The New “Last Weeks” Calendar.

This is my new “last weeks” calendar. I’ve taken the original ZetaTalk sequence-of-events that occur within the last 50 days to the Pole-Shift (margin of variance is about a ¾ day) which of course is published in ZetaTalk, and illustrated the events for a clearer understanding for the novice reader. All the art is mine, plus I double-checked the sequence-of-events and Earth’s on-going postures (tilt) during these last weeks as well.
Some may not know that I was there working as an admin the first day the old “last weeks” calendar was posted at “the ning”, and over the years the old calendar has served it’s purpose, but things have moved on since then…. Even though I’ve been working on this project for the last 10 days or so, and it finally seems finished, I’ve wanted to improve upon the last weeks concept for a long time.
Of course, this calendar has the Pole-Shift date which was given me by my over-soul.

grunge fabric

2 thoughts on “The New “Last Weeks” Calendar.

  1. Chris:
    Thanks for the updated Last Week’s calendar. Curious as to why you picked 2022-2023? Was this hypothetical, or do you know something? ZT recently indicated we won’t get to 2020 election because earth changes are speeding up too quickly. Please advise. Thanks for all of your work.

    • Hi Steve. Well yes of course, I would not have published my Calendar if I wasn’t in the know, in my preamble I explain (partially) where I got the date from (I have other sources). Regarding the speeding-up: it’s the scale of events that most Planet X aware do not understand because they associate the coming earth-changes with what they know and have experienced. I get many queries against my date because most people see the uptick and think: “well the pole-shift must be near”, but the fact remains, none-of-us have seen a Pole-Shift before. So the events: the frequency, the intensity, the types (with many new types as well) and the sizes cannot be predicted by man’s mind. People fall-back onto little storms and fret when they don’t have electricity for a day, then they start up on online making all their credulous claims and premature forecasts and pretty soon you have a gullible-internet-public-consciousness of such foolishness as the “September 23, 2017 date for the pole-shift”.

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