Global No-Go Danger Zones

Linked here is my new video on Global no-go zones for safe locations against the Pole-Shift. The idea for this video developed from the many requests I get from people for my opinion about their prospective safe locations that happen to be in danger or death zones. The idea with this video is to hopefully save people, and myself, some time in addressing common death zones such as the meso-American countries that are south of Mexico City and north of mainland Columbia and the Caribbean Sea island all the way east to the island of Trinidad/Tobago. Mexico in general is an excellent safe area, but it needs to be well-defined and will be in my next safe-locations video. There are many other death zones found globally of course, hence my video.
Now speaking of Danger zones, they require a massive amount of research to establish a safe area within them when using mind, otherwise it’s a massive gamble with your life. Enter waking dreams. Waking dreams will simply point the way with little effort by self providing life-giving and immediate support from one’s over-soul. Waking dreams are daily events, sights and sounds that stick out of the texture of your daily life. We all have a groove, a pattern and established ways that we go about our daily affairs within, the waking dream will present itself in many ways that are noticeable in some way specifically tailored to the individual. Waking dreams are perfectly timed to clue-in the human living-observer of them. In most cases they are prophetic, in which case they will manifest seemingly unrelated to our daily texture of life, yet our readiness to read them will be at a peak. The more you work with them, the more you will see them. Waking dreams can be exquisitely subtle with the most sensitive and tender message, they can also be rough and ready according to what is required to wake us up to what we need to know. Above all, they are always for us, to uplift us and to assure us to what is needed and what is coming in our lives. All you have to do is be willing to know, willing to observe the events of your daily life dispassionately.

7 thoughts on “Global No-Go Danger Zones

  1. Hello Chris,

    I greatly appreciated this post on Global No-Go Danger Zones as I own property in Barbados, so I will not be spending many more retirement years there, however I am currently living in Hamilton Ontario and am wondering if there is a safe zone in the province that won’t be disrupted by nuclear plant/facility explosions or being flooded out by ever expanding lakes and rivers? Is there such a safe area that is hidden away or is it necessary to leave the province entirely? Your comments would be most welcome.

    Kindest Regards,

    Louise Nicholls



    • Hello Louise. Yes, sell your property in Barbados!
      Hamilton Ontario is just not safe, besides, it’s a large city and will be dangerous after the PS just on that point alone. In Addition, the Great Lakes will be draining, even before the PS, and certainly because of the New Madrid fault line earthquake sometime in late 2021 or early 2022. During the PS, the lakes will be sloshing as well, so Hamilton will be inundated by moving lake water forever changing Hamilton as a city making it a dangerous wasteland of sagging and broken structures, impassable portions of roads and desperate citizens and soon communicable diseases will take hold of the populous still there.
      For Ontario in general, the prevailing winds will move any nuclear dust/radiation to the current southeast away from central, western and northern Ontario. The subject of radiation often comes up regarding the after-math of the PS, of course these thoughts are common, but much spiritual help via UFO/ET assistance is afoot for this particular PS. Many nuclear power stations will be rendered inert, but just to be “karmically safe” I recommend locating to the current northwest of any nuclear plant, but obviously keeping your distance by 20 miles or more.
      There is a plethora of safe locations in Ontario, too many to list. You could watch my Manitoba and Ontario safe locations video here: as well for more information.
      I suggest looking at a few locations that interest you, and get back to me, I’ll comment on them. You want to be UP from a river or Lake and make sure you have a minimum of bridges to cross and rivers to drive along to get to your safe location, plus you should be there by the end of 2020. Chris.

  2. Hi Cris. Im new to your site and message. I feel that I was guided here. I feel really afraid, I have 2 babies. I live in Toronto. My heart is telling me I need to follow this advice. Im considering moving north near lake huron. Do you still think this will happen? Are you willing to share how you know these dates? I am open minded. There have been failed prophecies in the past, how can we be certain? Im so paralyzed with fear thinking of survival with my babies. Sorry for all the questions. I know our world is looking at a very grim climate change forcast and this earth shift actually gives hope for a future that climate change does not. I feel like i need to survivevthis for some reason. I asked for a sign. I didnt see it myself but my sister came to me the next day and said i saw tge most beautiful thing, a red cardinal on my window sill. I was shocked by that. The mere fact that she thought to mention it to me.

    • Hi Julie, I get many messages saying and asking similar things from people spotted all over the globe. I’m happy to help, but your questions are very broad and would require much time to write it all out, and as I am very busy writing and creating videos, etc, consequently I suggest we talk over the phone or facebook or whatsapp. If you want to email me your phone number and I’ll call you:

  3. I love your work, Chris. Have been following you for a couple of years, fascinated by how thoroughly you have studied the pole shift and relevant issues.

    I would like to suggest something very important that you could add to your safe locations series, and that is the Monolithic Dome.

    They are the safest, strongest, most energy efficient buildings in the world… like living inside a mountain. And they cost less to build than a conventional building.

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