New video on Safe Locations for the Pole-Shift.

This is my latest video on a subject I’ve been advising people about for a few years now: Safe Locations. There is much to be said about Safe Locations, but after all that is explained, the reality is, that everyone still has to do their own research for the particulars of their area at ZetaTalk “safe locs“. Other tools such as earthquake history, volcano and karst maps are also very important to consult for the area you wish to settle in for the Pole-Shift (PS) and the After-Time (AT). The more informed you are about the conditions of the Pole-Shift and the times leading-up to the PS, the better.

Downloads & links:
My After-Time map
Earthquake history map, east coast of North America
Earthquake hazard map of California
Karst areas of the U.S.


4 thoughts on “New video on Safe Locations for the Pole-Shift.

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  2. You know your posts about the safest place on the planet during pole shift is nice but I really dont think its going to be like that…it might end up being a new ice age for all we know. you think the frozen parts will melt and flood , this might be true but with the shift and direction ;you have to take into consideration the new poles will be and the arctic will be replaced. so whatever lands are placed where the current poles now are…Stands to reason that this move will place other land in these frozen unpopulated areas…(so in effect place populated areas there now..and yet with all this crap going on…there is so much to distract all of us from this..( like wars in other countries, the wars on drugs…smoking drinking alcohol…and much more other stuff..the presidential elections and how racism has come full circle in the USA. along with prejudicial actions against many..and as far as a militarized police force, Marshall law goes..thats in the makings also..and yet nothing is being done to warn anyone about this..its all in video’s What documentation do you have that backs you up.. as to flow of direction..have you tracked this movement? is it consistent ? we need to share the documentation.

    • Hello Lafaye.
      Ice ages are euphanizms by scientists in denial of prior pole-shifts. You move the geographical poles, the ice sheets build-up on different geographical areas, it’s that simple, and it’s pole-shifts that shift the geography at the pole locations.
      If you want to read about the Pole-Shift and Planet X, I suggest

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