New Video: Safe Location Analysis for the Eastern Provinces of Canada.

This video completes my Safe Location Series for Canada against the Pole-Shift. Long time in making, partly because of winter season celebrations, and partly because of the time it takes for me to get back into the saddle.
Canada, in general, is by far the best country in the world for not only weathering the short and intense Pole-Shift event, but for a good After-Time Life. Canada ranks second in the world for sheer land mass behind Russia, yet when you consider Russia will lose more than half of it’s land mass to the Pole-Melt by 2025, this puts Canada at the top of the list for countries in the After-Time for size-of-land-mass. Also, when you consider the fact that Canada is 38th in world ranking by population, and that better than 90% of Canada’s population lives along it’s southern border with the United States, this leaves most of it’s land mass un-populated. Granted, most of Canada’s higher latitudes are under snow and ice for 6 to 8 months of the year, yet after the Pole-Shift, western Canada (from B.C. to Manitoba including Nunavut and NWT) will say goodbye to ice and snow in the winter. Even eastern Canada will be warmer because it’s shores will be washed by the new Tropical Arctic Sea, all-be-ti at it’s outer reaches through Canada’s high-Arctic islands.
Globally, safe locations abound in many areas that may seem harsh, it depends on the survival group and how prepared and educated they are regarding the new living conditions coming their way. Getting back to Canada, take for example Alaska and the Yukon, these areas have volcanoes, which are the most devastating natural danger, and huge kodiak (or “Alaskan”) bears, yet I submit that these difficulties can be partially overcome respectively with careful consideration of one’s survival location and by serious food storage, cooking and food-scrap containment.
In the After-Time our societies will hardly be recognizable since all the systems of food creation, and it’s sources we rely on for physical sustenance, will be but a fading memory, this will cause people to make wholesale changes to their lifestyle in order to survive. There is always some way to survive, but it’s thriving that we all want. To this end, it is so important to consider very carefully where we are going to weather the Pole-Shift, for travel in the After-Time will be very difficult. Our survival communities will be our new government, food will be the new gold and clean water will be our most precious resource.

2 thoughts on “New Video: Safe Location Analysis for the Eastern Provinces of Canada.

  1. Hi Chris,

    I tried to email you, but came back, ’email does not exist’. So I’ll try this avenue and hopefully this will find you.

    First off I want to thank you for all your hard work. It’s been both disturbing and extraordinary to try to wrap my mind around all this information. Viewing your videos and reading your detailed in-depth literature has been informative to say the least. I’m just plain awe-stricken by this global pole shift scenario.

    My question is this, I probably missed your presentation on the Providences mentioned above or can not locate the safe zones in these areas. Would you direct me in locating this information. I’m currently studying central & upper-Idaho above the southern flooding portion of the state as a base camp situation, but want a second and possibly third base camp scenario site. I’ve followed your advice on the Eastern edge of mountainous terrain when locating a possible camp and to keep well away from their boundaries, but would like to explore the Providences of central Canada as well. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Again, thank you for your dedication and mindfulness to awaken the masses. Your kindness and dedication to this catastrophic global event will be remembered in the hearts and minds of mankind forever.


    On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 11:05 PM, wrote:

    > Chris Thomas posted: “This video completes my Safe Location Series for > Canada against the Pole-Shift. Long time in making, partly because of > winter season celebrations, and partly because of the time it takes for me > to get back into the saddle. Canada, in general, is by far th” >

    • Hello Scott. You are in good company, the concepts of the Pole-Shift, for surely they are that at this stage, are bizarre and impossible to fully comprehend to their fullest for even the most intelligent people I have met.
      Well, thank you for your kind words, although I fear they push me beyond my accomplishments.
      In my Canadian series, I felt it unnecessary to lay out Canadian safe locations, because most of Canada is in fact Safe, other than the coastal areas of course. Having said that, there are a few areas that have certain dangers, but Central Canada has few, with the exception of southern Ontario between Georgian Bay and Brockville, or north of the Ottawa river. At the border between Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Athabaska oil sands are dangerous for the likelyhood of forest fire to break-out during the Pole-Shift. The standard safety factors apply: stay away from populated centers, river valleys/flood planes and setting up at the base of a mountain, with the other requirements of arable soil and fresh surface water (which abounds in these provinces and Canada in general). Now the U.S., it is a very different situation, as that part of North America is undergoing a great deal of continental ground movement from California and all through the central states due to the New Madrid fault line (event), the desert areas of Nevada, New Mexico, etc. (which, in my opinion, are not viable for settlement) and much flooding in the central states. Because of the latter, I felt defining some safe location areas would be of benefit.
      I did make up a safe location map for B.C., because that province undergoes a fair amount of stress and changes.
      If you have an area or two in mind, go ahead and post here in this thread, and I will comment. If you have a facebook account you can contact me at:
      Best of Luck.

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