Channel: Reassurance


Most humans today have no prior experience of an Earth pole-shift in their memories, this means that when they become activated by the reality of the approaching Pole-Shift (PS), they draw on two sources to replete their understanding: intuition and research. But even these methods fall short of an understanding of the real forces behind this galactic-wide event unfolding upon Earth’s future course of evolution. The activation by those who watch over us is on-going, in other words, the best is yet to come. Still, there are many humans resisting this process, they will be won-over in the end, even if it means their death upon the surging waters destined to fly past our cities in a seeming unending flow. Those that see the waters coming and have not prepared will be assisted as required by their karma, their past and will be fulfilled according to their soul destiny. A short time will pass and all will be seen as the process it is, this pole-shift.

The destiny of all, is to be united with Spirit in the various families present now on Earth as human beings. Those who resist, will be taken away to the appropriate environment for their further spiritual education until they realize who they are and their families required pathways in the worlds of God. All families of Earth, all families of the galactic federation will find, in the end, that God is supreme and that all souls will attain that required destiny, but real work is required for this to happen, for no progress is attained by beliefs and the lack of good works.

The PS itself is a minor event in the scheme of things, for all the works of God find even the smallest divine quality that is envied by those of lessor degree of soul. This means that the PS will provide all souls willing to survive, and thrive in the After-Time (AT), a major life opportunity to exceed their standing in the worlds of Spirit. To exceed in this way, is the most desired attainment of any method or system of thinking that can conjure even the finest thoughts of God while human. When a Soul is united with it’s source, all becomes revealed and no experience from those emerging from the lower world’s of God will ever exceed such a divine joy.

The PS is a difficult challenge, this is clear, but all those who love and love deeply will be assisted, this has been said, but it cannot be said often enough. We who see you, see you as soul, and as soul you are invincible, it is only the limited mind of ego that thinks in diminutive symbols of thought. So it is the Ego of our charges below, our human counterparts, that falls short of it’s divine opportunity, it’s real qualities of spirit in a way that often confounds even the soul of our soul. The soul is your real self, the soul has it’s source too, as we all do, so we all extend further than we can ever imagine into the high world’s of Spirit. So be it.


