Safe Locations for Mexico

Mexico has good things in store for it After the Pole-Shift. The southern extremes of Mexico will be no more and replaced with a new ocean where the land bridge connects the two continents. The volcanic belt just south of Mexico City that lays west to east and stops south of the Yucatán peninsula will be active for many decades into the After-Time, but the good news is, that the volcanic ash-fall will extend out into the new southern Mexico ocean: this is a new wind direction for Mexico since North America lays on it’s side with the Tropic of Cancer (30° North Latitude) passing old west of Puerto Vallarta and will run vertically up through central Mexico, this splits the country into two weather systems: the Pacific and the old Gulf of Mexico. Adding to the good news, is that the old Gulf will expand considerably due to the Pole-Melt by the end of 2024. As a result, both weather systems will provide much-needed moisture for growing food and very good for general Living in Mexico. The usual coastal danger precautions apply, this and more is all detailed in my main safe locations map for Mexico.
Finally, Mexico will have a warm contiguous land mass surrounded by ocean on three sides making it a wonderful place to plan a life for the After-Time.

11 thoughts on “Safe Locations for Mexico

  1. Hi Chris!!!. My name is Angel Mariano , I´m from Oaxaca Mexico. I have a question:….. What do you thik about the posibility of the event “Waters of the Gulf and the Pacific ocean come togehter when the cocos and others tectonic plates are broken????” . Some people told me that this will happend in la ventosa. La ventosa is a place near to the Gulf of Tehuantepec. Thank you .

    • Hello Angelo, your town of La ventosa Mexico has so many problems that it is un-survivable to stay there. Number one you are too low against the wash of the pole shift waves, number two, you are too low against the pole melt sea elevation rise, so on those reasons alone, you have to move, also, you are south of the volcanic province, the volcanoes are north of you, which will be blowing heavy ash in your direction after the Pole-Shift, well during too and perhaps in the months before, so even if for some reason you you were to move into the hills nearby, the volcanic ash would make it unlivable anyway. Moving north is your only option. You’ve watched my video, I hope, so you can choose a new town from there. If you need any help choosing or want me to offer an opinion on a town you can post it here or you can email me at chrismwakefield AT gmail DOT com

  2. Hello chris
    I want to now the year that pole shift occure and sun rise from the west?can you help me and give me a year?
    Thank you so much

  3. Hi again
    I dont use maya script i just want to know how do you calculate 2023 will pole shift?how do you calculate this year?do you have physical or astronaut equation?

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