The Truth about Climate Change

Picture taken aboard the USCGC Healy in the Chukchi Sea during the final days of ocean data collection for the 2011 ICESCAPE mission.

Picture taken aboard the USCGC Healy in the Chukchi Sea during the final days of ocean data collection for the 2011 ICESCAPE mission.

Many articles have been written challenging G. W. Theory (G.W.T.) offering excellent discourse by experts and even retired climate scientists from around the world (Link to list of quotes) , but this article is written from the stand point of the presence of Planet X in our solar system.
I’ve yet to read one science writer who understands the whole G.W.T. picture and who has outlined the real reason for such a massive and diabolical discourse, however, the truth can be discovered when you know what to look for. When we are presented with a puzzling situation, it’s so satisfying to solve it, yet that “A Ha!” moment seems to have eluded the plethora of science journalists so far. I haven’t even found a writer who is at least puzzled by this massive boondoggle: they see the folly, yet the reason for it goes unnoticed. For those who are Pole-Shift aware it’s still a massive mental task to collate all the esoteric and extra-solar-system-sized points-of-view, so this unawareness is not surprising, if you don’t know the pattern, you can’t connect the dots.

G.W.T. has gone through a name change, at one time is was known as: “Global Warming Theory”, but these days it is known as “Climate Change” and “Global Warming”. I suspect the word “theory” was removed as an attempt to evoke more authentication by the public or perhaps this was planned as an easier route to acceptance by the scientific community, whatever the reason it is still the same concept.

The essential truth about G.W.T.  is not represented in the product issued by climate science spokespersons. G.W.T is in fact being trotted out on a slanted playing field of field-data sets either cherry-picked to support the concept, or pruned and shaped to fit what the climate science upper management deems necessary to maintain the lie and secure their jobs at the same time. Yes, climate scientists are side-lined if they challenge the G. W. Theory. From “The Hindu, Jairam Ramesh, Indian Environment Minister:  “Anyone who raises alternative climate theories is immediately branded as a climate atheist in an atmosphere of climate evangelists“.
A few years ago (2009), there was a website called: The website no longer exists, but it did provide the hundreds of emails gleaned (hacked) from  email servers within the University of East Anglia revealing obvious manipulation of data aimed at arbitrarily supporting G.W.T., plus many other revealing comments heavily compromising this so-called theory. These emails are available as a PDF at this LINK. There are now new G.W.T.-pudit-troubling revelations with the procurement of 5,000 more emails, anecdotally referred to as “Climate gate 2.0”, here again, dialogue between climate scientists are being revealed as clearly having an agenda supporting the G.W.T. concept without merit. Here is a Forbes magazine article about Climate Gate 2.0 at this LINK.

Why is it that “Climate Change” is always in the news? Scientific articles, (mainly) pro or con are being published many times a day on the Internet for years? There is more than an almost rabid over-zealousness here as G. W. T. is driven by powerful international forces, such as the I.P.C.C., the U.N. and the W.M.O. (no doubt many more organizations). It’s a continuous felt-hammering of the message, but only those heavily involved can understand it. When you actually read reports on “Climate Change”, it’s a mass of statistics, acronyms, and descriptions of protocol and a hierarchy of “initiatives” expressed in government-speak: very hard to follow. When something so arcane as the concepts of G. W. Theory is pushed so hard for so long, likely consuming billions of Dollars (since 1990) and with peer opposition, it’s pretty clear there is a hidden agenda here.


The above 2-part image: left side is not-to-scale, but suggests the relative thicknesses of Earth’s essential 5 layers of rock. Right side: is to-scale and shows how large the inner core is – 70% moon-sized.

