New video on Safe Locations for the Pole-Shift.

This is my latest video on a subject I’ve been advising people about for a few years now: Safe Locations. There is much to be said about Safe Locations, but after all that is explained, the reality is, that everyone still has to do their own research for the particulars of their area at ZetaTalk “safe locs“. Other tools such as earthquake history, volcano and karst maps are also very important to consult for the area you wish to settle in for the Pole-Shift (PS) and the After-Time (AT). The more informed you are about the conditions of the Pole-Shift and the times leading-up to the PS, the better.

Downloads & links:
My After-Time map
Earthquake history map, east coast of North America
Earthquake hazard map of California
Karst areas of the U.S.

29 thoughts on “New video on Safe Locations for the Pole-Shift.

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  2. You know your posts about the safest place on the planet during pole shift is nice but I really dont think its going to be like that…it might end up being a new ice age for all we know. you think the frozen parts will melt and flood , this might be true but with the shift and direction ;you have to take into consideration the new poles will be and the arctic will be replaced. so whatever lands are placed where the current poles now are…Stands to reason that this move will place other land in these frozen unpopulated areas…(so in effect place populated areas there now..and yet with all this crap going on…there is so much to distract all of us from this..( like wars in other countries, the wars on drugs…smoking drinking alcohol…and much more other stuff..the presidential elections and how racism has come full circle in the USA. along with prejudicial actions against many..and as far as a militarized police force, Marshall law goes..thats in the makings also..and yet nothing is being done to warn anyone about this..its all in video’s What documentation do you have that backs you up.. as to flow of direction..have you tracked this movement? is it consistent ? we need to share the documentation.

    • Hello Lafaye.
      Ice ages are euphanizms by scientists in denial of prior pole-shifts. You move the geographical poles, the ice sheets build-up on different geographical areas, it’s that simple, and it’s pole-shifts that shift the geography at the pole locations.
      If you want to read about the Pole-Shift and Planet X, I suggest

    • Hello Carl. Well, Gateway Colo. is geologically safe, being on the mountains of eastern Colo., and as well, will probably escape the hoards of travelers from eastern Colo. looking for whatever will satisfy their needs. The three remaining issues I see are food availability, clean water, and invisibility from the U.S. Military. If you know you have food and clean, potable water secured, then please do not underestimate the intentions of the After-Time U.S. military, which will not have the curbs and control conditions of a modern militia, but will only be serving the wealthy elite and their compromised military commanders. As such, you should choose an invisible, hard-to-find and hidden location for your survival camp location.
      Best of luck to you and your family. Chris.

      • Not sure if you received the question. The computer and site are not being nice today. I was looking for info on the small island of Capri and what will happen to Italy in your opinion. Thanks

      • Hi Carl, first, did you read my report to you on Gateway Colo.?
        The island of Capri is unsurvivable due to any of the following conditions during the pole-shift and the after-time: volcanic ash fallout, wholesale fault-line movement of the African plate against the Eurasian plate and with the sea floor dropping in the Mediterranian the waves will wash right over the Italian peninsula.

      • I did a video on Hawaii. The Hawaiian islands are survivable, but you’d have to be very high and of course, avoid the volcanic ash and magma. Zetatalk suggests that the volcanoes will only lightly erupt, much less than you’d expect. Personally, I don’t suggest Hawaii because of the isolation against future trade, though there will be lots of food from the sea.

      • Hello again Carl. Steamboat Colo. is a viable location geologically and only somewhat of a safe location when you apply the U.S. military fly-over danger in the After-Time and the conditional presence of fresh surface water and game/fish/foraging for food. So a survival camp/location/community near Steamboat would depend upon the settlers providing lots of food and water for the early after-time and invisibility against the military eye in that area.
        Your proposed location in Texas, Pampa, is not a safe location almost solely because of the character and the plentitude of aggressive survivor migrants from the states bordering and encompassing the western side of the Mississippi Valley. Northern Mexico and south-western Texas (El Paso area) is a better option for survival. You want to avoid the survivor migrants, many of which will be convicts from the many prisons in Texas: think: how far can a young man walk without dying of thirst and hunger from the Texas prisons.

