Earth Wobble, Planet X and the Extreme Global Weather

A little over a month ago, I had decided to start producing “desktop videos” that explain the facts about Planet X and it’s effects on Earth. Of course, this means uploading my videos to where much disinformation and ignorance about Planet X and the Pole-Shift abound, so I am happy adding my voice to this new-to-me world of video-networking. My Planet X NewsLetter Issue # 4 is  in production and I am enjoying the differences between the visual presentations of information about Planet X, and the thoughtful process of carefully putting words-to-concepts in the form of my newsletter.
It has taken me this month to feel like I am producing a video of reasonable, watchable quality, still, I continue to improve my delivery and methods.
In this particular video, I attempt to explain what Earth Wobble is, what is causing it and how it is responsible for the new and intense global weather patterns. The Video:

6 thoughts on “Earth Wobble, Planet X and the Extreme Global Weather

      • It happened over Madeira Island on Monday Jan. 25 and can be read about by Internet search with the words Hand of God, Madeira Island etc. Thanks

      • My husband and I were on route to Columbus Ohio last night (6:30 pm) driving East on I-70. My husband was driving and I had my eye on a light lower on the horizon. I wasn’t sure what it was (star, planet, plane, satellite?) Suddenly it blew up, I saw green and smoke, and it was gone. My husband saw it too. I saw the same thing happen where I live in Dayton, Ohio, at the time Ison was passing by earth. It happened lower on the horizen, I saw the same green and black smoke. The next day it was in the news that a man and woman died in their home after a meteor crashed into their home and they were burned up. That location was near Bellfountaine, Ohio, close to Serpent Mound. My guess is things coming at us from space are being secretly shot at by the gov’t and we are not being told. What do you think?

      • Hi Melo. Definitely, rock is falling from the tail of PX in the form of meteors/meteorites, this we know has vastly increased in the last 10 years. I would not even hazard a guess as to these explosions, but I would say that I doubt very much that your government is shooting at meteors, they don’t have the infrastructure to monitor every meteor and respond country wide.

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