Update for march 25th, 2021 and the fate of the Maritime South Pacific Island Nations for the Pole-Shift.

In this video I discuss waking dreams and using our imagination as tools to prepare for the Pole-Shift. The work ahead and the coming adjustments are challenging to be sure, so we need to use all of who we are at our disposal. Even those parts of us that we could use in a better way or didn’t know we had. Case-in-point is our access to waking dreams. Waking dreams are not taught within the status quo of “1st world” countries, but in some cultures it is a way-of-Life. We are the center of our Universe. It is a little like a child being the center of it’s parents loving eyes and care. The child has it’s needs and the parents feel the call, it’s the same with the incarnated soul here on Earth, all souls have an over-soul which is like God to us. The chain-of-care goes all the way to the Godhead. There is no break in the chain-of-Love, save that is within our own minds.
Be sure, that if your heart and daily actions are full of Love, assistance is potentially forthcoming for those who have earned the help. This is for those who have done all they can for those in our care and for ourselves. It works by the law of karma, much like the laws of physics:  Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, except that in the case of helping others (good actions) there is an accumulation factor involved on both sides of the equation. Souls progress from birth-as-soul through trial and error in the physical realms and worlds until they can stand on their own. Moving forward, they begin to see the God-light in others and themselves at the same time. Once established in the light, they then can be a beacon-of-light and love to others and eventually have earned the right to be raised to a permanently higher vibrational home to live there as an operational base to return to Earth to assist other younger Earth-bound souls or work from the higher-vibrational dimension. In the Life-of-God, there is always work to help other souls.
Regarding the part of this video that deals with the fate of the Maritime Island nations of the South Pacific. I explain the forces that will befall the geological zone that essentially covers the Sunda plate that houses Myanmar, Loas, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and The Philippines.
The outcome is dire, but if one survives the Pole-Shift in the high mountains of Luzon, for instance, then survival into the After-Time is possible by leaving the area by sailing boat and transiting to Taiwan, eastern Australia or the Island of New Guinea. The latter is possible because there will be a window-of-opportunity of several months just after the Pole-Shift of calmer seas and reasonable temperatures for the move-by-sea.

Start of video here: https://youtu.be/TZ0VR4S8uKg

The Philippines portion starts here: https://youtu.be/TZ0VR4S8uKg?t=3948


Global Pole-Shift Safe-locations have common attributes, yet they need to be grouped into the following zones to realize the critical differences between them and an understanding of their particular dangers: Coastal, Island, Inland and Mountainous. There are many other types of zones, such as valleys, plains, tundras, permafrost and others, but they are best studied on a case by case basis as there are too many variables. There are other complications such as temperate or tropical zones relocated by the Pole-Shift to colder, dryer or wetter climates and of course any Inland or continental areas that will be potentially overcome by massive fresh water flooding. All geographical areas pre-Pole-Shift must expect changes in wind-direction, new land forms and rivers created by the collision of continental fault lines. All these, and other factors, have to be taken into consideration when choosing a Safe-Location for your family.
Applicable to all zones are the following safety factors to look for:
1. – Hidden from view by anyone travelling nearby or by distance with binoculars.
2. – High enough elevation and distance from a river, creek, lake or bog area by 3 times historical flooding.
3. – Always locate at a higher elevation from any local dams, reservoirs or man-made lakes. Your superior elevation depends on the size of the body of water and how close they are to your location.
4. – Approximately 100 miles up-wind from a volcano considering the 90° relocation of Earth’s crust. This factor depends on which side of the Atlantic ocean you are situated. For example, Europe rolls eastward and North America rolls westward. In other words, in North America and South America, the old North becomes the new West and in Africa and Eurasia, the old North becomes the new East.
5. – Not situated too close to, or on, a major fault-line.
6. – Far enough away from a major city or large town so that travel on-foot between is treacherous where swollen rivers, downed bridges broken roads are the only route.
7. – Do not locate above 8,000 feet as breathing may become difficult in the After-Time. This will be caused by the fact that Earth looses up to 60% of it’s atmosphere during the Pole-Shift. The oceans build the atmosphere back up within a few years.
Particular to Coastal zone is being high and far enough away from the ocean. ZetaTalk recommends 100 miles inland at 200 feet elevation. This is relational and can be prorated as an equation, for example: 50 miles inland at 400 feet elevation, however, there are hard limits to this due to the next factor: The major over-riding safety factor for Coastal is seawater funneling. For example, the 500 foot high Pacific ocean wave-fronts during the Pole-Shift will push up through the mountain roadways of the Sierra Mountains in the US, at about 5,000 feet or more, depositing salt water in Lake Tahoe. All moving masses of water far exceed their flooding/moving levels when compressed into valleys or any kind of blockage. This the most dangerous aspect for any global coastal area.
Regarding the Islands of the world, safe-locations are much more difficult to find and depend entirely on how wide the island is and how high it stands above the sea. For example, Haida Gwaii has enough elevation, but hardly enough distance from it’s west coast to it’s east coast for a comfortable safety margin. In counter point, the Island of Taiwan has far and way enough elevation and size, but is burdened with volcanoes, so only the northeast portion of the island country will more or less escape volcanic ash fall in the After-Time. Therefore, island safe locations have to be looked-at on a case-by-case basis as well.
The Inland, or continental zones, have a far-and-away broader latitude for safe-locations. Save massive river flooding, these areas offer complete isolation from the sea water wave fronts and more often than not, are less threatened by fault lines due mainly to a plethora of settlement choices. For the continental zones, ash fall from volcanoes still can remain a threat, yet again with it’s shear massive real estate options, one can, with forethought, escape the threat relatively easily. As noted, moving masses of fresh water are the greatest danger for inland settlements. Dams and reservoirs and the rivers and river valleys that are associated with require close analysis to determine river or lake tsunami, possible sites for re-directed rivers and the potential new path and likely unexpected river-bank over-flow locations.
The mountainous zones of the globe offer the most romantic and exciting opportunities: freedom from river flooding, ocean wave fronts (if far enough from the coast) and opportunities for concealment among the pines and firs that are beyond and above mountain slopes and valley sides. This does not include the mountain ranges close to the Pacific, such as the Rockies, the Sierras or the Andes due to another major threat: melting rock and boiling rivers due to the heat generated by Pacific oceanic plate subduction during the Pole-Shift. Mountain safe zones, on the other hand, have hidden threats such as landslides and mud flows. The latter is avoidable by situating on a rise of land that can prevent the surprizing and sudden development of dry land suddenly becoming a mud flow conduit from a higher elevation: the movement of soil and debris lubricated by the very heavy rains during the Pole-Shift.
The reality of any global Safe-Location, is that a dangerous location can potentially stand within 50 or 100 feet of a Safe-Location and depending on the continent you are located, this can expand by many feet or miles of elevation and/or distance.
Therefore it is true that very critical deliberation must be applied to determining your Pole-Shift Safe-Location, especially in states, provinces or districts where real estate is limited.

