Planet X NewsLetter March 2020.

Originally, I started my planet X awareness work for internet denizens with my “Planet X NewsLetter”. I produced 18 issues from 2009 to 2015 and then 4 issues of a second series in 2016. These newsletters were fun to write as was the current March 2020 issue has been, so as things have changed for me personally, it worked for me to reprise my Planet X NewsLetter.
The March edition can be downloaded HERE.
As I mention in my March newsletter preamble, I have taken a sabbatical from social media and have found it very rewarding. I have been reminded that absence from modern social media is grounding and reminds me of the 1990’ies before the widespread prevalence of the now ubiquitous INTERNET. Before the advent of the INTERNET, people gathered around a fire in a living room and chatted about their lives or current events. Voice, eye and body language would be the medium of sharing. I remember a time in about 2003 when I would observe about 3 or so quiet conversations in a living room, all taking place at the same time. This would run for about an hour, or even up to 4 hours of visitation, after which we would begin circulating around the food table in the dining room where we would enjoy the various types of food offered in the form of a “pot luck”.
The Pole-Shift will return all this to humanity, and our children will rejoice quietly, without knowing our current concrete lay-ways, pavement for cars and trucks to travel, street lights, ambulance sirens and the overhead black lines of electrical power strung along the societal runways.
Seeing our lives as a process beyond social dictates, provincial laws that bind, banking trends, requirements, payments, salary, employment, retirement and investment “portfolios” will be a god-send of biblical proportions for the survivor of the Pole-Shift.

Click to access planet-x-newsletter-march-2020.pdf

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