    • Hello Diana. Sacramento is virtually the worst place to be, even before the Pole-Shift when the big quakes are slated to hit Cal. months before the PS. These quakes will prevent a quick exit and may even prevent an exit altogether as the roadways will fast plug up with desperate Californians all trying to leave this highly-populated death trap. The Pole-Shift is in the year 2023, and I believe February 2023, you want to be out of Cal. altogether by early 2022.
      Here is the link to one of my safe-location videos that includes a look at California.

  3. Hi Chris, Thanks so much for this. The valley is Plain, WA and the Chiwawa River Valley which is 20 miles north of Leavenworth. I ‘m above 2000 ft. in the Chiwawa forest. I’m 30 miles south of Glacier Peak volcano. Just wondering if we can survive here w/o moving. We have boats and are prepared as best we can although one can never be prepared enough.

    • Hello Jacqui. Plain is too low, staying there you can expect freshwater flooding from the river, also, some ocean waves could potentially arrive during the PS at the bottom of the valley. Glacier Peak is very close to you, but in the After-Time the winds will be blowing away from your valley, but beforehand, before the PS, if Glacier Peak erupts, which is remotely possible, you may find volcanic ash falling on you until the PS. All-in-all, I would say you are on the borderline of what I would normally refer to as a danger area, having said that I would say you were 80% safe in that location. Besides the latter, you still have to avoid survivor migrants and all the other PS-time precautions need to be heeded.

  4. Thank you, ever so much Chris. 30 years ago my guides told me I would be safe here but I’m also considering your input and my own knowledge and experience very carefully. The only other area I would go is northern N.Y. on that old craton in the Adirondacks. I’m from N.Y. originally and CT so very familiar with it. Problem is property taxes are out of this world for us working folk. Even in the boonies of N.Y., it is still better here so much thoughtful thinking to do and consult my spirit guides. I wish you and your family the very best in the PS and AT. Hopefully, someday we all shall meet. God Bless, Jacqui

    • Thank you for your detailed response, I love hearing about instructions from the spiritual guides of those I advise. I had no idea about the property taxes in NYS, thank you for that. Regarding meeting, I have a feeling many of us will meet in 5D at some point.

  5. Hi Chris Thanks for all your logic,,,your insight an your forward thinking..Me an my smart friends have decide you are too kind in regards to having enough provisions to last two years….Hardly any sun light.if any…poison water…poison land..Most of humanity turned into zombies do to drinking an eating poisons..A gun will be a very necessary tool in order to protect ones family an food an water supply for two very,very, long years…I see a very long dog eat dog world…I’m more then willing to do what it takes to help my family an friends survive…..Again,,,thank you so much for all your insight…..

    • Hello George. With due respect, your summation is one-sided and you don’t have the subject in the right perspective. As we know, change your perspective, you change your mind with new information and new information you need.
      Depending on where one lives, the land is better, but you still have to take precautions. Most of humanity dies off (the ones living near the coast eating bad food and drinking bad water. Drop the word “zombies” although, yes, the zombie craz does come from the Pole-Shift reality. I keep telling people, you can’t survive sitting in your home at 123 anywhere st. in a large town or city for obvious reasons. Agreed on a gun/rifle. All you need is a 22, in the After-Time, a would-be person-as-a-threat would run-a-way and die in 2 weeks with one of those in them. Dog-eat-Dog? where the hell do you plan on setting up? Chicago? London England? Guaranteed, you help others to survive, you’ll be assisted, but you won’t know it, you’ll just do much better than you think. God Bless.

  6. Hi Chris. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I’m one of few, if any, whom know of the coming pole shift. How’s western Cumberland, Maryland look? Anywhere near, Frostburg — survivable? Again, thank you for all you’ve done to help.

    • Hi Lisa. Well Frostburg rates as generally geologically safe, that is to say that it is high enough and and far enough from the Atlantic and is situated on old hard rock. The town does fall in the karst zone for that area, so that is a slight negative. Of course, any town on the floor of a valley will be likely subject to flooding during the Pole-Shift, so that’s a big negative. The hills surrounding the town can work, but there is another problem: close to Washington and Baltimore and the high population of that area which means lots of survivor migrants looking for anything they can get in the After-Time. Doable if you can set up in the mountains. But I’m looking and all I see is development within miles and no real wild mountain areas. So I’d have to say that Frostburg is a 4/10 for overall safety based on being hidden somewhere in the area.
      I now do paid consultations, contact me at: if interested.

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