I have been studying Safe-Locations and giving consultations since about 2010. I am now offering paid audio/visual consultations via Zoom or WhatsApp. Facebook A/V consults are also possible. Audio-only consults are also available, although the visual component helps a great deal both in ease of communication and a higher value consult due to visual feedback. I also, upon the clients request, record the video for later later review by the client, these videos are kept private and uploaded to my website for client download and then deleted. Contact me via the following email if interested:

Planet X NewsLetter Issue April 2020.


In this Issue, I discuss working with family regarding Pole-Shift awareness. This subject comes up almost every time I give a safe-location consultation: it’s global and pan culture. Typically, the Pole-Shift aware person is trying to convince their loved-ones that a Pole-Shift is coming, resistance ensues of course because the family member is simply not ready to know about the Pole-Shift. I discuss strategies and work-arounds for this important subject in this issue.

The subject of waking Dreams continues to be my fondest wish for my readers to finally realize the Universal and dimensional reach for it’s timeless value. Dream is actually a reverse reality in that our lives on Earth are the dream, while our soul has direct access to truth. This is why the dream experience is a conduit for spiritual truth to descend upon our heads in real-time, the difference in understanding between dream and truth need only be correspondingly displaced  by each other and switching-up our thinking to realize the thickness of the living-media we exist in comparison to the lightness of soul.

The subject of amateur radio for After-Time communication is paramount for those persons or communities that wish to be able to arrange trade or to connect with other people to enhance their lives. The alternative to amateur or ham radio is CB or citizens band radio. Either works for short distances, but if the community wants to reach out for longer distances, amateur radio is the ticket. I cover this in the April Issue.


Of course, growing your own food is top-of-the-list in the After-Time. The Zetas of Zetatalk suggest having 1 1/2 years supply of food to start us off in the After-Time. Often my spiritual guides talk about food  being the first thing people will ask about when you meet them on a trail after the Pole-Shift: “Do you have any food?” or “Do you know where we can get some food?” There was a time when citizens of Earth grew there own food, raised their own livestock, made their own cheese, preserves, dried goods, cultured fruit and vegetables. My message this issue is to emphasize the critical importance of having enough food in your stores, more food in fact that you may think you need.


An interesting discussion is the last pole-shift, this piece provides a 3600 year perspective that exists between arrivals of Planet X or Nibiru.




The New Madrid fault line “adjustment” is always the subject of people who live in the United States when they talk with me. In this issue I cover the short history of the area and its true geological reach. Zetatalk also has announced a prediction of the kick-off adjustment, this is discussed. I also offer a little background on the New Madrid in relation to Earth’s very early existence.

