New Video: Safe Locations for the U.K.

The U.K. suffers a great deal of change to it’s land form during the Pole-Shift, but the two islands of Ireland and Britain do retain enough land mass to support the remaining population in the After-Time. Ireland becomes a series of islands, whereas central England’s high land, Wales and Scotland become the greater against the loss of much of England’s southern parts.
Of course, prior to the Pole-Shift, the U.K. is hit with two major tsunami’s: the “200 foot tsunami” in the spring of 2021 and the 100-foot “Pressure wave” from a Canary Island volcano explosion 6 weeks before the Pole-Shift.
During the Pole-Shift, Britain splits in two between rivers Mersey and the Humber. This event, although only suggested by ZetaTalk, was confirmed to me by a clairvoyant Englander and another Englander who has had a vision of the same when she was a little girl. Ironically, both of these people live on opposite sides of the South Pennines, plus they currently live respectively on the north (future) section and the other on the south (future) section.
During the approximately 3 months of preparation for this video I had a dream confirming the 200 foot tsunami and another highly specific dream saying that the global sea rise is not that of the venerable ZetaTalk’s 675, but a 661 foot rise due to the resulting Pole-Melt after the Pole-Shift.
One subtle but powerful thought to keep in mind, is that although it’s a difficult subject to want to entertain, but the remaining alive after the Pole-Shift will be spread across the new sparse landscape making survival much more tenable. Also, keep in mind that those people who love the light will be spared by spiritual protection making them in a higher concentration within the new U.K. community for the new world to come in the After-Time.

6 thoughts on “New Video: Safe Locations for the U.K.

  1. I had a vision many years ago I cannot forget. I was taken into the air and I could taste the fear. The people were petrified they were running but had nowhere to go.
    The wind was berserk like the four winds had merged together and nothing and no one could escape it. I was petrified I seen a stone farmhouse thrown in the air like a box of matches it terrified me so much.
    I had a metallic taste in my mouth for weeks after this vision i have no idea what that means.

  2. Hello Jacqueline. Sorry for the late reply. Well that is a “pole-shift” dream to be sure. Fantastic experience, thank you for sharing it. My guess is that the metallic taste was a possible after-effect of being taken into the future by UFO craft and friends to see the Pole-Shift from Earth’s atmosphere, or, it could be the after effect of some kind of healing work on your body or both: this is often done by our spiritual family when medical work is necessary to help you survive in the After-Time.

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