New Surviving the PoleShift Blog


This blog is dedicated to informing those interested in the Earth Pole-Shift and Planet X with accurate and reliable information. Also offered will be channellings from Zeta ETs and of various higher personages, some known and others not, these will be in colored italics text, within quotes “” and signed. These will appear embedded in articles.

Surviving the impending Earth Pole-Shift and doing well in the After-Time depends very much on you, the reader. Emotional appeals to spiritual guides are heard, “yet the listener is not inclined to help when selfishness is involved, whereas and emotional appeal from the heart is most definitely heard and responded to.” (Metatron). For those inclined to gather a great deal of  information, this takes too much time,  it would be good to remember the goal: its about an on-the-ground preparation against a fully-survivable but massive world-wide calamity culminating in an irreversible, far-reaching life style change.  Pole-shift readiness starts with becoming Pole-Shift aware, this is often a long process, but sometimes the person is ready hear this information and they respond very quickly. I found a period of a few hours to a day of emotional fallout, but that soon yielded to a great Hope for a new Earth society and this excited me.  Interest can turn to want to tell others, as I did, which for me at the time was a big disappointment, so my advice now is just get ready and let them see you readying. I realize that those in a relationship and/or with a young family will have a different approach, but getting ready is still possible. Informing others will be a personal art-of-timing. The essentials need to be acquired:  1 ½ years of backup food, fresh water processing and other tools and materials needed to gather and catch food. Seeking a safe location to survive the core Pole-Shift event is high on the list as well (this topic I will be offering suggestions in future posts).

Are you here because you have either heard of the Pole-Shift and are simply curious? Perhaps you are fed up with junk information littering the Internet, or perhaps you are a ET contactee seeking answers. Others have an abiding, unexpressed sense that something is happening to Earth, they have had dreams of floods and easily accept the ET presence in the skies above Earth and they are suspicious of the reasons offered-up by government agencies, but whatever the reason, welcome!

My background of knowledge is from the study of while producing the Planet X NewsLetter in 2010-2011. is the recommended first and last stop for reliable information on the Internet. The distorted and inaccurate representations of the Pole-Shift so prevalent on the majority of “Dooms Day” websites these days are often seeking to dis-inform or to make money. Occasionally I find reputable websites, I’ll be recommending some of them as discovered. In closing, my intention is to take the highly-detailed and voluminous ZetaTalk information and re-dispense it in easier to understand language. Therefore, all details to do with Planet X, the Annunaki and the Earth Pole-Shift are taken from
Chris Thomas.