The Very Real Pole-Shift.

Many of us know a Pole-Shift (PS) is coming, and although we all share similar physical and community needs for survival and secure set up in the After-Time (AT), each person absolutely has their own path forward. In the twinkling of an eye, the way forward can be opened: we can meet the right people or find the right safe location waiting for us.  There can be no comparing with anyone else’s progress of preparation as everyone is carrying their own unique life experiences that are shaping their journey. On the other hand, we all share the need for Hope:….an optimistic approach to all that we have to contend with facing a PS.

Our shared challenges.
Let’s start at home first. It seems that everyone that contacts me for PS consultation is facing a double-life: PS preparation in any way possible while our partners, family, friends and associates are in complete denial and won’t hear anything about what we know  is immanent. Even when one’s partner is on-board, their beloveds are often not. This forces a split in how we approach our daily affairs and this division is often hard-to-bear:  however, you will get used to it, as I have. On this note, I would like to say that one simply needs Faith-in-Life that all will play-out according to the plans which Soul has for each of us, additionally, we cannot decide how our grown-up children are to live their lives. We know that attempting to force an opinion on anyone is detrimental to our relationships! Obviously, this doesn’t include the young children or any infirmed under our care.

Our emotional nature needs to be onside.
The fact is that not all PS aware individuals are mentally and emotionally contiguous on the matter, therefore are also facing internal resistance to what their intellect, intuition and dreams are telling them: ….GET READY! This is natural, because during our respective entire lifetimes we’ve been lied-to, mis-educated and have been living virtually within a matrix of falsehood. Additionally, many people really don’t want to know the facts of what is happening around them, they prefer a quiet denial or some safe narrative: this is reflected culturally as social correctness.

A way forward.
Managing our emotional nature is one of the keys to a balanced outlook on our life and a productive way to advance towards our needs during this intense time. Personal acknowledgment of our particular feeling(s) releases some of the pressure of the energy behind the heretofore repressed feelings, this makes it easier to work with how we feel, it also increases our sense of Hope, why? Because we are beginning to take control of our lives which brings our true self (our soul) to the fore in our personalities. Energy can now flow again. In the case of the PS aware, discovery of what exactly we are frustrated with, leads to an understanding of why, therefore we can now more easily drop our (unreal) expectations against that object. Is it anger about an imposition or impingement from another or the environment? …realizing the exact feeling, we can now have renewed patience to deal with our anger. Is it fear of death? …acknowledging that enables us to more easily explore the origins of this irrational fear (irrational since we are NOT in immediate danger!). Many people are having to handle despair during these times. Hope is the fix for a despairing person and by honouring our despair, we can begin the journey of Hope and optimizm through our re-evaluation of how it is we have arrived in that state.

Fill your heart with gratefulness.
It doesn’t matter who you are, the power of being grateful for what we have is Universal in establishing our presence in the matrix of Spiritual Love and support. This is the lesson that the Pole-Shift brings to bear on our personalities, for a heart full of Love is the best and only requirement at the bottom and the top of our list of Pole-Shift readiness to-do list.

Confusion gets in the way.
Many people are confused about what is going-on in the world today because of their attachment to the outward forms. What do I mean by “outward forms”? I am referring to words, spoken or written, the opinions of others (news media, blogs, forums, YouTube videos, etc.). The tech culture, driven by heartless corporations, have by intention, disengaged our so-called “modern society” from the reality of living naturally on the Earth: we have become isolated from the Earth, the air and the sea with a background noise-message of the money-culture telling us what to do, eat, believe and even how to love. Primary school education has been used as a programming tool to benefit the wealthy elite. The news media is no longer what it purports itself to be, for years now it has morphed into a control mechanizm against the public’s’ best interests. The secret is to lead with the heart in all matters, the confusion will drop away.

