Guided Meditation Spiritually-Charged to Open your Third Eye.

I am highly recommending participation in a channeled meditation being offered by Ogedon and the Wise Ones, that by listening to it, your third eye will be opened. The reason for this offering is because, during the run-down to the Pole-Shift, much of our respective environments will be under great change causing confusion of the human thinking-mind: this is where or when an opened third eye is critical to receiving spiritual guidance from your over-soul (Christians: read “God”). This is being offered in my Surviving the Pole-Shift Facebook group, but I have been given the privilege to extend this offering to anyone of my facebook page(s) or my website subscribers.
First I’d like to explain how this works. There are many spiritual layers to a truly-channeled meditation. Starting from very high on the dimensional scale, probably in this case, 10D or above where the total energy message originates, it is carried “downward” to and through, a family soul of “Ogedon” incarnated as the woman speaking in the meditation who has had her personal vibrations raised to present the meditation product to the Earth-public and finally to our ears as human’s needing their third eye opened the Earth-incarnated human at the “lowest” (physical 3D) level, dimensionally. In addition, the message, the voice and the words, are imbued with very high spiritual vibrations: as if the physical vibrating voice within the meditation was the carrier for the extremely high vibrational spiritual energy that is intended to do the heavy-lifting that raises the participating (listening) human-incarnated soul to a level that permits crews of special doctors on the higher planes to work on the human third eye organ, the pineal gland.
Finally, in my opinion, it is only the act-of-listening to the voice in the meditation that is important. For those who happen to enjoy guided meditations, they can use their imagination in the ways that are elicited within the meditation as directed, but that is just the choice or preference of the listener. In other words, even having the meditation playing as you go to sleep or playing in the background while you work, it will still have the desired effect. Listen to this multiple times, this is suggested to build the energy vibration in your body and soul.
LINK to the sound file by RASA LUKOSIUTE :

NOTE: Other meditations by Rasa Lukosiute can be seen or heard at this link

New Video: Safe Locations for Australia and New Zealand.

In this video, I explain what is very likely to happen geologically to the landforms of Australia and New Zealand during the Pole-Shift. For this, I use ZetaTalk information as an overall pattern, and not only corroborate that with conventional Human science but I add to the overall message with other sources such as psychics and clairvoyants and my own spiritual guidance.
Also in the video, I reference very large downloadable maps that are hosted on this website in my media library, the links to which are within the “SHOW MORE” link on my Youtube Channel. As an aside, I now can host other types of files such as my unique slideshows I create for each safe location video which is in a PDF file format. The whole point of the large map images is for the viewer/downloader to be able to zoom in close (20 miles high) for road and landform detail in order to identify a survival settlement area more easily. Each country in this video has one of these maps.
Although Australia and New Zealand are next to each other in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, they have very different destinies. Australia loses about 75% of its landmass and has to bear the brunt of massive survivor migrants bearing diseases arriving by boat in the current north of the country. Consequently, Australian’s who do not want to mingle with the migrants should congregate to the more southern areas that will be above the waves after the Pole-Melt. The latter point is why I always include the higher elevation of the post-Pole-Melt (2025) sea level in my maps so that those watching my videos do not have to move multiple times in the After-Time to avoid the advancing seas. New Zealand has a much better time of it after the Pole-Shift when the proverbial dust settles. It’s still rough-and-tumble during the Pole-Shift, as it is everywhere else, but New Zealand maintains more of it’s landmass than many other Island countries after the Pole-Shift. Another benefit for New Zealand is its distance from the highly-populated island nations such as Indonesia and the Philippines. These countries, along with Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and South China, which will be highly assaulted by a swift and massive compression over the Pacific Oceanic plates, will be the source of the dangerous survivor migrants: thus New Zealand escapes this travail in the main.
Finally, just after my introduction, I cover Waking Dreams in a 13½ minute talk. My hope is to get my viewers to recognize the messages coming down to us from over-soul, for it is this communication that will provide us with all the safety and the things we need for our survival in the run-down to the Pole-shift and in our After-Time living.




Interview on waking dreams and a host of other topics.

Last week, one of my Youtube channel subscribers asked for some clarification on “Waking Dreams”, so via email, we set up a Facebook Audio/Visual chat session and launched into what I thought was just a private chat. Well, it turns out he recorded our meeting and asked me afterwards if he could publish it as an interview: surprized, I agreed nonetheless. The next day he sent me his processed video of my interview, but as it turns out he has a very slow Web cam and it resulted in a very distracting series of images of me bobbing about in my normal fashion while I speak. Also, not knowing it was an interview, my replies were not as deeply informational as I would have liked for each subject. The subject: that was another surprize, as he started asking me questions about many different subjects which also lends a lighter approach in a discussion.
With the state of the original video being what it was, I decided to extract the audio and make my own video of the interview. I took some screenshots from the original and scattered them throughout the video you can see below. Now listening to the original extracted audio, I decided to speed up the tempo, plus I removed all my “Ah’s” and some echo noises as well. All of the main discussion is included in the final product. So what you will hear is a very fast-paced audio which I find quite fascinating, myself and may use in future videos.
The Interview:


