Channel: Reassurance


Most humans today have no prior experience of an Earth pole-shift in their memories, this means that when they become activated by the reality of the approaching Pole-Shift (PS), they draw on two sources to replete their understanding: intuition and research. But even these methods fall short of an understanding of the real forces behind this galactic-wide event unfolding upon Earth’s future course of evolution. The activation by those who watch over us is on-going, in other words, the best is yet to come. Still, there are many humans resisting this process, they will be won-over in the end, even if it means their death upon the surging waters destined to fly past our cities in a seeming unending flow. Those that see the waters coming and have not prepared will be assisted as required by their karma, their past and will be fulfilled according to their soul destiny. A short time will pass and all will be seen as the process it is, this pole-shift.

The destiny of all, is to be united with Spirit in the various families present now on Earth as human beings. Those who resist, will be taken away to the appropriate environment for their further spiritual education until they realize who they are and their families required pathways in the worlds of God. All families of Earth, all families of the galactic federation will find, in the end, that God is supreme and that all souls will attain that required destiny, but real work is required for this to happen, for no progress is attained by beliefs and the lack of good works.

The PS itself is a minor event in the scheme of things, for all the works of God find even the smallest divine quality that is envied by those of lessor degree of soul. This means that the PS will provide all souls willing to survive, and thrive in the After-Time (AT), a major life opportunity to exceed their standing in the worlds of Spirit. To exceed in this way, is the most desired attainment of any method or system of thinking that can conjure even the finest thoughts of God while human. When a Soul is united with it’s source, all becomes revealed and no experience from those emerging from the lower world’s of God will ever exceed such a divine joy.

The PS is a difficult challenge, this is clear, but all those who love and love deeply will be assisted, this has been said, but it cannot be said often enough. We who see you, see you as soul, and as soul you are invincible, it is only the limited mind of ego that thinks in diminutive symbols of thought. So it is the Ego of our charges below, our human counterparts, that falls short of it’s divine opportunity, it’s real qualities of spirit in a way that often confounds even the soul of our soul. The soul is your real self, the soul has it’s source too, as we all do, so we all extend further than we can ever imagine into the high world’s of Spirit. So be it.


9 thoughts on “Channel: Reassurance

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  2. You are a very special human being and again thank you for giving us your thoughts… sharing with us your insight and a peep at what is, our true reality– that we are spiritual beings and our real selves are eternal.

    Chris, sorry to plague you again, but I have been trying to make contact with those hosting ZT in Johannesburg and even in Namibia– but had no luck. I know that perhaps you have no direct contact with ZT anymore per se, but is there any hope that you could get this info from NL?– Just a name, telephone number and or email address will be extremely welcome– I will not be a nuisance to these people. You can mail information to me privately. I would greatly appreciate it, because have not found any SA sites on the pole shift or PX aka Nibiru. I just reckoned, that in some or other way, I could perhaps be a helpful source when it comes to community building in my area, or serve the ZT guys here in some or other way– Just my thoughts…

    • Hello, Kzn. If my memory serves me correctly, ZetaTalk & the Poleshift.ning dot com, specifically forbade community connections such as you describe. I’m pretty sure I’m correct, because providing private contact between the public wanting to set up survival communities would be a haven for scammers and thieves. I am not in contact with Nancy Lieder any more, but she is not hard to contact, also, she is very, very busy and I wouldn’t suggest it anyway because Nancy is likely to reject any questions about contacting her international support.
      My advice is to continue to prepare for the pole-shift yourself and watch your dreams and your daytime experience (waking dreams) to see which way they point. The way forward will open up. Pole-shift is early in the year 2023.

      • Thanks for your reply– I was not per se wanting to be involved with forming groups at all.. Last thing I would consider is contacting NL about it (laughing)– No– here in SA, there literally are no news about sightings– no sites– everything silent, or I have not been able to discover interested parties — to at the very least have a discussion with. Which would be great– as also, we have local prepper equipment, which are very different to what’s available in the States– it would be nice to know where to obtain certain items , often made by private people and made on order. Thanks for your valued advice. Must say, I am fortunate to have no problem with mental and or spiritual preparation. Yes I’ve sort of worked on that date … Bless you always …

      • Hi again Kz. You are in the same situation as many, although I guess that Africa would be a little more difficult to get certain types of equipment than say Europe or North America. Many people contact me about this, and other subjects, but I have little to offer directly on “getting a community together”. However, I do believe that communities will naturally form at the right time, it just takes patience and some “faith” (I like the word confidence) in Life, for I am certain our lives are planned in this regard.

  3. So grateful. Thank you. In Kansas City. Looking for land in Idaho. Hard to find land with good elevation that has no building restrictions – like for a dome home or underground dome home. I was looking in Colorado but there were a lot of crows on that trip. Then I was going to get Idaho land with a brand new Eagle yurt on it, but it was only 2800 ft above sea level and in a river valley area and I wonder about water surge from the North Atlantic and pacific ( in Sandpoint area) On topo maps there are vast flat valleys where water has set up in shifts past. Just as I was contemplating that, it poured rain very hard outside for some time. So my search is still on. There is elevated land, but in neighborhoods and I need something more rural. Also I worry about my daughter in Winnipeg. On topo maps and by going 3x flood levels of Red and Assiniboine, the Winnipeg gets washed out all th way down into both Dakotas. Anyway. What do you know about crows? I read that they are a sign of Great Spirit. Som say messengers of death? But can they be suspicious?

    • Hello Rebecca,if you want, I would suggest emailing me at chrismWakefield at gmail dot com and then I will send you my phone number so you can call me, that will be easier for me to explain the subtleties of waking dreams, but it seems you are pretty well good with them, judging by what you written.

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