After-Time Channeling

seascapeWe all have our paths to trod through the run-down to the Pole-Shift and into the After-Time, but are we sleep-walking, or are we walking-in-awareness? Many aspects of our lives can be altered and changed for the better, such as our attitudes, our personal habits and the people we associate with and this is good, but our safe locations? Not so easy.
Safe locations for the Pole-Shift are both cultural and individual in nature, the choice of which results in massive consequences to our physical lives. We have to choose our safe locations carefully so that all our needs will be fully-facilitated for our individual and families benefit. Listen to the following for your best outcomes.
We are watched closely by our spiritual guides, those who love us, our spiritual family, but they can only do so much for us, we must do the rest: “the rest” is our situational-present we are responsible for. From my perspective, outcomes can be adjusted spiritually by our over-seers in ways that are impossible to understand, let alone explain, so this is where faith or confidence in our lives factors-in, we have to trust that all is well for us and our loved-one. If we flail-about with emotionally-based decisions, we suffer the consequences of our actions. If we are patient and calm, we can watch our lives from a dispassionate viewpoint and act in a timely-manner with reasonable responses producing better timing and therefore better results.
The Pole-Shift presents many challenges to the public on the ground, but these are all surmountable if we calmly approach preparation and the ultimate event with courage. Some of us are in charge and care of those less capable, this is a blessed burden, so we will be assisted on high by those of us who watch over you.
When the Pole-Shift approaches, all those in care of others will be lifted-up in various ways so that the care we administer can be fulfilled in the highest ways possible according to Soul who watches over it’s off-spring.
As the Pole-Shift unfolds, many people will die, this is a natural occurrence which has been planned-for well in advance, so there is no need to worry for surviving family or friends: All is good. All survivors of the Pole-Shift, who are listening to soul, will be assisted in ways that are both mystical and physical. Assistance is close-at-hand and will address the needs of the individual and those in their community.
After the Pole-Shift, there will be much whailing and gnashing of teeth, so much so, that those listening are likely to be overwhelmed: do not worry or fret about this, for assistance of an invisible nature will be proffered. Let those on the ground know and understand that their duty is blessed on high and will be rewarded in ways not understood or expected. Those who survive will be provided with ways and means that will both benefit themselves and the community at large for they are loved by those who in concert assist the general population of Earth. When all is finished, when the Earth returns to her normalcy, then those who have endured will see great blessings and things to behold which will provide much hope and forward thinking. Earth is indeed destined to be a new place for advanced souls to express their new-found soul abilities and much love will emanate from her.
So, for those doubtful of Earth’s future: fear not, for she is destined to be a new planet of hope for the spiritual growth of Soul in the lower Universes. Blessed be.
So it is when the Pole-Shift is concluded, and it most certainly will, those who have prepared and survived will be assisted greatly. Many people will have been lifted-up during the Pole-Shift and those on the ground during the PS will have been assisted as well according to their soul directives. Soon after the dust has settled, many people will be assisted in the ways necessary to establish communities and all the required sustenance items such as viable water sources, food sources and the like. Soon after that, many things will be arriving that will help the survival communities, yes, this includes the famous “perpetual batteries” and such, so prepare for that.
Once order is established, those on the ground will be also assisted with security, this is again in accordance to soul’s directives. Those people who ignore their higher calling will be, of course, led to their demise by their own hand. It is true, that all people surviving the PS will need to make provisions for safety, but, as I’ve said, they will be assisted.
Earth will herself fall into normalcy, but there will be an adjustment period, this will entail a delay in returning to normal rotation and sea tides. Also, the skies will continue to display anomalies that the survivors may find unsettling, but this will be mitigated in necessary circumstances. Fear not, we are here to help, a million-strong armada of advanced space craft which are capable of many, many actions.
So, once humanity has settled itself into an After-Time community value-system, it will see the insertion of the new zeta-human clones. These people are high souls, so please do not worry about them and their intentions. Yes, they will appear different but similar, but welcome them just the same. They will also be bearing gifts from on high, so please accept these gifts so that communications can begin in earnest and collaboration of the races can begin. Yes, they will have the technology available to them, but it is sequestered for their use not yours, yours being the surviving human race, but rest assured you will be benefited from this new race.
Once Earth has re-established it’s cultural continuum, there will be visitors from other worlds coming to congratulate the Earth survivors and the new races of peoples of Earth who have assimilated with them. Beings of great value and stature will appear and also bring gifts to make life easier for all. Surely this will be worth waiting for. Blessed be.




sunset-fog-over-sea-mountains-2560x1440This transition from late modern man’s social-multi-cultural status quo through the Pole-Shift and into the After-Time will require a great deal of patience. We can only assimilate a certain amount of stress at a time and convert it to wisdom, the balance of it will abide as disease if we do not deal with it in a timely manner.
During this transition, families, friends and associates of all manner will either find each other or part in various terms of emotional vigor. The best of us will endure and have the patience to mitigate the changes, the differences and the challenges of choice in a difficult environment; the rest of those fighting the changes will find that they need to abandon their differences and seek to find the common ground between parties.
All those who wish to survive the Pole-Shift, will find assistance in so many ways, that it is impossible to explain, but just know that intention-to-survive is the key. God wishes all those who remain on Earth to be enriched in ways that guide their soul-journey further into the higher realms of God, for surely they exist, as do those whose heart beats for Love, the soul, the sources of all that stand in the presence of that which they hold most dear.
The children of men and women of Earth will hold the fairest ways to approach their new life after the pole-shift has occurred. Of course, those without children will pass those with children with envy as they speak of the right-way, the best-way to seek the only peaceful solution to daily challenges of life without the comforts they have come to know in the previous years before the great cataclysm.
So it is that all who survive the pole-shift will be blessed with that can only be described as miracles of the Universe. Why would one not believe that this is possible?: One that is still steeped in pre-pole-shift consciousness, those who are still poisoned with collective selfishness? For you who endure the pain of the great change, will be blessed beyond belief, for all those standing in the pain of a pole-shift will be lifted in ways not understood by modern man and is normal to those who exist in the high planes of God.
After the Pole-Shift, many will lament the loss of the old ways and seek to re-establish them into their After-Time lives and communities, but this will fail. Those entities still alive, will desire new ways to live and dance and love and fall asleep with their loved ones and family before a great fire.
Old society will die and be replaced with new ways of living together as human beings as the children of God. This is destined to be, for all of Earth is to be a great place for souls to incarnate and love one another. New thinking, new feeling will find it’s way into the psyche of the status quo of those populating the After-Time surface of Earth.
Any of those who wish assistance need only ASK, believe not the nay-Sayers, the doom-Sayers and those who speak in dystopian terms and lay down the letters, the words and the phrases that leave you devoid of joy. Follow not these and gird your spirit with thoughts of kindness, joy, love and thoughts of assistance to those less privileged so that you too will be lifted in times of hardship. All humans and living beings existing with beating hearts on the surface of Gaia will again be loved and pushed into the fineness of God-living whether they know it or not. Fear not, for those who watch over you, love you, and who will do all that is required for a good life in the After-Time: the death of the old and the birth of the New.
Blessed be all those who love the Good in others and seek to find that in themselves. Blessed be.

