Video: Safe Locations for Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.

Continuing in my series of videos for Safe Locations in the USA (the USA is 74% of my YouTube channel viewership), I expose the safe locations and the danger areas for states Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. Besides the effects of new and vastly increased water flow, earthquakes, changes in sea level (rising/falling continental support, Pole-Melt), Pole-Shift waves/water funneling, bedrock geology and flow of surviving migrants, I also take into account the visibility against the US military in the After-Time. It’s important to note that a safe area for the Pole-Shift is not necessarily the best location for After-Time living. The best over-all location includes both stable ground for Pole-Shift survival, and the other factors that make After-Time living possible. The latter needs to include secrecy, good soil for growing food, and if possible, access to either the Great Lakes, a very large lake or preferably, the sea. Of course enough rain and ground water and distance from the many volcanoes on the west coast of North America. The most difficult factor of all for the After-Time, that the USA does not have to face, is closeness to the new poles (Brazil and India). From my study so far, it seems the greatest difficulties for the USA will be the migration of desperate pole-shift survivors, especially in the in-land states where many, many more people will survive the Pole-Shift due to the lack of Pole-Shift waves from the Sea. While we have great empathy for Pole-Shift survivors, there is no sense in having your survival camp decimated and overrun with aggressive and demanding migrants, and they will be aplenty. A family is a different matter, however. I urge anyone with the where-with-all to set up their own method of assisting migrating survivors with perhaps a secure compound away from your own camp or site where food, tools, clothing, blankets and fresh water could be judiciously dispensed to firstly: children, parents of children, clear-eyed individuals and then others. I see it as a kind of flexible triage of survival assistance. Regardless, if anyone reading this has this kind of money and inclination, please consider setting something like this up somewhere in your area. This is not an ongoing affair, it’s just to help in the first year or so until most people move on to get established elsewhere, at least that is the idea.

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