We’ve been warned.
The Pole-Shift is cyclic: every 3,600 plus years it occurs to some degree, where even to a smaller degree of pole geography displacement, it stops cultural development in it’s tracks, all Earth cultures have to restart, rebuild after each one. Prior PS’s are registered in Earth’s geological history (not, however, in the government’s official version, but it’s there). So-called “Climate Change” is a grand lie to cover for the Planet X-caused Earth-Changes, the Chemtrails we see in the sky were devised to hide the second sun sightings among other agendas. We do have some information from ZetaTalk that the last PS occurred during the so-called “Exodus” of the Israelite’s from Egypt, so we know it’s due soon by that alone. But our portending Pole-Shift has not gone without many decades, even centuries, of warnings:
“Mother Shipton” amazingly warned us in a poem back in the 15th century:

A fiery dragon will cross the sky
Six times before this earth shall die
Mankind will tremble and frightened
before the sixth heralds in this prophecy
For seven days and seven nights
Man will watch this awesome sight.
The tides will rise beyond their ken
To bite away the shores and then
The mountains will begin to roar
And earthquakes split the plain to shore.
And flooding waters, rushing in
Will flood the lands with such a din
That mankind cowers in muddy fen
And snarls about his fellow men.

Dragon” is Nibiru/Planet X(PX). “Fiery Dragon” is how Planet X appears in the sky a few days before the Pole-Shift. “Six times…cross the sky” means Planet X will be seen 6 times moving from day to night (like the moon) until Earth’s rotation has stopped, then the fiery dragon just looms larger each day until the Pole-Shift.

There have been several other prophets we know of since then, such as Immanuel Velikovsky in the last century. The following is taken from his book published on April 3rd, 1950, “Worlds in Collision”: “that the geographical position of the terrestrial axis and its astronomical direction changed repeatedly … the polar regions shifted, the polar ice became displaced into moderate latitudes, and other regions moved into the polar circles.

And, Baba Vanga in the mid-19th century warned us too:
2023: The Earth’s orbit will change.”  (Earth temporarily leaves her orbit track as the much stronger gravity of PX pulls Earth to about 15 Million miles from PX just prior to the PS).
And Baba Vanga again: 2025:The population of Europe will reach almost zero.(Means: the length of time that the Pole-Melt(PM) will complete, which will flood western Europe, thus the population will be “almost zero”. The author has been reporting for almost 2 years now that the PS will occur on February 4th, 2023.)
Last,and the best, is ZetaTalk(ZT), which has accurately predicted and explained many hundreds of current events since 1995 with it’s impeccable language and science. ZT is great because it provides on going science around the major events and some detail as to how the Earth events will unfold.
Because ZT is so accurate, thereby threatening the long time cover-up by the wealthy elite over the existence of PX and the PS it foretells, it has been vilified since its beginning in 1995. So today we have a false-consciousness against ZT, but for those who actually read the website, they find it astoundingly accurate.

These final years.
Depending on where one is situated, we can expect great changes to the ground, sea and skies to manifest, ultimately it will be much worse for those people situated on the seacoasts of the world, for they know they must relocate inland to survive. Also, during these times much social unrest is forecast, so plan your movements with this in mind. In the last full year of 2022, we cannot expect ongoing government or corporate support, a sliding-scale as the year progresses: it will be spotty, halting and/or non-existent in some cases.
Still, for the PS event, every person will need to simply take cover in what is as simple as a well-drained trench with a make-shift roof, a natural cave, a hand-made cement bunker or a more elaborate steel-reinforced cement structure. But it is only after the one-hour long PS event that life really begins, where a person grateful to be alive with their loved-ones will become the true captains of their lives. Burdens will be born by those who create them and cannot be off-loaded onto a now defunct government system. Celebrations of all kinds will begin and a natural joy will take hold in our little communities of the new world. Many new tasks will come-of-hand and the weary will rest their heads at night feeling that all has been done as could be done for that day.

