New Video: Safe Locations for Australia and New Zealand.

In this video, I explain what is very likely to happen geologically to the landforms of Australia and New Zealand during the Pole-Shift. For this, I use ZetaTalk information as an overall pattern, and not only corroborate that with conventional Human science but I add to the overall message with other sources such as psychics and clairvoyants and my own spiritual guidance.
Also in the video, I reference very large downloadable maps that are hosted on this website in my media library, the links to which are within the “SHOW MORE” link on my Youtube Channel. As an aside, I now can host other types of files such as my unique slideshows I create for each safe location video which is in a PDF file format. The whole point of the large map images is for the viewer/downloader to be able to zoom in close (20 miles high) for road and landform detail in order to identify a survival settlement area more easily. Each country in this video has one of these maps.
Although Australia and New Zealand are next to each other in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, they have very different destinies. Australia loses about 75% of its landmass and has to bear the brunt of massive survivor migrants bearing diseases arriving by boat in the current north of the country. Consequently, Australian’s who do not want to mingle with the migrants should congregate to the more southern areas that will be above the waves after the Pole-Melt. The latter point is why I always include the higher elevation of the post-Pole-Melt (2025) sea level in my maps so that those watching my videos do not have to move multiple times in the After-Time to avoid the advancing seas. New Zealand has a much better time of it after the Pole-Shift when the proverbial dust settles. It’s still rough-and-tumble during the Pole-Shift, as it is everywhere else, but New Zealand maintains more of it’s landmass than many other Island countries after the Pole-Shift. Another benefit for New Zealand is its distance from the highly-populated island nations such as Indonesia and the Philippines. These countries, along with Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and South China, which will be highly assaulted by a swift and massive compression over the Pacific Oceanic plates, will be the source of the dangerous survivor migrants: thus New Zealand escapes this travail in the main.
Finally, just after my introduction, I cover Waking Dreams in a 13½ minute talk. My hope is to get my viewers to recognize the messages coming down to us from over-soul, for it is this communication that will provide us with all the safety and the things we need for our survival in the run-down to the Pole-shift and in our After-Time living.




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