sunset-fog-over-sea-mountains-2560x1440This transition from late modern man’s social-multi-cultural status quo through the Pole-Shift and into the After-Time will require a great deal of patience. We can only assimilate a certain amount of stress at a time and convert it to wisdom, the balance of it will abide as disease if we do not deal with it in a timely manner.
During this transition, families, friends and associates of all manner will either find each other or part in various terms of emotional vigor. The best of us will endure and have the patience to mitigate the changes, the differences and the challenges of choice in a difficult environment; the rest of those fighting the changes will find that they need to abandon their differences and seek to find the common ground between parties.
All those who wish to survive the Pole-Shift, will find assistance in so many ways, that it is impossible to explain, but just know that intention-to-survive is the key. God wishes all those who remain on Earth to be enriched in ways that guide their soul-journey further into the higher realms of God, for surely they exist, as do those whose heart beats for Love, the soul, the sources of all that stand in the presence of that which they hold most dear.
The children of men and women of Earth will hold the fairest ways to approach their new life after the pole-shift has occurred. Of course, those without children will pass those with children with envy as they speak of the right-way, the best-way to seek the only peaceful solution to daily challenges of life without the comforts they have come to know in the previous years before the great cataclysm.
So it is that all who survive the pole-shift will be blessed with that can only be described as miracles of the Universe. Why would one not believe that this is possible?: One that is still steeped in pre-pole-shift consciousness, those who are still poisoned with collective selfishness? For you who endure the pain of the great change, will be blessed beyond belief, for all those standing in the pain of a pole-shift will be lifted in ways not understood by modern man and is normal to those who exist in the high planes of God.
After the Pole-Shift, many will lament the loss of the old ways and seek to re-establish them into their After-Time lives and communities, but this will fail. Those entities still alive, will desire new ways to live and dance and love and fall asleep with their loved ones and family before a great fire.
Old society will die and be replaced with new ways of living together as human beings as the children of God. This is destined to be, for all of Earth is to be a great place for souls to incarnate and love one another. New thinking, new feeling will find it’s way into the psyche of the status quo of those populating the After-Time surface of Earth.
Any of those who wish assistance need only ASK, believe not the nay-Sayers, the doom-Sayers and those who speak in dystopian terms and lay down the letters, the words and the phrases that leave you devoid of joy. Follow not these and gird your spirit with thoughts of kindness, joy, love and thoughts of assistance to those less privileged so that you too will be lifted in times of hardship. All humans and living beings existing with beating hearts on the surface of Gaia will again be loved and pushed into the fineness of God-living whether they know it or not. Fear not, for those who watch over you, love you, and who will do all that is required for a good life in the After-Time: the death of the old and the birth of the New.
Blessed be all those who love the Good in others and seek to find that in themselves. Blessed be.

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