Safe Locations for Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico.

This video is the next in my series that I am producing to offer my opinions (drawing on ZetaTalk) on where in the world it is safe from a Pole-Shift survival location perspective. However, Pole-Shift survival is no survival at all without a lot of careful thought about your local After-Time conditions: I make that clear in my videos. Understanding the all-important reality of After-Time living in a social structure that would be similar to pioneering/homesteading in a “New Land” during the 1600’s. There are no references to such a shift in our modern society, so the individual must make this leap effectively to prepare properly for their After-Time environment. One of the major advantages we have now is foreknowledge of the Pole-Shift, that, and a far better technology to carry forward in our respective After-Times.
Food is the new gold, thus, many areas in the world today will be wastelands for future generations to deal with. When you consider that all the great cities of the world from a trade & wealth (not Religious) perspective, you see one common thing about them: they are on the coastlines. In the After-Time, the sea will be the greatest supplier of not only all the food we can eat but within 5 to 10 years great trade opportunities. One of my main themes, is to find a way to position oneself so that the rising seas from the Pole-Melt comes within hiking distance to your survival camp. The other way around will most-likely be the norm, people will be re-locating to the new coastlines after the Pole-Melt that ZetaTalk tells us will complete within 2 years of the After-Time.

7 thoughts on “Safe Locations for Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico.

  1. i enjoyed you video! it was very informative but i do have a few questions! i live in Montana! and was wondering if the east side will remain dry like it is now or will it get more rain? i was also wondering if you can point me in the direction of low light plants crops to grow in Montana as well. will there be a climate change if so will those plants do ok here…?

    • Hi Marsha. Rain is more likely in the After-Time in most areas of the world. Eastern Montana is not recommended!I don’t know low light crops, as I haven’t studied the subject sorry. It’s very hard to know which areas will get more sunlight, but I”m guessing Montana will do ok in that department. Climate will be warmer in Montana, though.

  2. Hi Chris,

    This is an interesting series… like nothing I’ve seen or heard before.

    Just a question… It appears that your series here is going through and analyzing what you think the American states will look like after a pole-shift. However, I don’t see anything on your site about recommendations for where to be should a pole shift happen. Did I miss that link, or do you have any thoughts on that?

    Also, (just in case you haven’t already done this), I’d be interested in your thoughts on not only where to be, but how best to live in such a way between now and then so that when the time comes, life changes would be minimal… sort of an “expect-the-best-prepare-for-the-worst” mindset.

    Any thoughts you have on this would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello top. Good question. I approached the U.S. from the general standpoint of what is going to happen in each state, but also where in the states is better than others, if I recall correctly. I am going to do an overview video for the U.S. of A. in the next few weeks, and in prep for that, I did compile a U.S. map for the express purpose to provide my viewers with a general look at U.S. safe locations. it is here.
      Your last question is also probably the best question that could be asked. This question demands a rather large answer. I’ll weave my thoughts on this into my next video. Basically, it’s about being “grounded” and grateful, live in the now while preparing for the future. I would liken it to like planning for a camping trip, calmly putting together your gear and making reservations for your location well ahead-of-time, while going about your daily business and looking after your responsibilities. This has been called: “The double life”, and it most certainly is. Very important to express as much love as you can in your daily life, break the mold, in fact, let is pour-out. All will be well. PS is 2023. Of course, one should remain vigilant meanwhile to social and political conditions, your ear-to-the-ground as it were. Also I am an avid dream-watcher, that is sleep and Daytime dreams called “waking dreams”. Waking dreams are omens, but traditional omens and signs have a connotation, which is fine, but my approach is that waking dreams take the form of any event in your life pointing-the-way. Anything your gaze is attracted to a split second after wondering on something or perhaps feeling a strong desire for something. It’s really Lifetimes of work to learn this, but if you learn to notice them, they will point the way for your best interests.

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