Why Love is the master pursuit of Pole-Shift preparation.

great-smoky-mountains-np-35-sunrise-2The Love principle is the highest possible physics-of-Life, but to understand it, one needs to break down existential Life into two basic components: atoms and Love. The atom is the indispensable material of our Universe where the atoms are also held together by energic-relationships (made up of parts of atoms) (magnetizm, electrical attraction, etc.) hence, the glue. Obviously, the multitude of Earthly organic Life-forms have developed into complex-living expressions of the substance of Earth, and since every part of these bodies have sprung forth from the Earth, it naturally follows that all Earth-Life conforms to it’s own laws. It’s an organized system as an inter-weaved and interdependent Life-expression. Regarding atoms, to take this further, deeper, Bashar (Anka) explains that our entire Universe is only one particle moving so fast that it can manifest anywhere/everywhere at once, regardless, the basic principles of material laws still apply as a hierarchy of law governing all material: every existential medium has it’s own laws that are either subjugated or superseded by a another law in a seamless arrangement in a divine hierarchical matrix.
Behind every action, there is a cause, a force being satisfied. This essential law applies to all levels of existential living: the physical, emotional and mental. As an example: all Earthly social and cultural “laws” are usually subject to the emotional laws, some higher cultures tend to identify with the mental laws, but it’s usually a blend, however. Taking it further, this main law even extends into the other higher planes of existences: even after death, we still have laws to obey and adhere to. Generally, and put very crudely, physical laws can be superseded by the emotional laws which in turn can be superseded or exceeded by the mental laws and finally, the spiritual laws always reign supreme over all.
All existential Life is ensconced within a higher dimensional existence where the laws have a broader reach. An example of transit between these dimensions would be a “pole-shift sleep dream” where the dreamer has been elevated to see the Pole-Shift in progress or the part of it that the dreamer’s ego needs to have registered in memory for the desired effect. Some people do not believe that they dream, but the message always gets through somehow when needed. All dimensions of Life are wrapped within a larger plane of reality and so they must abide by the most simple Universal principle: the continuum of Life. This is evidenced by the phenomenon of today, today could not exist without an unimaginable array of the yesterdays of supereons and our galactic historical registry of age.
Even though atoms and parts of atoms, with their fields of energy, are physically contiguous in concept (a body without a soul), the main principle of the purpose-behind-action remains unrealized. A new law now emerges as the force behind living within the matrix of Earth-Life: the law of consciousness. Consciousness is ultimately leaning towards the action for the good-of-all, or the good of another, but initially falls short. Consciousness is an expanding awareness that develops over time, or more specifically: lifetimes of Soul. When a consciousness expands to the point where it touches on the massive ocean shores of it’s potential, it then enters a sink-of-reality taking it far beyond it’s capacity to even imagine what it has found. The individual consciousness has now eternally-changed it’s destiny for all time, it will never be the same again. This is when the love principle takes over, the consciousness has finally returned home to it’s source: Over-Soul. The Over-Soul is the life-line of consciousness, without it, we cannot exist: It is like cutting the shaft of a vine, the separated soon withers and dries into another flake of humus. Over-Soul is our main-line connection to the divine.
Love is the flow of divine-Life from Over-Soul. It takes many forms, but is always felt as Love. When we Love we connect with Over-Soul which is our true self. Our Life, seen from the perspective as Over-Soul is all-inclusive, including our entire life-span and all our experiences within that Life.
When we live in fear, loathing, hatred or are isolated from the divine by ego-oriented (mind-only) identity, we are separated from our soul-main-line of divine energy, we are disengaged from it’s benefit. We then operate within the lower laws of material reality and are subject to the lower vibrational results of our Life-actions.
This is why, by loving as much as possible, we are invisibly-connected in our daily lives with our Over-Soul and we are thus guaranteed a future of joy, happiness and the fulfillment of our dreams in the After-Time.
Chris Thomas.

