Video: Pole-Shift Safe Locations for the Pacific Northwest, Radiation exposure and Volcanoes.

In this video, I explore mainly Oregon, Washington State and Vancouver Island for safe areas to survive the Pole-Shift. The critical subject of west coast volcanoes (Rocky Mountains) is covered and it’s all-important companion-subject, prevailing winds. Radiation exposure from nuclear stations is also covered. For an in-depth article on radiation exposure, it’s highly-complex graduated measurement, it’s dispersal and living with radiation from an After-Time perspective, please go here to find links to my Planet X NewsLetter (2015) Issue #2 The effects of the Pole-Shift on the Pacific Northwest coast line is also discussed. As usual, I draw on ZetaTalk for most of my base information. Here is a LINK to my blog post on Issue #2.
I’m hoping to eventually complete a closer examination of the North American continent by a few states and Canadian Provinces at time.

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