The April 2020 Planet X NewsLetter is here: https://survivingthepoleshift.files.wordpress.com/2020/05/planet-x-newsletter-april-2020.pdf

Safe Locations for Mexico

Mexico has good things in store for it After the Pole-Shift. The southern extremes of Mexico will be no more and replaced with a new ocean where the land bridge connects the two continents. The volcanic belt just south of Mexico City that lays west to east and stops south of the Yucatán peninsula will be active for many decades into the After-Time, but the good news is, that the volcanic ash-fall will extend out into the new southern Mexico ocean: this is a new wind direction for Mexico since North America lays on it’s side with the Tropic of Cancer (30° North Latitude) passing old west of Puerto Vallarta and will run vertically up through central Mexico, this splits the country into two weather systems: the Pacific and the old Gulf of Mexico. Adding to the good news, is that the old Gulf will expand considerably due to the Pole-Melt by the end of 2024. As a result, both weather systems will provide much-needed moisture for growing food and very good for general Living in Mexico. The usual coastal danger precautions apply, this and more is all detailed in my main safe locations map for Mexico.
Finally, Mexico will have a warm contiguous land mass surrounded by ocean on three sides making it a wonderful place to plan a life for the After-Time.

Global No-Go Danger Zones

Linked here is my new video on Global no-go zones for safe locations against the Pole-Shift. The idea for this video developed from the many requests I get from people for my opinion about their prospective safe locations that happen to be in danger or death zones. The idea with this video is to hopefully save people, and myself, some time in addressing common death zones such as the meso-American countries that are south of Mexico City and north of mainland Columbia and the Caribbean Sea island all the way east to the island of Trinidad/Tobago. Mexico in general is an excellent safe area, but it needs to be well-defined and will be in my next safe-locations video. There are many other death zones found globally of course, hence my video.
Now speaking of Danger zones, they require a massive amount of research to establish a safe area within them when using mind, otherwise it’s a massive gamble with your life. Enter waking dreams. Waking dreams will simply point the way with little effort by self providing life-giving and immediate support from one’s over-soul. Waking dreams are daily events, sights and sounds that stick out of the texture of your daily life. We all have a groove, a pattern and established ways that we go about our daily affairs within, the waking dream will present itself in many ways that are noticeable in some way specifically tailored to the individual. Waking dreams are perfectly timed to clue-in the human living-observer of them. In most cases they are prophetic, in which case they will manifest seemingly unrelated to our daily texture of life, yet our readiness to read them will be at a peak. The more you work with them, the more you will see them. Waking dreams can be exquisitely subtle with the most sensitive and tender message, they can also be rough and ready according to what is required to wake us up to what we need to know. Above all, they are always for us, to uplift us and to assure us to what is needed and what is coming in our lives. All you have to do is be willing to know, willing to observe the events of your daily life dispassionately.

New Safe-Locations Video: Brazil and the Pole-Shift.

This video has been a year in coming to completion, partly because of other stuff I’ve been needing to do, yet the work continued meanwhile.
For the Pole-Shift, Brazil has two major events happening to it that most other other countries will not have to face. First is the fact that just 1000 miles or so off the east coast of Brazil, the new North Pole will be established during the Pole-Shift placing eastern Brazil within the new Arctic Circle. Unfortunately, this frozen land will shrink the livable-land area of Brazil for the After-Time, yet conversely, Brazil does have a plenitude of high and safe land to settle to the west. The second event is the rising of a new subcontinent from the sea floor just east of the southern tip of South America. These two events were predicted by ZetaTalk, but what the Zetas of ZetaTalk did not say is precisely where the new dry land subcontinent will be. During my over 8 months of sporadic work on this video I studied the sea floor and happened to find where it will be located. Currently, this new land is known as the “Scotia Plate”. To wit, I have compiled a small format video from another video I found on YouTube (which was discussing an entirely different subject), this piece is presented within my video. This rising land will dramatically increase the amount of sea water assaulting the east coast of Brazil during the Pole-Shift. Within the video I discuss how to safely re-locate in the south coast area. Another scenario that will play-out during the early After-Time, will be the flooding of the Amazon basin. Again, this event, although common in many parts of the globe for the After-Time such as eastern Russia and the southern parts of North America, will displace many Pole-Shift survivors living along the Amazon river and it’s tributaries. This migration of people to dry land will cause much strife around the perimeters of the Amazon Basin, including the new western extents within the Cerrado of the new and smaller Brazil.  However, it is unlikely that the those Amazonian supplanted by the pole-melt will venture too far into the Cerrado, as the new inland sea will be the greatest source of food for Brazilians.
Within the video I also have a section that basically explains what Planet X is, it’s trajectory, it’s orbit and how the Pole-Shift happens with special emphasis for Brazil.