The Pre-Pole-Shift Times.


For years I have only posted specific material to this website, however, I’ve decided to include my other Pole-Shift and After-Time writings: the following is a recent Facebook post from my  Facebook group:

As I have matured in my understanding of the Physical-Planetary aspects of the Pole-Shift and of the make-up of Planet X/Nibiru, my opinions have slowly shifted from a somewhat objective approach through a combination of an objective-subjective mental stance, to today being a mainly subjective view. I still maintain my objective view-point of course, but I have always had the subjective approach to PX and the PS, yet it was only as I educated myself and grown over the years where my subjective qualities melded into my current thinking. In other words, the Pole-Shift is not just that, but a massive soul-opportunity.

I remember back in about 2010, there was a Mayan priest who was travelling around the world promoting the Mayan philosophy. In a video, he was interviewed referring to what he called: “The Shift”. Now, I just did a quick search and have found other videos using that denotation, some of which I quickly determined to be disinformation, so the original is not easily found these days, as is to be expected. His message though, was one that impressed me greatly at the time: Love. He was saying (through an interpreter) that Love is the most important quality we need during these times. That message stuck with me all these 6 years, and now has become a large part of my Pole-Shift message.
Why Love? Simply because the mind is severely limited in it’s ability to determine all of it’s needs, for example, in the face of such an impossible-to-imagine global event such as the Pole-Shift. Simply put, our mind only drives our body, like an axe chopping wood or a boat motor pushing a boat along a lake. On the other hand the Love-Mind, registered as the heart chakra, paradoxically transcends the body in a limitless way to the original source of Soul, therefore it is not confined by bodily desires or living conditions. Some people confuse love with emotions or other life-aspects such as human bonding between partners, etc., this is not what I am referring to. Spiritual Love galvanizes soul to it’s destiny clearing the blockages in the way before it. It generates health, attracts other like-minded souls in contact and provides a persistent base of reality that stuns the ego into silence and fills the heart with unspeakable joy that alters the body to resonate beyond this Universe to a multi-dimensional scale-of-Universes.
One expression fairly encompasses the Love aspect of human expression: “unconditional Love”. Unconditional Love is good physics because it wraps the thinking mind, the ego-consciousness, in a cocoon of vast spiritual support that transcends all the abilities that ever were, and ever can be found within the human mental condition. This is why unconditional divine Love is the end-all of human accomplishments. More can said of Love as an essential Soul journey, but on Earth, we are distracted with surviving, and indeed, thriving after our impending Pole-Shift.
For those of us who remember our “sleep” dreams, I say that the dream process is 24/7/365/lifetime. For those who do not remember their dreams, who say: “I don’t dream”, I say to you: “you do dream, you just don’t remember them”. It’s all the same encompassing both camps, the difference is in the consciousness of the individual, but regardless, dreaming is like breathing, we do it to maintain our lives, whether we remember it or not.
The dream experience remembered, is often the remnants, or bits and pieces, of experiences that the present ego-consciousness (your thinking/waking mind) can accept into itself. Crudely put, a carpenter easily accepts concepts of saws, wood sections, nails, etc., so his “sleep” dreams will often include such objects. Whatever we do during the day, those memories and experiences are often employed by the subjective mind to convey what it was that was going on while your body was sleeping.
Sometimes people clearly remember their entire “inner” experience, or a much clearer rendition of what transpired, while their body was asleep: it depends on so many things. One way of having a clear dream experience is to allow yourself to go into sleep mode, but stay awake not-thinking. It may surprize some, but you can live and respond to our daily lives perfectly well not-thinking. If you notice, most times we “go to sleep” thinking the whole time and then wake up in the morning and were unaware of the moment we went into full sleep. When we stop thinking while in a state-of-Love, we start living as Soul.
Most of us understand, that as humans, we have many mental filters that both focus our attention or prevent awareness’ of the other aspects of Life, it just depends on our education, our family environment, our genetics and, frankly, the age of our Soul. In many cases, these filters work like blinders, preventing us from a broader view of our lives. These filters, or barriers, are what is at play when we “wake-up” after a sleep. At first, we remember the dream pretty well, but as we slowly start our morning, our ability to remember the details of our dream slowly slip away: this is because our ego-mind becomes fully operational. It does depend on the message of the dream too: Some dreams carry a message so important that we wake-up sweating and realizing in a very dynamic way, that something is about to happen, this is an example of what we call a pole-shift dream.
Waking dreams are simply the dream process impinging itself on the ego-mind while it is activated. During the day, we are bombarded with messages encoded within our daily experiences. All these messages are from over-soul, “God” if you will, telling us exactly what we need to know, but with a simple condition: they require interpretation. These interpretations use a common language which we are all familiar with: symbols. Typically, we think of the colour green as life, red as stop or extreme caution, blue as spiritual or “think” or perhaps “sky”. Many times textual symbols (road signs) are used where the ego is able to immediately identify. Abrupt bird sounds are often a caution, but sometimes a confirmation, it depends upon the viewers opinions as the waking dreams are tailored to that individual. Human speech is also used.. We may be walking past a group of people in conversation, a set of words can “stick out” in our experience, this is a variation of the textual symbols, the ego can directly identify and act.
The smallest object seen, the fleeting sight of a passing bird, a passing comment by yourself or another can be a gateway of a vast improvement in our lives. Waking dreams are also interactive, as their source is live-soul. We can request a particular experience or event in any context that is only limited by the extents of our imagination. The language of waking dreams is the elixir of Soul-communication, the ultimate arc-of-God that lifts us up as Personas-of-God.
In the years ahead, we will be bombarded with all kinds of stimuli, messages that provide both diversion and to focus on the task at hand: to prepare for the Pole-Shift, it remains for the individual to determine what message to follow.”