The image below is the Woodbridge 2004 Crop circle (not “Woodburn” as I referred to during the interview). This crop circle is a confirmation that the Sun is safe for Earth and humans and it’s nuclear energy is safely contained, thus exposing all the disinformation about the Sun. Now we aren’t talking about EMP’s here, which are a danger for electronics during and just before the Pole-Shift from Planet X. Neither are we talking about solar flares and CME’s which are a danger to astronauts and satellites. However just after the Pole-Shift, it’s advised to stay out of the Sun for about a month until the atmosphere normalizes somewhat to protect us from the Sun’s rays. Remember, Earth loses a large portion of it’s atmosphere during the Pole-Shift, this is the reason for the caution.

The Pole-Shift: Divine assistance is waiting.

It’s a curious situation that the Planet X-aware person must bear the knowledge of an impending Pole-Shift without the support of those they love most. We do carry a bona fide pre-awareness of a global disaster of such proportions, that it changes Life for-ever-more on our round blue and green orb hanging in space, but it is not factoid yet, but true, none-the-less. It’s a common truth of what we are about to experience, yet even though billions more people have been awakened today than ten years ago, it’s still not part of the public status quo consciousness. It is this latter point, at these later stages, that weighs on many hearts and minds today.
Another divisive tendency against our peace-of-mind, is that while preparing for the Pole-Shift in our various ways, it’s reality, or our concept of it, tends to occupy the front stage of our minds. So we have two issues here to deal with, first is our concept of the Pole-Shift: be aware that our concept of the Pole-Shift is NOT the Pole-Shift, it is just a mental construct. The second issue is the oft over-looked human phenomena of a tendency to project our emotional state into our concepts: this makes our Pole-Shift a tempest in a teapot: just a current psuedo-event, coloured and dramatized by our beliefs.
There exists a single perspective of spiritual wholeness of all which we are about to experience, where all is satisfied and none are left wanting. Where the baby is asleep with green leaves ticking on the window pane, food is on our table and friends are nearby. A place of love where heaven bends down to touch our hearts and hearths.
Mind isolates but Love is all-inclusive, this is the principle lesson of the Pole-shift from a spiritual perspective. There can be only one God and only one true perspective, and that is by God. All other perspectives fall short, but one, that one can only be valid in the short term, which is what each of us must do in the meantime while we wait for the final hour of the changing of the guard, the one great moment-of-hour that brings in the new and ushers out the old. This moment-of-hour is the Pole-Shift event as seen by the spiritual perspective of our soul parents.
We on the ground are blessed by all who stand above and around us as we lay our shoulders against our wheels-of-toil as soul-incarnated humans in a matrix of control, consequences and free choice. These things that we must do to maintain our lives and to support and care for our loved ones, are counted, every deed, in the annuls of Heaven which is but our only divine home. We who see you, believe in you, and know who you are, for you are those who have been sent to go below and do the work of love for your fellow soul, be they your child, your friend, your lover, your neighbour or a wandering soul without a home looking for a hand-out to get through the night.
So it is that all that comes to you, to you who read this, it will be that which you have earned in past lives, and for those young souls who have yet to build their spiritual castle, you will be supported by others who have the pot of soup on the fire, a spare bed, a bottle of clean water to carry with you and perhaps a better pair of boots and jacket against the cold.

Animation of the Pole-Shift. Eastern Europe. Introduction of the “New Last Weeks Calendar”.

This video is the result of a request for an animation of the Pole-Shift from the perspective of Eastern Europe. I look at the actual roll of Earth during the Pole-Shift from several angles using the Google Earth Globe. This is not a safe locations video, however, so I decided to pair the first topic with an introduction of my “New Last Weeks Calendar”. In the Calendar section of the video, I explain the elements involved of the last throws of Earth just prior to the Pole-Shift event. The biggest part of the calendar is the fact that I provide a date for the Pole-Shift, I also explain how that came about.

The New “Last Weeks” Calendar.

This is my new “last weeks” calendar. I’ve taken the original ZetaTalk sequence-of-events that occur within the last 50 days to the Pole-Shift (margin of variance is about a ¾ day) which of course is published in ZetaTalk, and illustrated the events for a clearer understanding for the novice reader. All the art is mine, plus I double-checked the sequence-of-events and Earth’s on-going postures (tilt) during these last weeks as well.
Some may not know that I was there working as an admin the first day the old “last weeks” calendar was posted at “the ning”, and over the years the old calendar has served it’s purpose, but things have moved on since then…. Even though I’ve been working on this project for the last 10 days or so, and it finally seems finished, I’ve wanted to improve upon the last weeks concept for a long time.
Of course, this calendar has the Pole-Shift date which was given me by my over-soul.

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