Planet X NewsLetter Issue 4

In this issue:
The progress of Planet X – My extrapolated calculations based on ZetaTalk and my best guess. …..A pleasant surprize I discovered making this video, is that the famous blind savant/psychic/medium “Baba Vanga” agrees with me on the date of the Pole-Shift.
A Faux-CERN sky-spiral is real, but dies by the hand of a benevolent UFO – This event points the spiritual involvement of higher forces overseeing Earth’s transition through the Pole-Shift.
The Irony of the Zika Virus – A terrible thing for mother and child, but not due to nearby Planet X, yet a reminder to hold on having babies until after the Pole-Shift: Birth deformities have been occurring from a planet X-roiled Earth magma.
Star Wars Yoda is a Real Entity After All – A fun piece about a particular ET that contactees such as George Lucas, surprize! Yoda is real!
The Photon Belt – An in-depth piece taken from many sources and compiled into this article. The Photon belt is the engine of Earth’s transit to the next dimension. Also an image showing it’s effects nearby.
The Announcement – An in-depth analysis and report of the intricacies of setting up the Planet X announcement.
Nasa’s Denied Space Launches – A chronological history of failed launches by NASA and other corporations and why they were “shot down” or caused to fail by ETs.
Attitude Adjustment for the After-Time – Some ideas I have of pre-After-Time readiness and a concrete method to unify your brain functions for better decisions and health.
Earthquake & Tsunami detection, Naturally – Using animals and insects to warn us of the many earthchanges coming our way in the run-down to the Pole-Shift.
Chris Thomas.

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