For a smoother Pole-Shift preparation.
It’s a “scientific” fact that the atoms that make up our Universe are simply spinning energic particles composed of light, and atoms-of-life are all networked with every other atom of the Universe. It is the same across all of the divides to the higher Universes of God, so the atoms that make up the cells, tissues and organs of our bodies are networked to the God-Head! It has been said that the very hairs of our heads are counted, and so it is that our spiritual family knows our needs long before we know them ourselves. All it takes to lubricate these blessings is a heart and gaze full of Love, and that we can all do.
When we use our hearts to consider, our thoughts are purified, it is then our spiritual overseers can work more closely with us. It is during these last times of the pre-Pole-Shift and our preparation for it, that we need to let go of as much of our old lives as possible so we can move forward God-speed. God works more closely with those who love unconditionally, otherwise the way forward can be clouded with our personality issues. These issues will fall away as we allow our gaze to see our desired future at hand within our actions and our loving. This gaze is part and parcel of who we are, but it is only when we obey the commands of the heart that it comes to the forefront of our lives.
May the blessings be.

12 thoughts on “The Very Real Pole-Shift.

  1. Pole Shift is coming soon. It doesn’t seem appropriate to link to my own books here but there is a great deal of evidence throughout many sciences and there is no shortage of information for those willing to search and read. Kudos for helping make people think of preparing physically, mentally, and spiritually.

  2. Hi Chris It’s George Marshall Studio City,,Ca…..Are we still on for the first of 2023 ?? Don’t wanna miss it….I’m 75 an in good shape so far….Because of what I’ve read from you Wisconsin,,upper middle is fairly safe…Is that still true…Merry Christmas to you all….12/24/18….

    • Hi George.
      Yes, we’re “still on” 🙂 , February 4th, 2023. WI on the high and dry land is geologically safe, but that depends on how well you survey the water threats nearby in the light of the massive rain and resulting water movement prior to and during the PS. The other threat is survivor migrants, so you want to be off-road, hidden, hard-to-find and quiet so as not to be found. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  3. Greetings chris……
    I thankyou for all the great work you are creating around this most important of subjects…
    I have recieved a response this afternoon from Nancy Lieder regarding the appointed time of European Tsunami and subsequent pole shift, she suprisingly responded to my email.
    Her response was kind of expected, she said that, the Zeta are bound by the council of worlds, not give precise dates of particular events ahead of time, but that they are allowed to articulate information regarding the expected sequence of events that will mark the countdown to the pole shift.
    Nancy basically informed me that the shift will be marked by the movement and subsequent quakes that will occur along The new Madid Faultline !!
    That will be the clarion call event as it were…………
    How have you arrived at the dates for spring 2021 and 2023 ????
    Have you a personal email…??/
    I have some questions that id rather not post publicly.
    Nathan UK.

    • Hi Benjamin. Thank you. Yes, that would be Nancy’s stock reply. Nancy is also bound by the rules overseeing the Zetas. But guess what? We who are on the ground facing a pole-shift have a different set of rules. Which is one of the reasons I was given the date of the Pole-Shift at February 4th, 2023. I haven’t yet a time for the New Madrid, but as Nancy says, it’s within the sequence, so not that hard to know within a month as to when it will hit. I’ve been told sometime in the last year, so 2022, probably sometime during the summer. You can email me at

  4. Good evening Chris

    I’ve been enjoying / devouring your videos on safe locations over the last year or more… amazing knowledge that you have amassed !!

    I found a beautiful large globe a week ago, and I’ve started making notes and drawing in tectonic plates, etc… a very cool exercise !

    I also live in Canada… Alberta to be exact

    That said… I drew the new equator from the flat map onto my new pole shift globe… I was surprised to find that North America does NOT lay down 90 degrees from its current orientation – but it seems to end up rotating much more than 90 degrees… maybe even 135 degrees. Or more.

    Have you got a globe? It’s very cool to look at an actual globe.

    I realize that the dramatically shrinking Pacific and expanding mid-Atlatic ridge will have a huge impact on the final orientation of all continents and tectonic plates, so maybe that accounts for (some/most) of the differences…

    I would love to hear your thoughts !