I did not realize this at the time, but this was channeled within my original post on Facebook:

‘We who watch over you, your families, will provide the necessary ingredients in your lives to sustain your life.”


Safe Location video for Alberta and Saskatchewan.

This video is the second of my Canadian series of safe locations for the Provinces of Canada against the Pole-Shift. Although Alberta is (somewhat) similar in it’s topology and geology  to Saskatchewan, they have some contrasting situations for the After-Time, different enough to make it critical to watch both sections regardless of which Province you live in. The video opens with genuine sound-bites of Earth Groan, I explain Earth Groan in the video.
During the recording of the second section on Saskatchewan, I noticed the Athabasca Tar Sands in Alberta near the border, so I commented on the possibility of the tar sands igniting during the Pole-Shift. It was while discussing the possible smoke trail from the burning sands area that I was shown the words: “FIRE” in orange lettering in my spiritual vision. I have edited my original PDF (Facebook LINK TO PDF) of the slide show to indicate the fire that will burn for years in the After-Time: the details are in the Saskatchewan section of the video.
With a total of two areas as an exception (one indicated in the video), Alberta does very well for the Pole-Shift and the After-Time. Of course the other area of concern (the tar sands) is indicated within my Saskatchewan commentary. As far as the best areas to relocation to for the Pole-Shift and the After-Time, that would be Northern Alberta, in fact, if one can set up their survival camp just over the border in the  extreme southern North West Territories, all the better. The fact that the sea is coming to the extremely southern North West Territories is really sweetening-the-pot for Albertans to move this direction. Southern Alberta will become the foothills to the Rockies, although land-locked, could offer a good life too, in it’s own way.
Saskatchewan is has several advantages over Alberta for the After-Time: lower population by 1/4 and the many lakes in the north on the Canadian Shield craton providing good water, although distillation is  recommended for everyone in the After-Time for the first 2 decades against lead from the stratospheric volcanic ash fallout. The many lakes in northern Saskatchewan also will provide natural fire breaks against the highly-likely  forest fires in the After-Time.
The video…..

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