Planet X NewsLetter Issue April 2020.


In this Issue, I discuss working with family regarding Pole-Shift awareness. This subject comes up almost every time I give a safe-location consultation: it’s global and pan culture. Typically, the Pole-Shift aware person is trying to convince their loved-ones that a Pole-Shift is coming, resistance ensues of course because the family member is simply not ready to know about the Pole-Shift. I discuss strategies and work-arounds for this important subject in this issue.

The subject of waking Dreams continues to be my fondest wish for my readers to finally realize the Universal and dimensional reach for it’s timeless value. Dream is actually a reverse reality in that our lives on Earth are the dream, while our soul has direct access to truth. This is why the dream experience is a conduit for spiritual truth to descend upon our heads in real-time, the difference in understanding between dream and truth need only be correspondingly displaced  by each other and switching-up our thinking to realize the thickness of the living-media we exist in comparison to the lightness of soul.

The subject of amateur radio for After-Time communication is paramount for those persons or communities that wish to be able to arrange trade or to connect with other people to enhance their lives. The alternative to amateur or ham radio is CB or citizens band radio. Either works for short distances, but if the community wants to reach out for longer distances, amateur radio is the ticket. I cover this in the April Issue.


Of course, growing your own food is top-of-the-list in the After-Time. The Zetas of Zetatalk suggest having 1 1/2 years supply of food to start us off in the After-Time. Often my spiritual guides talk about food  being the first thing people will ask about when you meet them on a trail after the Pole-Shift: “Do you have any food?” or “Do you know where we can get some food?” There was a time when citizens of Earth grew there own food, raised their own livestock, made their own cheese, preserves, dried goods, cultured fruit and vegetables. My message this issue is to emphasize the critical importance of having enough food in your stores, more food in fact that you may think you need.


An interesting discussion is the last pole-shift, this piece provides a 3600 year perspective that exists between arrivals of Planet X or Nibiru.




The New Madrid fault line “adjustment” is always the subject of people who live in the United States when they talk with me. In this issue I cover the short history of the area and its true geological reach. Zetatalk also has announced a prediction of the kick-off adjustment, this is discussed. I also offer a little background on the New Madrid in relation to Earth’s very early existence.

The April 2020 Planet X NewsLetter is here:

9 thoughts on “Planet X NewsLetter Issue April 2020.

  1. Do you know of places that teach families how to manage, practice and learn? Where are they? We would like to attend this summer.

    • Hello Kathleen. Your question is a good one, but unfortunately, I wouldn’t know of a Pole-Shift readiness learning center. I’d love to be that but I don’t have the time. However if you want, contact me by email at so we can connect further on this issue.

  2. GREAT WORK chris.. any update on safer location for Ontario canada
    im in the oshawa area and want to move up north a bit, im not sure how far would be safe?? im closed to lake ontario now like a 10min ride to the beach/park will that flood us out ??? ive got t grandbabe come real soon..want to be safe..god bless thank you

  3. Hi Chris, Thanks for your guidance. However, please consider that [unlike yours] a majority of souls currently on Earth are virgin souls that have not reincarnated. Per Zetatalk, “Unsparked souls are fuzzy, aware of themselves as separate entities from other humans or animals, but basically dazed and wandering about, gap mouthed. They are taking it all in, as the first passage, the first tour, the first time visiting a place. Unless some matter occurs to spark a soul, such as empathy for another in distress and a choice to sacrifice comfort of the self to assist the other, no sparking occurs. A lazy life, lived in a local indolent with simple tasks, or taken out by early childhood illness, will not spark. There is a greater percentage of unsparked souls in those continents or locales where life is a simple struggle, not industrialized, not in high communication with other cultures. Thus, Third World countries have a higher percentage of unsparked souls. Thus, rural areas have a higher percentage of unsparked souls than urban areas. Thus, the corridors of power almost invariably have older souls, as this is deemed high drama. And an abortion? This is not something done TO the young soul, but a natural occurrence, and MOST young souls abort without being sparked, per the Zetas. It is the sparked souls, which will reincarnate, which is the exception at the start.” Somewhere on the Zetatalk site is an estimate of the distribution of souls in the world population. STS, STO, Starchildren, etc. The Earth’s population has grown very rapidly, so it has a high number of virgin souls. Since roughly 75% of the Earth’s population may perish between now and the pole shift, a lot of virgin souls might disipate.

  4. Hello Chris,
    My name is Joe, I live in the Inland Empire in Southern California, Ontario to be exact. We are 50 miles inland and about 600ft above sea level. The San Gabriel mountains are to the North of us as well and the San Andreas Fault. I see on the map you provided the place I live is a warning zone, I was hoping you could expand on that? Please. Thank you.

    • Hello Joe. To categorize the situation that Ontario CA is in would be best described as a “death zone”, as in: warning, you will die if you stay here. There are no layers of safety in the state of CA. A safe-location needs at least 4 layers: the relative required elevation from the ocean against 600 foot wave-fronts, geological stability against moving ground, high enough local elevation from rogue moving fresh water and good soil for growing food and near enough to a fresh water source. Other requirements are: a site that is either hard-to-find, or not visible from a river, local mountain, or a lake and far away with enough up-wind distance from a volcano. Ontario, CA has none of these as each layer is dependent on the other, as in you must have the first 4 to begin considering a site as a safe-location for the Pole-Shift.
      I do paid consultations if you are interested: email me at:

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