain and the right brain which is governed by what can be called: “the fore-conscious sensor”. The primary function of the fore-conscious sensor is to only admit into our awareness, (aka our “ego”) what we already know or believe, it rejects all else. This is why it takes a long time for people to change their opinions and beliefs: they are consciously held in a prison of an isolated and opinionated mind from the true reality of the natural Life around them. They make up excuses for their behaviour, they seek only to associate with those who vibrate at the same level or lower, they blame others for their life conditions and project that onto society and government, they complain about things and conditions that only they can improve and they are constantly explaining themselves to others whom they deem more powerful. It is only when the individual desires to rise, that improvements begin in earnest, otherwise one could say: “as they sow, so shall they reap”. I am reminded of the words of Groucho Marx: “I don’t care to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.”.
But there is a way for our left-brain dominated ego-conscious awareness to be updated. This is possible, as humans do need both hemispheres operating in their lives, so the left brain is exposed to the qualities of the right brain, but often is in denial of it. For example: a left-brain dominated individual will often use imagination to solve a puzzle, but not admit, understand or utilize the same right-brain function in others areas of it’s life: it compartmentalizes Life, which co-incidentally, is one of the primary functions of the left-brain: to segregate it’s perceived world into conceptual boxes for later analysis.
The ego also uses two other right-brain functions in the form of the “law of association” and “the law of identification”. These two laws have access to the left-brain by human-realities that the left brain needs to function within the human experience: relationships and it’s sense-of-self. A human personality must have these abilities working to maintain a job, experience the joy of relationships and interact with it’s community-at-large. The point here is to illustrate that the left brain (alone) is not equipped to effectively and spiritually assimilate it’s life into it’s greater meaning. However, it is also true that the ego needs these two laws to relate to the soul-to-ego message: to be able to “identify” a waking dream event when it occurs, and to be able to associate the event with an personal value that has a particular meaning to the involved personality.
Now along comes Soul who wishes, very greatly, to “talk” to it’s charges below in the lower universes, in our case, it’s Earth-incarnations. But it cannot communicate through “normal” channels, so has to use a “work-a-round. So it is, that it has been arranged for man to be informed, via all possible external human events experienced by his body of the will of Soul. The will of Soul can also be interpreted as the beneficence of “God”. Specifically regarding Waking Dreams, this is done using man’s ability to experience life mainly through the faculties of sight and hearing. Soul uses these human senses to communicate it’s wishes and our unknown needs to us, seemingly isolated so far, far below the domain of Soul. “Visions”, on the other hand,  can be spoken of as soul-travel-in-place, where the soul-visuals are bridged-over to the human mind directly, and seen by one’s spiritual vision, but that is another topic.
It’s not possible, within the scope of this document, to explain how it is that our day-to-day waking-dream experiences are aligned with our needs at the exact time needed. However, it can be said, that Soul knows our every penchant, preferences, opinions, beliefs, thoughts and concepts and uses these to communicate to us using the laws of the human mind.
The easiest Waking Dreams to understand and work with are: textual words placed in front of us that directly inform us, the spoken word or phrase heard, or a common visual cue to be seen at the exact timing we need it. It only remains for us to learn to recognize Waking Dreams and use them in our daily lives.


The Pre-Pole-Shift Times.


For years I have only posted specific material to this website, however, I’ve decided to include my other Pole-Shift and After-Time writings: the following is a recent Facebook post from my  Facebook group:

As I have matured in my understanding of the Physical-Planetary aspects of the Pole-Shift and of the make-up of Planet X/Nibiru, my opinions have slowly shifted from a somewhat objective approach through a combination of an objective-subjective mental stance, to today being a mainly subjective view. I still maintain my objective view-point of course, but I have always had the subjective approach to PX and the PS, yet it was only as I educated myself and grown over the years where my subjective qualities melded into my current thinking. In other words, the Pole-Shift is not just that, but a massive soul-opportunity.

