Guided Meditation Spiritually-Charged to Open your Third Eye.

I am highly recommending participation in a channeled meditation being offered by Ogedon and the Wise Ones, that by listening to it, your third eye will be opened. The reason for this offering is because, during the run-down to the Pole-Shift, much of our respective environments will be under great change causing confusion of the human thinking-mind: this is where or when an opened third eye is critical to receiving spiritual guidance from your over-soul (Christians: read “God”). This is being offered in my Surviving the Pole-Shift Facebook group, but I have been given the privilege to extend this offering to anyone of my facebook page(s) or my website subscribers.
First I’d like to explain how this works. There are many spiritual layers to a truly-channeled meditation. Starting from very high on the dimensional scale, probably in this case, 10D or above where the total energy message originates, it is carried “downward” to and through, a family soul of “Ogedon” incarnated as the woman speaking in the meditation who has had her personal vibrations raised to present the meditation product to the Earth-public and finally to our ears as human’s needing their third eye opened the Earth-incarnated human at the “lowest” (physical 3D) level, dimensionally. In addition, the message, the voice and the words, are imbued with very high spiritual vibrations: as if the physical vibrating voice within the meditation was the carrier for the extremely high vibrational spiritual energy that is intended to do the heavy-lifting that raises the participating (listening) human-incarnated soul to a level that permits crews of special doctors on the higher planes to work on the human third eye organ, the pineal gland.
Finally, in my opinion, it is only the act-of-listening to the voice in the meditation that is important. For those who happen to enjoy guided meditations, they can use their imagination in the ways that are elicited within the meditation as directed, but that is just the choice or preference of the listener. In other words, even having the meditation playing as you go to sleep or playing in the background while you work, it will still have the desired effect. Listen to this multiple times, this is suggested to build the energy vibration in your body and soul.
LINK to the sound file by RASA LUKOSIUTE :

NOTE: Other meditations by Rasa Lukosiute can be seen or heard at this link

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