Readiness for the After-Time is now in our moment-to-moment actions.

Readiness for the After-Time needs to be on the basis that all has been provided for, it only needs be that we organize ourselves to receive it. It’s an acceptance of who we are: a new realization of experiencing our living dominion-of-Life that we have in concert with our higher spiritual self, our over-soul. Confidence in our future is met now by patience and therefore kindnesses that we give to others. We take the time while standing in line somewhere to love those around us, being the compassion, and allowing our inner light to shine forth through a calm and smiling face. ¬†Taking the high road, every moment of the day, when we have a choice to respond, is the exercise we need to strengthen our identity with our over-soul. We learn to love all manifestations of Life, even that which appears in opposition, or that which is less or even repugnant to us, for we see the network of soul and the purpose of the God-Light that shines through it all: It is then we are able to see through, as if all that which is before and around us, becomes a lens and not a blockage to spirit. Dreaming replaces thinking more and more as we slowly realize that we are not whole as Human, yet we are connected to the whole by the dreaming process.
We know that help is on the way, we only need to continue in our work, for as we work we find everything we need. Work and Love is the key. Seeking all before us is also the key, for that which is behind us can no longer serve us. By moving forward we find that we are indeed that which is promised to us by spirit.

4 thoughts on “Readiness for the After-Time is now in our moment-to-moment actions.

    • Hello Lydia. Sudbury On. is on the Canadian Shield so is safe as far as the ground is concerned. Of course, this doesn’t exclude the normal caveats: avoid landslide areas, diverting rivers and flooding areas, arable land and being hidden from view and remote as possible. Looking at the elevation map, I see that Sudbury is on a flood plain, so what looks like the town there will flood. However, I see you have lots of good high land choices in the vicinity.
      Ottawa, on the other hand, will see a lot of action during the Pole-Shift (PS): the St. Lawrence opens and becomes fully a salt water seaway and the Pole-Melt(PM) within 1.5 years of the pole-shift will bring the ocean in and around the city. It’s said that Ottawa will “ride high”(zetatalk) during the PS suggesting that city dwellers will escape the sea inundation, but to what degree remains unknown and unspoken of. It’s suggested that north of Ottawa will be taken by the sea(PM) as well. Also, and this applies to Sudbury as well, Ottawa has over 1.3 million in population, many of whom will survive the PS, this means that you will have up to a million or more survivor-migrants looking for food, water and a place to stay right after the PS. In the case of Sudbury, about 100 thousand people will be without food, power, clean water, gas, gasoline, etc., so will also be a menace to those visible who have prepared for the PS and the PM.
      If you are choosing between Sudbury and Ottawa, Sudbury is the much better option, but miles from the town in the hills, hidden and stocked for self-sufficiency for at least 3 years, then wandering out to see what communities you can find and trade with.
      Have you seen my safe location video on Ontario?


    • Hello Rana, The town of Klamath Falls just escapes the potential ash-fall from possible eruptions at Medicine lake Cal., so can be considered a relatively safe location. The lake itself will survive the pole-shift, but will change shape somewhat, so don’t locate too close to it. The town is 150 kilometers from the sea, which is over the Cascades to the west, this makes food from the sea somewhat inaccessible but potentially possible through new trade from the west in the After-Time. Ashland Or. is closer to the potential ash-fall zone from Medicine Lake. It must be said, though, that the Medicine Lake volcano is very old, as a volcano, and is not-likely to erupt in any fashion. So then, it would seem that Ashland Or. is the preferred location because it is closer to the sea and therefore (via potential trade from the west) has the potential for much more sea food in the After-Time. Klamath Falls is in a valley, as is Ashland, so locating in both locations must be done in the hills nearby for best safety considering several unmentioned aspects. Between the two towns, it looks like Ashland Or. is the best of the two locations: the town is closer to the higher elevations and closer to the sea.

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