Why Love is the master pursuit of Pole-Shift preparation.

great-smoky-mountains-np-35-sunrise-2The Love principle is the highest possible physics-of-Life, but to understand it, one needs to break down existential Life into two basic components: atoms and Love. The atom is the indispensable material of our Universe where the atoms are also held together by energic-relationships (made up of parts of atoms) (magnetizm, electrical attraction, etc.) hence, the glue. Obviously, the multitude of Earthly organic Life-forms have developed into complex-living expressions of the substance of Earth, and since every part of these bodies have sprung forth from the Earth, it naturally follows that all Earth-Life conforms to it’s own laws. It’s an organized system as an inter-weaved and interdependent Life-expression. Regarding atoms, to take this further, deeper, Bashar (Anka) explains that our entire Universe is only one particle moving so fast that it can manifest anywhere/everywhere at once, regardless, the basic principles of material laws still apply as a hierarchy of law governing all material: every existential medium has it’s own laws that are either subjugated or superseded by a another law in a seamless arrangement in a divine hierarchical matrix.
Behind every action, there is a cause, a force being satisfied. This essential law applies to all levels of existential living: the physical, emotional and mental. As an example: all Earthly social and cultural “laws” are usually subject to the emotional laws, some higher cultures tend to identify with the mental laws, but it’s usually a blend, however. Taking it further, this main law even extends into the other higher planes of existences: even after death, we still have laws to obey and adhere to. Generally, and put very crudely, physical laws can be superseded by the emotional laws which in turn can be superseded or exceeded by the mental laws and finally, the spiritual laws always reign supreme over all.
All existential Life is ensconced within a higher dimensional existence where the laws have a broader reach. An example of transit between these dimensions would be a “pole-shift sleep dream” where the dreamer has been elevated to see the Pole-Shift in progress or the part of it that the dreamer’s ego needs to have registered in memory for the desired effect. Some people do not believe that they dream, but the message always gets through somehow when needed. All dimensions of Life are wrapped within a larger plane of reality and so they must abide by the most simple Universal principle: the continuum of Life. This is evidenced by the phenomenon of today, today could not exist without an unimaginable array of the yesterdays of supereons and our galactic historical registry of age.
Even though atoms and parts of atoms, with their fields of energy, are physically contiguous in concept (a body without a soul), the main principle of the purpose-behind-action remains unrealized. A new law now emerges as the force behind living within the matrix of Earth-Life: the law of consciousness. Consciousness is ultimately leaning towards the action for the good-of-all, or the good of another, but initially falls short. Consciousness is an expanding awareness that develops over time, or more specifically: lifetimes of Soul. When a consciousness expands to the point where it touches on the massive ocean shores of it’s potential, it then enters a sink-of-reality taking it far beyond it’s capacity to even imagine what it has found. The individual consciousness has now eternally-changed it’s destiny for all time, it will never be the same again. This is when the love principle takes over, the consciousness has finally returned home to it’s source: Over-Soul. The Over-Soul is the life-line of consciousness, without it, we cannot exist: It is like cutting the shaft of a vine, the separated soon withers and dries into another flake of humus. Over-Soul is our main-line connection to the divine.
Love is the flow of divine-Life from Over-Soul. It takes many forms, but is always felt as Love. When we Love we connect with Over-Soul which is our true self. Our Life, seen from the perspective as Over-Soul is all-inclusive, including our entire life-span and all our experiences within that Life.
When we live in fear, loathing, hatred or are isolated from the divine by ego-oriented (mind-only) identity, we are separated from our soul-main-line of divine energy, we are disengaged from it’s benefit. We then operate within the lower laws of material reality and are subject to the lower vibrational results of our Life-actions.
This is why, by loving as much as possible, we are invisibly-connected in our daily lives with our Over-Soul and we are thus guaranteed a future of joy, happiness and the fulfillment of our dreams in the After-Time.
Chris Thomas.

2 thoughts on “Why Love is the master pursuit of Pole-Shift preparation.

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  2. As always, well said. I wish nothing but the best for you, in the coming pole-shift. Thanks for all you’ve done, Chris. Its well appreciated. (Lissa = Chris)

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