G. W. Theory asserts that the so-called “green house gases”, of which a large percentage is water-vapor, re-reflects (in all directions) the heat emanating from the surface of the Earth back down to the surface of the Earth causing an overall rise of global temperature of 1.75 ° every 20 years. This means that less than 1 % of the atmosphere, the rarefied and invisible “greenhouse” gases (light and heat pass through) miles above the Earth are causing the entire globe to continually heat up. This, while the inner core of the Earth (70% moon-sized) is connected to the rest of the earth via rock (a better conductor than air) at a similar


Tungurahua volcano, a steep-sided, 16,479-foot stratovolcano located in Ecuador sits roughly 140 km south of the capital city of Quito: increase in activity August 2012.

temperature as that of the Sun at  5430 °C (or 9806  °F) doesn’t heat up the surface of the Earth? The theory also asserts that these green house gases are caused by human activity such as the internal combustion engine and industrial manufacturing.
It’s been said that volcanoes blow more volume of CO2 with a major eruption than cows can pass methane, gasoline-powered vehicles emit exhaust fumes and the smoke stacks of the world in many years. This reasonable pronouncement has not and cannot be proven without the scientific field work, which is unlikely to be monetized by the same organizations who want to stay on the white-list at the U.N.
Volcanoes no doubt emit the majority of the world’s CO2. Consider this, entire villages of people living near a volcano have been known to be gassed to death in their sleep with a silent release of volcanic gases: it’s uniformly released from the vent and flows down all sides of the volcano, washing over the entire base, of which the village is only a small part: now add thousands of volcanoes and 5 billion years. Earth’s volcanoes have been around a lot longer than human climate scientists, cars and even animals, but the G.W. theory-makers couldn’t use those facts as they had to find a way to blame man’s contribution as a way around the argument: “Well, why is the global temperature still livable if “Global Warming” started 5 billion years ago? Why blame human activity? Seems they need an identifiable scapegoat for the gullible, something they could point to and blame. It all seems like it could make sense to people who believe that modern science is above the control of political and corporate interests, but it isn’t and you can see this if you think outside-the-box.


A man marooned by flood waters, alongside his livestock, waves towards an Army helicopter for relief handouts in the Rajanpur district of Pakistan’s Punjab province on August 9, 2010. (REUTERS/Stringer)

So these are a few holes in G. W. Theory discussed, but wait,  there’s more! Even if G. W. Theory was true, and its not, but if it was, it doesn’t explain the host of Earth Changes we are seeing today: one percent of the atmosphere miles above the Earth is causing so many volcanoes to awaken and at the same time? Unprecedented and massive flooding in parts of the world (e.g. -Pakistan 2010 (and 2012 – before and after) Philippines – aug 2012. and Australia’s Brisbane floods explained here at, wild heat extremes in several countries within a day never before seen? or tornadoes in France and England. There are other Earth change events unmentioned here, yet G.W.T. utterly fails to explain away even these, but remember, it isn’t explaining anything as G. W. T. remains unproven, challenged and beleaguered by critics and of course undermined by the climate scientist themselves with the unanticipated release of their own emails.
So the question remains, “How is it that so much time, effort and money is being put into this G. W. Theory round peg that won’t fit the Earth Change square hole? It’s been 22 years since the I.P.C.C. published its first assessment report in 1990 and the only reason it’s standing today is due to a hidden agenda of the big-money international agencies propping it up.
The 6:00 O’clock evening news, is not the news. What we see and hear is only what Corporate and secret government agencies want us to hear.  G. W. Theory is a massive cover-up story, a cover designed specifically to prevent the public from identifying Planet X as the cause of the massive Earth changes the original cabal knew would be coming. The existence of Planet X in our solar system is the reality and G. W. Theory is the make-believe.  If some cause is proffered to the concerned but already over-tired and over-worked public for the worsening earth changes, yet so complex it cannot be understood by the average person on street, a constant barrage by both the guilty and innocent scientist is hoped to do the trick. Back-in-the-Day, the make-up story of G. W. Theory worked for a while, but with earth changes for some time now poking out of the texture of the climate change message, it now appears as a fantastical farce. infinity.small2

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