    Toby (Thunder Earth Child)

    • Hello Toby.
      The globe as a unit does roll 90 degrees and the continents relocate, but there is no reason for it to roll any further, why? Well because as passing Planet X is on a straight-line tangent, it’s hold on Earth is only most effective at the closest point at it’s distance between the two objects. Remember Planet X is also accelerating as it passes Earth, and Earth is essentially still, however it is pulled out-of-it’s-orbit thousands of miles to meet with PX’s farther-out solar system straight-line trajectory, so Earth’s closeness to PX is even more brief as the forces that keep Earth in orbit are wanting to pull Earth back into it’s orbital track as soon as possible, or another way to put it would be: the instant PX’s hold weakens enough, that hold is overcome by the Sun’s orbital forces of the Earth (The Sun pushes Earth back to the ecliptic by it’s massive atomic particle flows), and reclaims Earth to her rightful position in the solar system orbital scheme, even though she hasn’t been moving in her orbital track since Christmas 2003. So there is no lingering about for Earth in space above it’s normal orbital track, it pops back into place after the PS and restarts it’s natural orbiting of the Sun and it’s daily rotation. Because it’s nearness to PX is so brief, PX cannot drag Earth’s crust much further than 90 degrees both because of the fact that it’s passing tangent causes the magnetic hold on Earth’s south magnetic pole, and it’s push-a-way of Earth’s North magnetic pole, to weaken exponentially, and because Earth’s crust, although is moving due to magma liquidity, has great resistance to “freely roll” and immediately comes to a crustal-shift-stop. 🙂

      • Sorry Chris

        This showed up in my promotions tab (which I don’t look at much LOL)

        Thank you for your prompt reply… very impressive.

        I didn’t actually mean that the earth rotates more than 90 degrees… but I drew the new equator on a big globe (going through all the major landmarks), and Canada seems to be tilted more thàn 90 degrees.

        Have you ever drawn the new equator on a physical globe ? If not, try it 👌

        On Friday, May 10, 2019, wrote:

        > Chris Thomas commented: “Hello Toby. The globe as a unit does roll 90 > degrees and the continents relocate, but there is no reason for it to roll > any further, why? Well because as passing Planet X is on a straight-line > tangent, it’s hold on Earth is only most effective at the clos” >

      • Hello again Toby. I have drawn the new equator, several times over the years, and it doesn’t make sense. I realized while studying for one of my recent videos, that the pole locations are too close when plotted on our existing globe. I concluded that the Atlantic will expand and the Pacific will compress by about 6,000 kilometers during the Pole-Shift. Zetatalk has told us that these oceans would change greatly, but I had not realized until then by so much. Another issue is that we do not actually have an accurate global map for the real sizes and perspectives of the worlds continents. Additionally, the continents are relocating in various degrees and directions so without this information, it’s impossible to accurately draw the new equator.

  5. Chris, my husband would like to know what will happen to nuclear power stations, chemical dumps, will this create more pollution and radiation?

    • Hello Heather,
      Well there are varying ways I could answer this question. Many people have asked me questions about nuclear power stations for the Pole-Shift, but my responses are taken differently depending on how fixated the questioner is about the subject. The obvious way to deal with nuclear stations for the person unable to trust in the massive spiritual assistance being given to Earth for the Pole-Shift, is to simply do not locate within 20 miles downwind of a nuclear station. Of course the wind directions will be altered in the After-Time as the globe permanently rotates in place changing longs and lats for specific locations forever, so you’d have to provide (me), or calculate the new prevailing winds for the specific site. My videos often have this included. Also, one would not want to locate downstream or on the same lake or water course the station was located. Similar advice for chemical dumps and ponds. Most ponds will break their banks anyway during the Pole-Shift, so don’t be down landscape or river from one of these.
      For those people who can trust in the spiritual assistance given Earth, you can rest assured that all sites will be cleaned up by ET tech as Earth is transitioning to a higher vibration within about 300 years, still, it’s prudent not to be too close to these nuclear or chemical dumps at any rate. Point is, do your due diligence for a good safe location, but don’t worry about it at the same time.
      ET tech can easily render nuclear radiation inert.

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