Safe Location Video for Spain, Portugal and France

Western Europe will have much more sea water inundation during the Pole-Shift than many other countries due to 3 factors: First, is that the Iberian Peninsula and France are closest to the highest torque pull that Planet X will have on the south mag during the Pole-Shift. This means that those countries will be virtually pulled under the Atlantic ocean: imagine carrying a tray of water and then quickly pushing it forward: the water in the tray will fall onto your arms as it practically stays in place over the original position of the tray, this is what happens to Spain and to a large degree, France. Only about 2% of Portugal has high enough land for survival. France has a problem in that it is so low and the Bay of Biscay will funnel the Atlantic right into the Mediterranean Sea, and to some extent, vice versa for the Mediterranean. Second, the Atlantic is dramatically widening drawing water from the Pole regions to fill the void causing additional massive flows of sea water and thus more turmoil. Thirdly, new land is rising from the sea bottom in the south Atlantic providing even more of a rush of sea water away from the south Atlantic. The combined sea water movement from these three causes is beyond the imagination.
In this video I provide highly-detailed maps for the safe locations in each country which are downloadable under the “SHOW MORE” link just under the video frame on YouTube. Note, the master safe location map for France is extremely large, a cell phone cannot handle this map, however, I did break France down into three area maps so one may be able the handle those maps, namely: NE, SE & SC France.

5 thoughts on “Safe Location Video for Spain, Portugal and France

  1. Hi Chris. Looking at your pole shift calendar for 2023. I think you have two of the globe images reversed. Look closely at 3 days of NH darkness image versus 6 days of sunrise West image.

  2. Hi Chris, thank you for all the work you are doing. Will you be doing a post on safezones in northern Italy? I wanted to ask you about a specific location but cannot find any contact details

    Any help would be appreciated

  3. Hi Chris! Would you be willing to advise me on where to relocate…. I am currently living in Nashville, TN. Which looks like it may be coastal in the AT…. is it too close to the NM fault and therefore a risk…. to big of a city? What will the weather be like here?…. what are the new tropical areas going to be? I would be willing to pay you for your time.
    Thank You!

    • Hello Cassandra. Yes, I’d be happy to advise you. I haven’t announced it on my Youtube channel, nor on my website yet, but I have been formally charging for my safe location consultations for a little less than a year now. I use whatsapp, google hangouts, zoom, facebook or straight land line. Nashville will be under water by the end of 2025 and the surrounding plains will be over-populated with migrants living in tent cities, not a good situation—–generally. The area around Nashville (we can’t discuss Nashville due to it’s un-survivable situation) will be about 10°further north in the After-Time, so cooler. The new areas are to the west, but it’s mixed bag due to the new orientation to the global prevailing winds (arid/semi-arid/tropical climates) Send me an email me and we can get started from there:
      I look forward to talking with you,

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