I remember back in about 2010, there was a Mayan priest who was travelling around the world promoting the Mayan philosophy. In a video, he was interviewed referring to what he called: “The Shift”. Now, I just did a quick search and have found other videos using that denotation, some of which I quickly determined to be disinformation, so the original is not easily found these days, as is to be expected. His message though, was one that impressed me greatly at the time: Love. He was saying (through an interpreter) that Love is the most important quality we need during these times. That message stuck with me all these 6 years, and now has become a large part of my Pole-Shift message.
Why Love? Simply because the mind is severely limited in it’s ability to determine all of it’s needs, for example, in the face of such an impossible-to-imagine global event such as the Pole-Shift. Simply put, our mind only drives our body, like an axe chopping wood or a boat motor pushing a boat along a lake. On the other hand the Love-Mind, registered as the heart chakra, paradoxically transcends the body in a limitless way to the original source of Soul, therefore it is not confined by bodily desires or living conditions. Some people confuse love with emotions or other life-aspects such as human bonding between partners, etc., this is not what I am referring to. Spiritual Love galvanizes soul to it’s destiny clearing the blockages in the way before it. It generates health, attracts other like-minded souls in contact and provides a persistent base of reality that stuns the ego into silence and fills the heart with unspeakable joy that alters the body to resonate beyond this Universe to a multi-dimensional scale-of-Universes.
One expression fairly encompasses the Love aspect of human expression: “unconditional Love”. Unconditional Love is good physics because it wraps the thinking mind, the ego-consciousness, in a cocoon of vast spiritual support that transcends all the abilities that ever were, and ever can be found within the human mental condition. This is why unconditional divine Love is the end-all of human accomplishments. More can said of Love as an essential Soul journey, but on Earth, we are distracted with surviving, and indeed, thriving after our impending Pole-Shift.
For those of us who remember our “sleep” dreams, I say that the dream process is 24/7/365/lifetime. For those who do not remember their dreams, who say: “I don’t dream”, I say to you: “you do dream, you just don’t remember them”. It’s all the same encompassing both camps, the difference is in the consciousness of the individual, but regardless, dreaming is like breathing, we do it to maintain our lives, whether we remember it or not.
The dream experience remembered, is often the remnants, or bits and pieces, of experiences that the present ego-consciousness (your thinking/waking mind) can accept into itself. Crudely put, a carpenter easily accepts concepts of saws, wood sections, nails, etc., so his “sleep” dreams will often include such objects. Whatever we do during the day, those memories and experiences are often employed by the subjective mind to convey what it was that was going on while your body was sleeping.
Sometimes people clearly remember their entire “inner” experience, or a much clearer rendition of what transpired, while their body was asleep: it depends on so many things. One way of having a clear dream experience is to allow yourself to go into sleep mode, but stay awake not-thinking. It may surprize some, but you can live and respond to our daily lives perfectly well not-thinking. If you notice, most times we “go to sleep” thinking the whole time and then wake up in the morning and were unaware of the moment we went into full sleep. When we stop thinking while in a state-of-Love, we start living as Soul.
Most of us understand, that as humans, we have many mental filters that both focus our attention or prevent awareness’ of the other aspects of Life, it just depends on our education, our family environment, our genetics and, frankly, the age of our Soul. In many cases, these filters work like blinders, preventing us from a broader view of our lives. These filters, or barriers, are what is at play when we “wake-up” after a sleep. At first, we remember the dream pretty well, but as we slowly start our morning, our ability to remember the details of our dream slowly slip away: this is because our ego-mind becomes fully operational. It does depend on the message of the dream too: Some dreams carry a message so important that we wake-up sweating and realizing in a very dynamic way, that something is about to happen, this is an example of what we call a pole-shift dream.
Waking dreams are simply the dream process impinging itself on the ego-mind while it is activated. During the day, we are bombarded with messages encoded within our daily experiences. All these messages are from over-soul, “God” if you will, telling us exactly what we need to know, but with a simple condition: they require interpretation. These interpretations use a common language which we are all familiar with: symbols. Typically, we think of the colour green as life, red as stop or extreme caution, blue as spiritual or “think” or perhaps “sky”. Many times textual symbols (road signs) are used where the ego is able to immediately identify. Abrupt bird sounds are often a caution, but sometimes a confirmation, it depends upon the viewers opinions as the waking dreams are tailored to that individual. Human speech is also used.. We may be walking past a group of people in conversation, a set of words can “stick out” in our experience, this is a variation of the textual symbols, the ego can directly identify and act.
The smallest object seen, the fleeting sight of a passing bird, a passing comment by yourself or another can be a gateway of a vast improvement in our lives. Waking dreams are also interactive, as their source is live-soul. We can request a particular experience or event in any context that is only limited by the extents of our imagination. The language of waking dreams is the elixir of Soul-communication, the ultimate arc-of-God that lifts us up as Personas-of-God.
In the years ahead, we will be bombarded with all kinds of stimuli, messages that provide both diversion and to focus on the task at hand: to prepare for the Pole-Shift, it remains for the individual to determine what message to follow.”

I did not realize this at the time, but this was channeled within my original post on Facebook:

‘We who watch over you, your families, will provide the necessary ingredients in your lives to sustain your life.”