Planet X NewsLetter Issue April 2020.


In this Issue, I discuss working with family regarding Pole-Shift awareness. This subject comes up almost every time I give a safe-location consultation: it’s global and pan culture. Typically, the Pole-Shift aware person is trying to convince their loved-ones that a Pole-Shift is coming, resistance ensues of course because the family member is simply not ready to know about the Pole-Shift. I discuss strategies and work-arounds for this important subject in this issue.

The subject of waking Dreams continues to be my fondest wish for my readers to finally realize the Universal and dimensional reach for it’s timeless value. Dream is actually a reverse reality in that our lives on Earth are the dream, while our soul has direct access to truth. This is why the dream experience is a conduit for spiritual truth to descend upon our heads in real-time, the difference in understanding between dream and truth need only be correspondingly displaced  by each other and switching-up our thinking to realize the thickness of the living-media we exist in comparison to the lightness of soul.

The subject of amateur radio for After-Time communication is paramount for those persons or communities that wish to be able to arrange trade or to connect with other people to enhance their lives. The alternative to amateur or ham radio is CB or citizens band radio. Either works for short distances, but if the community wants to reach out for longer distances, amateur radio is the ticket. I cover this in the April Issue.


Of course, growing your own food is top-of-the-list in the After-Time. The Zetas of Zetatalk suggest having 1 1/2 years supply of food to start us off in the After-Time. Often my spiritual guides talk about food  being the first thing people will ask about when you meet them on a trail after the Pole-Shift: “Do you have any food?” or “Do you know where we can get some food?” There was a time when citizens of Earth grew there own food, raised their own livestock, made their own cheese, preserves, dried goods, cultured fruit and vegetables. My message this issue is to emphasize the critical importance of having enough food in your stores, more food in fact that you may think you need.


An interesting discussion is the last pole-shift, this piece provides a 3600 year perspective that exists between arrivals of Planet X or Nibiru.




The New Madrid fault line “adjustment” is always the subject of people who live in the United States when they talk with me. In this issue I cover the short history of the area and its true geological reach. Zetatalk also has announced a prediction of the kick-off adjustment, this is discussed. I also offer a little background on the New Madrid in relation to Earth’s very early existence.

The April 2020 Planet X NewsLetter is here:

Planet X NewsLetter March 2020.

Originally, I started my planet X awareness work for internet denizens with my “Planet X NewsLetter”. I produced 18 issues from 2009 to 2015 and then 4 issues of a second series in 2016. These newsletters were fun to write as was the current March 2020 issue has been, so as things have changed for me personally, it worked for me to reprise my Planet X NewsLetter.
The March edition can be downloaded HERE.
As I mention in my March newsletter preamble, I have taken a sabbatical from social media and have found it very rewarding. I have been reminded that absence from modern social media is grounding and reminds me of the 1990’ies before the widespread prevalence of the now ubiquitous INTERNET. Before the advent of the INTERNET, people gathered around a fire in a living room and chatted about their lives or current events. Voice, eye and body language would be the medium of sharing. I remember a time in about 2003 when I would observe about 3 or so quiet conversations in a living room, all taking place at the same time. This would run for about an hour, or even up to 4 hours of visitation, after which we would begin circulating around the food table in the dining room where we would enjoy the various types of food offered in the form of a “pot luck”.
The Pole-Shift will return all this to humanity, and our children will rejoice quietly, without knowing our current concrete lay-ways, pavement for cars and trucks to travel, street lights, ambulance sirens and the overhead black lines of electrical power strung along the societal runways.
Seeing our lives as a process beyond social dictates, provincial laws that bind, banking trends, requirements, payments, salary, employment, retirement and investment “portfolios” will be a god-send of biblical proportions for the survivor of the Pole-Shift.

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